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  1. sheslittletex

    Where's everyone from :)

    I am from Hawaiʻi. 49. Sleeved 3 weeks ago. So far so good. Stall right not, but not too concerned. 1 month post-op appt on Saturday (the team flys over to see 'outer island' patients on weekends).
  2. sheslittletex

    Surgeon review

    Did you ever figure this out? I can't find a way to do it either.
  3. I don't see many people posting from or about the programs in Hawai'i, but we have a few. My experience is with Queens Medical Center's Comprehensive Weight Management Program. I have been amazed by the level of care that I have experienced here. It says a lot about a program when the non-medical portion of care goes so smoothly. They walked me through every step of the process for last several months and made very easy to navigate, what can sometimes be a nightmare. My surgeon Dr. Cedric Lorenzo and his team were equally wonderful in explaining everything as well as laying his expectations for me. The aftercare was compassionate and informative. I just had the surgery two weeks ago and everything has been as smooth as can be and cannot wait to tell the team how I am doing at my 1 month follow up.
  4. I am 8 days post op and have a strange pain in my back. It is located dead center and feels a bit like when you get a brain freeze and it goes into your back. My back has also been tired, but this pain is a little different. I can feel it more when I inhale. I have no heartburn (GERD) symptoms at all. Pretty much pain free, except a little tender at incisions. Pain level for my back is 1-3, but fairly constant. I had it on the 3rd day after surgery and then it left until yesterday. Any ideas?
  5. sheslittletex

    Hernia and sleeve

    Hiatal hernia discovered during gastric sleeve surgery. I chose the sleeve because of a rare disease that I have. When the surgeon went in to perform my surgery 2 days ago, he discovered the hernia. Has anyone one else has this happen? And then NOT had problems with gerd, reflux after surgery. The surgeon was bit worried that I may need to get the bypass. No GI problems at all in last couple days. Crossing my fingers.
  6. sheslittletex

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    I am September 10th also. The nerves really are starting to kick in. Its all so overwhelming, but exciting at the same time. Next week and the follow weeks are going to fly! Let stay in contact with each other.
  7. sheslittletex

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    Me too!!
  8. sheslittletex

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    I got my official date. Gastric Sleeve on September 10
  9. sheslittletex

    September sleevers

    I am almost certain that I will be getting the surgery on September 9th. I will be confirming tomorrow with my surgeon. We were just waiting on echo cardiogram/stress test. I had that on Friday and cardiologist didn't see anything, so I think its a go! Do you have a date yet? What is your pre-op diet? I am excited for us!
  10. sheslittletex


    I had my consultation with surgeon, Psychologist and dietitian today. I was 100% decided about getting the Sleeve based on research related to my chronic disease and ghrelin. Now that I am home from consult I have all kinds of new questions. I am now just slightly concerned about the heartburn issue. I get mild to moderate heartburn 1-2 times in a 2-3 week period. Have any of you had mild/moderate heartburn before surgery and gone ahead and done it anyway and then been fine?
  11. sheslittletex

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    September 9th is EKG comes back fine.
  12. sheslittletex

    Where is everyone from City & State

    Honokaʻa, Hawaiʻi. Where are all the Hawaiʻi people!??!
  13. sheslittletex

    Crunchy salty snacks

    I still in the pre-stage but I doing my best to completely overhaul my diet. I need ideas for quick/on the go crunch-salty snacks. I have been good and not given in to chips, but I sure do want some. Quick and easy is essential. Thanks everyone.
  14. sheslittletex

    Crunchy salty snacks

    And yes, I’ve been snacking on almonds. Getting sick of them.
  15. I am weighing all of the positives versus all of the negatives while trying to make a final decision about surgery. I have been considering the gastric sleeve surgery for years, and am now closer to making decision than I have ever been . The referral has been made and I have scheduled my consultation. So far, just about everything I have researched has me leaning towards going for it except my fear that I won't be able to afford the expense of groceries in the future. Why are healthy foods so expensive? And the protein and vitamins expense is scary to think about. I have joint pain, apnea and high blood pressure as well as a rare disease and know that my future health would benefit from the surgery, but I'm so poor! Is bariatric surgery only a solution for people with more substantial finances? (I have insurance and some savings to help with surgery costs). And advice?
  16. sheslittletex


    Me too! I have just started the process. I had my first consultation with surgeon, dietician and psychiatrist this past Saturday. Where are you in the process?
  17. sheslittletex

    Questions about the procedure

    Hi Lourdas, To start with, I have absolutely no answer for you. Only to say that I have the same question. I have a rare disease, and along with the disease is trunk/belly fat. Most of us with the condition have gained a lot of weight post-disease surgery and then more on certain medications. I, like you are wondering if the procedure is even going to work considering that the weight gain is a side effect of other issues. I am willing to try though. Good luck to you. And I hope someone can answer the question for us both.
  18. I have posted a couple of times, asking questions so that I can make a final decision. I am 100% sure that having the surgery is the best decision for my health. I think the biggest obstacle now is a lack of family support. Everyone is my family suffers with a wonderful metabolism, I on the other hand, have a rare disease that causes weight issues, as does the medication I am on for the disease. My doctors all support my decision, but I don't feel comfortable even telling my weight obsessed skinny family members. We live on a large farm, 3 generations and we share meals together (1 large, central kitchen). They eat horrible meals. When/If I tell them, I know they will appear to support my decision, but meals are going to be an issue. The relationships are complicated and so just hoping that they are supportive because they are family, is really a fallacy. I am dealing with hypercritical, judgemental and passive aggressive personalities. Advice?
  19. sheslittletex

    Can I afford the post-op diet?

    Thank you, everyone!
  20. sheslittletex

    Can I afford the post-op diet?

    I am writing all of this down. You are all wonderful to this total newbie.
  21. sheslittletex

    Can I afford the post-op diet?

    No Dollar Tree here, darn! Lol. Do you mean that I can do yogurt instead of shakes? I am a yogurt freak, so that would be great. Would I need to supplant with additional protein, added to yogurt?
  22. sheslittletex

    Can I afford the post-op diet?

    Jazzy1125 and notmyname, thank you for the replies. They are so encouraging! Would you both mind sharing brands of protein shakes and vitamins? I live in rural Hawaii and I would like to start checking on availability. Our small local grocery store is pretty basic and the adjacent town is probably only a little more stocked. Thanks for you feedback!
  23. I am new to the group. Just starting the process and still in decision making stage. I am looking for other people who live in Hawaii, who have had or or planning on having the gastric sleeve.