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  1. It sounds like you're doing good but If your scared about hitting over 1000 calories I would replace items such as the string cheese with some kind of dense protein meal since its more filling. Is it meal ideas you're struggling with?
  2. Preach! We all mess up and when we do we just gotta pick ourselves back up again
  3. MarvelGirl25

    The Social End of WLS is wacky

    I like chips too but i dont love them. If it makes you feel better, during my 1 month post op I licked a chip ... lol I wasnt eating anything yet and I was missing the taste of food...
  4. MarvelGirl25

    Food Before and After Photos

    Exactly!!! Salad is great, lots of nutritional value, low cals, etc but is it best to practice eating small still? Should this only be done after your goal is met? Can it open the door to overeating again? Too many questions lol Looking forward to the advice 😊 I do that too with all my meals. I try to stick to protein first then veggie second if i have room. I just switch this rule up with salad. I do veggies first then protein because I noticed my leftovers were too soggy and I didnt like it so food would go to waste. Lol thanks! it was delicious!
  5. MarvelGirl25

    Food Before and After Photos

    Question: If I can eat a whole two cups of lettuce + other veggie in one sitting, should I do it? It seems like salad is the only thing I can eat a lot of as long as I dont touch the protein.
  6. MarvelGirl25

    The Social End of WLS is wacky

    @GreenTealael 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😅😭 Im going to try this out! Especially the staring LOL thats a must!
  7. MarvelGirl25

    The Social End of WLS is wacky

    I figured this would happen so I decided to not tell a soul except for my parents and boyfriend who I know I can trust. The comments I've been getting are: wow, you look good, what are you doing? is everything ok? are you sick? you don't seem like yourself... why aren't you eating? Work functions are the worst, especially when there is food involved. I notice people tend to try to get me to eat now. Coworkers will say "one slice of cake wont kill you, just have some!" They're more concerned about me eating vs pre-op. Pre-op i didn't touch pastries or cakes, i would usually be sitting there watching everyone else eat but thats only because Im not a sweets person. No one tried to get me to eat because they knew i didnt like it. Now coworkers are forceful and aggressive. I dont get it smh. It almost seems like they want me to fail or something.
  8. I have this scale too and i love it! I use it on the daily along with my measuring cups
  9. MarvelGirl25

    Food Before and After Photos

    Shrimp and asparagus for lunch. Might be sticking to seafood this whole week.
  10. MarvelGirl25

    I messed up, what was I thinking

    There are people who ate pizza & fried chicken 1 week out?!?!?! Thats crazyyyy! I wouldnt even dare Im too scared for that, even now being 4 months out.
  11. MarvelGirl25


    Hi Brandy! You got this! ❤️❤️❤️
  12. MarvelGirl25

    Food Before and After Photos

    Beautiful! You have skills! Im a horrible baker lol I need to be your apprentice
  13. MarvelGirl25

    Food Before and After Photos

    This looks amazingggggg. Just like regular store bought. Impressive!
  14. MarvelGirl25

    Food Before and After Photos

    Mall food yesterday
  15. MarvelGirl25

    When eating...

    Im 4 months post op and feel the same way. My mind hasn't caught up to my body. Its very weird seeing how little i eat. It almost feels like Im doing something wrong lol My years of overeating is to blame i guess.