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    NuMe2 got a reaction from Sophie7713 in December 2018 Sleevers!   
    Yes, Sophie I am enjoying all of it! 3 lbs to go for you and you can do it! It's a wonderful feeling to be here. Went on a mini vacation last week & we went to a buffet.....too funny for words. Little baked chicken & green Beans and I was done. Thankfully the meal was a comp from the casino! Read a article recently that over 3/4 of donated clothing to thrift stores (goodwill, salvation army) end up in landfills or boxed off too 3rd world countries. Or sold to be cut up into rags and sold to manufacturing plants. Because of large volumes they receive. While I am ok for the 3rd world countries getting clothing, I am not on board for the other two. Making great effort to get my old clothes to others. Some to nail tech, some to ladies at work who "dress" for work, some to a couple who go to Mexico often. Makes me feel better doing so. Spent a lot of money on those clothes and ending up in a landfill makes me cringe! You should be very proud of yourself. This isn't easy, but the path we chosen to follow. I am with you, dont miss sugar or fats and when I do try a "taste" make my tummy hurt, not worth it! Happy Spring to you too and a lighter Summer.
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    NuMe2 got a reaction from Psyched in December 2018 Sleevers!   
    Onederland! Down 50lbs exactly from December 17, 2018 surgery date. Woohoo!
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    NuMe2 got a reaction from Psyched in December 2018 Sleevers!   
    Onederland! Down 50lbs exactly from December 17, 2018 surgery date. Woohoo!
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    NuMe2 got a reaction from Coexister in December 2018 Sleevers!   
    I am 10 weeks out, liquid is hard for me at times too. I keep Water on my night stand. Wake up take a swig and keep sipping till I leave for work. Breakfast when I get to work....then liquids till snack or lunch. I work with a group of nurses who have me look for dehydration signs.... thirst, dry skin or dark pee. So even if I dont make all the liquid, I seem to be doing ok. I dont flay myself if I dont make it everyday. Protein, I try to get as much as I can with food. Eaten some weird stuff for breakfast lately....left over dinner? But it's getting me there. Also some protein water, which a little to sweet for me....but I dilute it down as I sip. Adding more water, which works both protein and water goals. Fluctuate your calorie intake...body gets used to same amount of calories everyday and scale won't move. A personnel trainer taught me that trick years ago. Really paid off this week for me. Down 37 lbs from 12/17/18 surgery. Just takes patience to get where were going.
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    NuMe2 got a reaction from Frustr8 in December 2018 Sleevers!   
    Has anyone tried the patch Vitamins? I really hitting a wall with the chewable. I can barely eat them anymore. Have three flavors, caramel, chocolate and cherry. I just start to gag on them. Having a little issue with Protein Shakes to. Guess to much of a "good" thing. Doing some Protein waters to mix it up. Going to gym too....elliptical, treadmill, weight machines for legs arms and free weights. When safe to do abs? Consistently worked out before surgery...miss the abs. Has released me to swim though. 6 weeks today..

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    NuMe2 got a reaction from Frustr8 in Walking = Nausea   
    I tried the tea too....but when that nauseous difficult to add anything to my sleeve. Brought it up instead. So I stick with oils and I can sniff them anywhere.
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    NuMe2 got a reaction from Frustr8 in Walking = Nausea   
    4 Weeks post-op. Nausea after taking my medication. I carry around essential oil bottles of ginger or peppermint. Take some deep snorts straight from bottle and it eases the nausea. Used it prior to surgery for same reason and always helped then to. Buy at health food store.