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  1. Veronica Garza

    I think I'm dehydrated

    Try to drink tea, lemon water or just sip water I bought myself a large water bottle I fill it up twice daily
  2. My pain was gone after like day 3 I found it so hard to eat and drink so I lived off of sugar free jello .. ice chips,, broth from wonton soup .. I sometimes regret it because I’m a single parent and broke so It seems like fish and other expensive foods I can’t afford I couldn’t even buy my vitamins the first month..
  3. Veronica Garza

    9 months post op 7/13

    You look great
  4. Veronica Garza

    How many calories do you eat a day?

    I’m 4 months out I eat about 900-1000 a day i walk at leaf three times a week I want to start weights
  5. Veronica Garza

    Trouble drinking

    I would always have ice water with me and sugar free popsicles ... I felt like I was dying of thirst literally .. I also put water bottles in the freezer then when I’m on the go they defrost in the car I sip them .. but now I can chug four three months out
  6. Veronica Garza

    Hair loss

    I just lost some hair I’m going on fourth month but a few here and there just a few ... but I’ve heard to make sure to get the 40 60 grams of protein and take all your vitamins also biotin
  7. Veronica Garza

    Single DUE to surgery

    He’s just jealous but you need to maybe say bye and move on you don’t need any negativity from him in your life
  8. Veronica Garza

    Overate and feeling it

    That’s me lately wanting to eat every bad food but of course I only take like one bite ... I think maybe stress takes over and we just eat to eat ... I’m going to refocus.. start journaling and add more liquids less snacking
  9. Veronica Garza

    Bile dumping

    I dont have a gall bladder and at times I get bile diarrhea but it’s pale yellow I’ve had two accidents in the last two weeks now I’m afraid to leave the house
  10. Veronica Garza

    Bad habits

    I’m having like episodes of wanting to taste everything .. I’ve attended about 7 parties in the past month and I want to raste everything .. I need to refocus anyone else doing the same
  11. Veronica Garza

    Pounds lost

    I had VSG on March 11,2019 three months out I lost 44 lbs.. I haven’t lost any in like two weeks Hoping yo lose another 40 in three months
  12. Veronica Garza


    Thanks guys yes I was a caffeine addict I’m thinking it’s that and I was a sugar addict also ... yes it could be my blood pressure I’ was taking four pills now they have me on one but maybe it’s too much .. I think I will check my blood pressure today .. thanks for your advice ❤️
  13. Veronica Garza


    Hello everyone I’m six weeks out and I’ve had a few bad headaches not sure why I drink a lot of water so I’m not dehydrated can anyone relate .. someone said that maybe I’m going into ketosis .. I’ve never suffered from headaches and I don’t drink alcohol .. help
  14. Veronica Garza

    1 Week Post-Op

    Hi everyone I’m six weeks out and definitely try the sugar free jello cold it saves me the first two weeks also I munch on ice then when you do soft foods .. eat mashed potatoes,, cream soups,,pudding ,, zero Greek yogurt ,, cottage cheese when you pass the soft foods and start eating my dr said I could have any fruit in between meals oranges and grapes, watermelon saved my cravings ... good luck
  15. Veronica Garza

    Stomach spasms, newly sleeved

    I had my surgery March 11 my first week I had the spasms also and vomited but they went away after the first week just make sure to drink slow and when you start purée foods start off timing each bite by five minutes
  16. Veronica Garza

    27 April Sleeve?

    Oh and get Crystal light this will also help you from being hungry
  17. Veronica Garza

    SF Popsicles

    I tried the sugar free pudding pops helps my cravings .. where can I find the pineapple
  18. Veronica Garza

    27 April Sleeve?

    Hi there try sugar free black cherry jello cold it will help your cravings .. eat ice chips ..I’m guilty i started a day early and I was fine!!
  19. Veronica Garza

    To tell or not to tell

    I started telling friends and family and then I realized the friends I told were a mistake because they will then tell everyone ... I felt some animosity from them making jokes and comments .. I also feel like my family sees it as I took the easy road .. so now I tell no one and I don’t post on social media
  20. Veronica Garza

    Any regrets

    Awesome! Remember to have sugar free jello on hand it saved my life cause I was thirsty could hardly drink water .. and make your protein shake ahead of time drink like 4 oz when u can ..
  21. Veronica Garza

    Afraid of stretching my sleeve...

    So also my dr said no snacks then he mentioned fruit was ok in between meals
  22. Veronica Garza

    Afraid of stretching my sleeve...

    I’m the same so afraid my sleeve will stretch but I use those tiny four oz Tupperware and put my food also in baby bowls .. my problem is I feed a family of three and I want to eat what they eat but I can’t 😵
  23. Veronica Garza

    Just not feeling good

    Hi I also had my sleeve March 11 I’ve been doing okay I’m hungry all the time once I started eating solids I’m craving everything ... I find it hard to get my water in cause it take me forever to eat... I put a five min timer on my phone and that helps me take a bite every five min .. so every week I lost four lbs and now this last week no loss .. frustrated