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  1. Happy 49th Birthday mojojr!

  2. As an American auto worker, I feel I have to respond. The real reason the Big 3 are in trouble is years and years of neglegent spending, poor choices in automobiles and mismanagment. Our hourly wages are comprable with the transplant car companies, our health car, and yes, our pensions. The news talks about the higher cost of the "legacy", well, we have been in business for 100 years, not 10. Yes, that is a problem but it isn't by fault of the union's. Actually the union is helping by taking over the pension, that cost is going to be gone. You can't believe our news media! I also know what you're talking about as far as having to lay off good non union employees because union emplyees have seniority, but you have to admit, not all union people are lazy, that is also company mismanagement, for years they have turned a blind eye, if their workers weren't working, they'd hire more instead of disciplining and eventually firing those employees. Now it's almost impossible, they created the monster. I believe it is getting better though, through the work rule changes and attrition, those lowlifes numbers are less and less. You say unions are past there use, do you honestly believe that these companies won't go back to their sweatshop tatics if the union wasn't there? Be careful what you wish for. Do you know all the good things unions do? We, as a group, are very giving. My plant just recieved an award for giving more blood, per capita, than any other single place of business, obviously with more than 100 employees. The UAW V-cap gives millions of dollars to charity every year. Sorry for the rant but it's hard to open the paper, hear on the news, see on line, how lazy we are, we make to much money, are bad for America. All we are is hard working Americans, trying to survive like everyone else. Most people have no clue
  3. mojojr

    Where are all the Michigan people at??

    Hi Josette, Congrats on your consult in a couple of weeks! I'm glad that you were able to come up with an a different route, I felt bad for you when it didn't work out with Dr Deol. I'm hoping that the costs won't be as restrictive for you. I'm not sure what your surgeon will do but I imagine it's all pretty much the same, he'll tell you everything you want to know about our buddy, the band, and answer all your questions. He might do a little exam also. I'll bet you'll come out of it all pumped up, raring to go! If they didn't tell you to bring anything, I would judt make sure to have all your information and numbers. Good luck to you, let us know what happens, k? ~Joe
  4. mojojr

    Where are all the Michigan people at??

    Hey Josette, Sorry it's not going to work out for you. It is a lot of money, you would think insurance would cover it all. Well, good luck to you. Joe
  5. mojojr

    Where are all the Michigan people at??

    Yeah, there is the $750 for support fees, but you don't pay that until your last appoinment, about one week from surgery. All my tests and doctor appointments were covered by insurance. The nutionalist is $88 a visit and there are 2 visits, but she gives you a paper to try to collect from your insurance company, so it might be nothing, I haven't heard yet. The physcologist takes most insurances, unfortunately, not mine. That was $125 a visit, 2 visits. Actually, I'll be there tomorrow also to see the phycologist. The other cost I've had is the pre surgery diet, they use Optifast and that cost depends on how long she wants you on it.
  6. mojojr

    Where are all the Michigan people at??

    Hi Josette, As far as making a bad choice in going with Dr Deol, I think you'll find she is the as good as everyone says, so I don't think it's a mistake. But yes, there are those "hidden" costs. Actual, they aren't hidden, the first thing Rebecca will have you do is look at the price booklet, so you do know. I know the $250 up front is a lot, it doesn't garuntee you anything. The way I looked at it, I want this surgery and I want the best doctor, so I did it. In using her doctors for evals, I know I used my personal doctor for one part of it. I asked about why on a couple others, like the cardiologist, and she said it's because they want you to have a Beaumont doctor, in case something happens at the hospital. All in all, it's a personal decsion you have to make. Good luck to you, let us know what happened. Joe
  7. mojojr

    Where are all the Michigan people at??

    Hey! Congrats ellette! Good luck in your adventure. Hope to be on it soon also! Dylansmom, yes, Dr Deol and Rebecca are great. Like you said, it's all one big family. I have a tenitive date of May 1st for surgery, I can't wait. Doing that Optifast thing right now, not much fun! Thanks for offer of support!
  8. mojojr

    Where are all the Michigan people at??

    Josette, I'm sure you can make multiple appointments for the same day. You might have to wait a little longer, depending on how booked they are. Like I think Dr Greening, the phycologist for Dr Deol, is only in that office on wednesdays, I would find out first then call the nutrionalist. Anyway, I'm sure it can be done. You have to see both of them twice before surgery. Good luck and let us know if you decide to go with Dr Deol
  9. mojojr

    Where are all the Michigan people at??

    Hi Cinnaberry, Congrats on taking the first step! :clap2: I was at Dr Deol's office yesterday also, to see Dr Greening, the phychologist. Hopefully your family will see that this is important to you and give you the support you need. I'm almost finished with all my pre op stuff now, so many Dr's appointments! I started my pre op diet today and that includes giving up diet Pepsi, like you said, it's going to be hard! I don't have a surgery date yet, waiting on some test results and then releases, but I would think I'll be banded pretty soon. I'm not much of an IM person but if you have any questions or need to talk, I do check LBT everyday. Good Luck!!!
  10. mojojr

    Where are all the Michigan people at??

    I'm from Michigan and also have Dr. Deol as my surgeon. I met with her on 1/25 and I'm doing all the pre opt stuff now. Like everyone has said, Dr Deol and Rebecca are awesome! I'm sure you'd be happy with her. How long it takes depends on your insurance companies requirements and your present health. The hard part is getting all the appointments you need! I'm probably half way there and I already have pre approval from BCBS. I'm thinking I'll be ready for surgery in maybe six weeks? Oh, if you smoke, you have to quit at least six weeks from surgery, that's a hospital rule and they can tell. Best of luck!