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    February 2019 revision from vertical silastic ring to bypass.<br /> Weight before pre-op diet: 240<br /> Weight day of surgery: 230<br /> Weight today: 189
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  1. girlonfire22119

    How long until you went out to dinner?

    5 months post-op
  2. girlonfire22119

    Stomach Ache & Diarrhea

    Thanks for the input. Today has been a bit better at home only drinking tea. I plan to go to the doctor tomorrow!
  3. girlonfire22119

    Stomach Ache & Diarrhea

    @greentealael I didn’t eat any from the grocery stores that are pre-made on the shelves. I did eat some in a restaurant.
  4. girlonfire22119

    Stomach Ache & Diarrhea

    Elcee - great thought. I am going in tomorrow!
  5. While traveling in Europe for a month, I ate foods very different from my norm. Only 5 months post-op, my diet has been pretty simple and bland. For the last week of my trip I had daily diarrhea. I’ve been home 24 hours - have been drinking only warm chamomile tea. Still have diarrhea. Any suggestions to get back on track?
  6. girlonfire22119

    Pounds lost

    Coming up on 4 months. Down 45 pounds.
  7. girlonfire22119

    Probiotics for us?

    I like the ones Bariatric Advantage make.
  8. girlonfire22119

    Pounds lost

    VSRG Revision to RNY 11 weeks ago. -35 pounds. Feels like it is slow, but I’m satisfied.
  9. girlonfire22119

    Pounds lost

    2 months post op revision. 30 pounds.
  10. I use Rodan + Fields. Love the results.
  11. girlonfire22119

    Question on how you deal with the WLS haters...

    I think people are uncomfortable with change and the success of others.
  12. girlonfire22119

    gerd/vomiting and bypass

    I had daily vomiting for about 10 years with a vertical silastic ring gastroplasty. I had a revision to bypass 5 weeks ago and I can already tell a significant difference. I wish I had not waited so long.
  13. girlonfire22119

    Can we talk about food aversion

    Not only am I disinterested in foods I used to enjoy, the smell of many foods make me nauseous.
  14. girlonfire22119

    pinto beans

    Beans have been a staple for me.