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  1. Girly51

    Sleeve Gastrectomy

    I went to Pompeii. Things will go well. You have to get a Nutritionist & good Primary Care when you get back or maybe start looking now at least for Nutritionist to help you with diet.
  2. POOP

    Prior to surgery, I would go to the bathroom within 15 minutes of waking up.  However, since the sleeve my bowel movements has not been regular.  So, I bought some probiotic+prebiotic gummies from Sam's Club.  I take 2 a day and I love it, I up to about 3-5X a week.  So, I read some people maybe having trouble in that area.  Try it.  Members Mark Pre+ Pro biotic Gummies (made from real fruit).

  3. Girly51

    4wks post. Have not lost in 2 weeks

    I am glad I read this topic; I am currently in week 4 and lost 1 lb. I thought it was something going on with me cause I just hit a milestone BELOW 200!! I have been at 198 for about 4 days then 197, so I was scarred it was something I was doing. I am also going to stop getting on the scale everyday, it just drive me crazy. Thank you all.
  4. Girly51

    Diabetic and sleeved

    Hello, I got sleeved on March 8th; my blood sugars have been low around 125 average (without pills). My primary says sometimes it takes about 1 - 1-1/2 months to get off medication, but you know everyone is different.
  5. Girly51

    March Bypass Buddies

    My transition was good. Currently on purée. Soft starting on Friday. No problems at all. Tough though trying to get all the water
  6. I got sleeved on 3/08/19, down 30 absolutely no complaints. I didn’t even have no pain. My goal is to get to 135lbs. Just had a milestone at 199.0.  What advise would you give me because 135lbs would be 100lbs for me.  Extercise, food, mindset, etc... 


  7. I got my sleeve done on 3/8/19 in Mexico also. Although they call me ever Friday. I found a Nurse Practionier & made her my Primary Care. She is getting me into group, she states that once I’m in the group that my insurance company will pay for a tummy tuck if needed because I am a bariatric patient. FYI - potentially FREE tummy tuck.
  8. Girly51

    7 month update

    I'm so sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time. I know I am a night eater, if something is bothering me, so I take something (sleep aide) on those nights to make me sleep, so that I'm not up at night eating. Good Luck to you on your journey.
  9. Girly51

    March Bypass Buddies

    After my surgery (3/8), My Surgeon gas me two (2) pills to take in case of diarrhea. I would call so that they can give you something. I haven't had to take them, but they gave them to me. The weight gain - you won't really know anything until you get the diarrhea under control - STAY POSITIVE!!
  10. Girly51

    March Bypass Buddies

    Last night was up peeing every hour. At airport now On my way! Home.
  11. Girly51

    March Bypass Buddies

    I got mine done on the 8th also, everything went well. I wanted to let ppl know where I went, because they were great. I went to Pompeii Surgical in Mexico. My insurance would pay. My cost was $4800 however, they do in house financing. I had to put down 2k, & they are financing balance for 1 year I’m only paying $546 in interest over the course of the loan. They recorded by procedure on a thumb drive & gave it to me. They picked me up at the airport & 2 hospital days & 1 hotel day. Brought me to the airport this AM. My Surgeon came to see me 4 times & they did 2 leak tests.
  12. Girly51

    March Bypass Buddies

    Just had GSV today. So far, so good. No pain as of yet, however did feel the gas (OMG). But, only last for a minute or two.
  13. Girly51

    Any March 2018 Sleevers?

    Thank you, I'm nervous; but you give me hope.
  14. Girly51

    Any March 2018 Sleevers?

    I’m March 8th. Sooo nervous & excited.
  15. Girly51

    Sleeve Gastrectomy

    I am also having my surgery in Mexico on 3/8 via Pompeii Surgical.