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  1. One thing I wish I would have asked my Dr. before my surgery is what bougie size he was using for my sleeve. My restriction seems really good but it would be nice to know what size he used and I will be bringing it up at my next visit. Do you guys know yours?
  2. justmetj

    DO YOU

    I've noticed some people become diet experts after THEIR surgery. Often I see comments about how YOU should eat because that's what works for THEM. You have to do what works for you and don't let others dictate or make you feel inferior because the way you choose to lose your weight. This is YOUR journey not theirs. There is a fine line that people sometimes cross when giving advice that crosses over to being condescending. So if eating clean all the time is your thing, go for it , or if you choose to "eat in moderation" because your a big girl/boy and can add a "treat" into your macros and be accountable at the same time go for it. DO YOU!
  3. I still drink them almost everyday. Like you I'm busy and sometimes it's just so convenient.
  4. justmetj

    ❤My Revision Story❤

    First off, Happy belated Birthday! Second, just thinking about you today and hoping you have a speedy and successful recovery from your surgery 🤗
  5. justmetj

    Tears of Joy Finally!Rave!

    Congratulations! Go kill it today 😁
  6. I went up and down throughout the six months and ended up losing a paltry 1/2 lb. I was one who had a lot of food funerals because that's how I always did it before all of my big Monday diets I started in my past. It was my final farewell to all of my favorite foods. I don't recommend it though because it kept me from getting to my goal sooner. I'm always impressed with the ones who, even though they knew help was coming, didn't give in to the food funerals and actually lost quite a bit of weight pre op.
  7. justmetj

    Trop Storm Barry Check in!

    I'm wishing the best for you and your family. Stay safe!
  8. justmetj

    Pain - 2 months after surgery

    It could be the nerves growing back together.
  9. justmetj

    Do you know your bougie size?

    Now you have something new to ask your Dr. That is if you care to know 😊
  10. It's not a guarantee you won't get gerd after getting the sleeve. That being said I also had heartburn at the end stages of both my pregnancies and the occasional heartburn after eating certain foods or overeating right before bed. It never occurred when I was thin so I determined that the cause was the abdominal pressure. I have not had any reflux or heartburn since my surgery, not to say it won't happen in the future but so far so good. Talk to your Dr. in depth about your concerns and ask him/her how many revisions they've had to do because of gerd so you can make the most educated decision you can.
  11. justmetj

    Do you know your bougie size?

    I'll get back to you too on mine. My next follow up is on the 29th.
  12. justmetj

    Do you know your bougie size?

    It was just interesting in my reading on the subject that that was the case in some studies. The size isn't always the be all end all and sometimes smaller comes with more strictures and other complications. I'm just curious I guess. I asked a ton of questions and always meant to ask but it was one that always slipped my mind.
  13. justmetj

    Do you know your bougie size?

    I guess I should've talked to you sooner LOL! Thanks!
  14. I add them to my bcaas for the collagen which seems to help my skin.
  15. No, I haven't tried that brand. I use Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate. I like the protein content of the bulletproof!
  16. justmetj


    I do a 40/40/20 split which is 80g protein/80g carbs/18g fats on an 800 calorie diet. The general split is 50/30/20 but my body hates carbs even though I love them.
  17. That's amazing!!! 😁
  18. justmetj

    I had my Gastric Bypass reversed 😞

    Sorry you're having to go through this. I hope you have a smooth recovery.
  19. justmetj

    365 days later

    You look great Jenn! Congratulations 🙌
  20. Good luck GradyCat I hope this kick starts your weight loss 🤞
  21. justmetj

    I don’t want to eat

    I am still going through this too. I'm really trying to embrace it instead of letting it get to me because more than likely, after this "honeymoon" period is over, I'll probably wish I still had this problem.
  22. justmetj

    DO YOU

    It's short for macronutrients. They're the main nutrients such as protein, carbs and fats.
  23. I didn't have to do a sleep study and my blood test was a fasting blood test. Every doctor has their own requirements though.
  24. justmetj

    DO YOU

    You didn't offend me! You're one of my faves and I'm sure I speak for others as well 😊
  25. justmetj

    DO YOU

    Almost everyone on this site is very cognisant of how what they say might come across. But when you have people not wanting to share what works for them in fear of being ridiculed, that's where there is a problem and people move on instead of sharing their story. For instance, after my six months are up and I'm on a regimented excersize schedule and can up my caloric intake, I will start intermittent fasting and will eat everything in moderation, as long as I can fit it into my macros. Acording to this person, I'm like "everyone else who isn't as focused and who chooses "an everything in moderation"lifestyle".