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    What’s normal?

    Thank you. And do you eat a regular bite and able to swallow like pre surgery?
  2. Wondering what is the normal or average experience. I most likely will need a gastric bypass revision surgery, because of stricture issues after sleeve. I’m wondering what I should expect as normal after What is a normal bite full for you? (I currently can only eat a portion similar to a is your limit for food, 1 cup? Currently I can maybe do 1/4 Anything off limits? I currently can’t eat meat unless it’s a crumb size, pills stick, more than tiny sips hurt. Hoping there is a light at the end of this and I can be someone normal. I’m ok with eating less, and also no junk....I just want a normal meal...veggies.,,,meat...... a salad would be heaven
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    I had gastric sleeve in April and had 2 balloon procedures to try and fix a stricture I ended up with s stint which was removed after 5 weeks. I am currently 4 weeks since its removal Should I just be starting purée? I seem to be having trouble keeping food down, not all the time though. I haven’t had snything of substance, nothing crunchy su soup is ok, tomorrow I bring it back up Any help or someone going through the same thing? I’d love someone to talk to about this
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    Saw my surgeon yesterday and it was a stricture. He stretched it and today I do feel better, except a sore throat. I am so hoping this does the trick. He said if it doesn’t, I’ll need to go to the hospital and put under general anesthesia to have a more aggressive stretch I have to fly here so I’m hoping I won’t have to come back for another surgery. But at this point, I’ll do anything to be able to eat. I haven’t had any food in e my night before surgery. I am so weak
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    There’s a stretching process? I was hoping it was a one time thing. I’m getting dehydrated and in the hospital every other day for fluids
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    I’m about 2.5 weeks post op and think I have a stricture. A week before, I could eat a bit of egg or yogurt, take my necessary medication without issue. About 6 days ago, I started vomiting up everything after I tried to eat, it immediately came back up. I now struggle with even liquids and by the end of day, I have the foamies that roll out of me My surgeon is going to do a another scope on Monday to see what’s going on, and possibly an upper GI. My question is, has this happened to you? Have you had a positive outcome? I had the gastric sleeve, not really interested in a modification of surgery Am I in for a long road to recovery and relapse of a stricture. I am regretting this so much
  7. I’m not sure what’ I’m doing wrong. I’m 12 days post op. I was told to s art and increase my foods, I start purées soon and to add a scrambled egg. So I did, I got maybe 1/4 of it eaten, then within 5 minutes, it all came back up. It’s been about 5 hours since, I’ve vomited maybe twice more. I thought I woul d have a glass of milk, as I felt fine. Nope, that came back up too. I a, burping constantly. Am I overfull? I’ve only had 1/2 protein shake, about 30 oz of water, 1/4 egg and 2 sips of milk all day. Does this mean I’m not ready for that type of food?
  8. oakbay

    April Sleevers

    April 15th for me!