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  1. Sheribear68


    Look at you rocking the workout gear! And I’m jelly coz your booty looks GREAT! Lol, mine is pancake-flat. 😭😭😭😭😭
  2. Sheribear68


    I’m so insanely coveting that thigh gap. Oh and the shoes. Definitely coveting those shoes!
  3. Sheribear68

    I can gulp

    Okay so plain water was always easy for me to get down. I could gulp down 4-6 ounces all at once just a few weeks post-op as long as I hadn’t had any food within 2 hours. Now at 10 months out, I can gulp down about 10-12 ounces all in one go ( there is some slight pain a few seconds after), but the food restriction is still very much present
  4. Sheribear68


    My OOTD. nothing special, just hitting the local theater for a matinee showing of A Christmas Carol. also.... I think my booty has completely disappeared.
  5. Sheribear68

    My Plastic Surgery Thread

    So sorry you’re going through the “blahs” right now. Im willing to bet it’s a combo of reduced activity and not getting any sun/outdoor time. Be patient and kind to yourself and I bet you’re back to normally functioning SillyKitty by the end or the month.
  6. Sheribear68

    The Maintenance Thread

    Also, does anybody else notice that “whoosh” that hits about day 3-4 of severe carb restriction? Even though I’ve experienced it more than once on this journey, it still kind of surprises me when it happens.
  7. Sheribear68

    The Maintenance Thread

    Playing devil's advocate here. You are under goal weight and according to your nut, have lost 100% of your excess weight. Why are you depriving yourself of celebrating the holidays with friends? Isn't the goal of WLS is to be able to fully enjoy our lives? You have already established that you can go off plan, have some small gain, and then come back, knuckle down and lose again. For me, this is exactly where I wanted to be in life. To just live and eat like a normal weight person. I just put guardrails up on a high weight and with logging. But otherwise I just want to enjoy my life, including dinner and drinks during the holidays with friends. I think it's easy to get hyperfocused on losing weight, and we can lose sight of what the end game is, to be happy, healthy and relaxed in our own skin. All very good points. For me, it’s about that scary, slippery slope. I let myself lose it for a couple of weeks and WHAM.... here comes 4 pounds. Gaining that much in such a short time scared me a bit, TBH. In the past, those 4 pounds would turn into 2, then 3, then another 4 for the sheer heck of it and I’d find myself in a self-hate cycle where I’d “failed” yet once again to live life like “normal” people. This time I decided that I was gonna own up to every single one of those 4 pounds and drop them before going back into a maintenance mindset. So that being said, I’ve got great news! I got on the scale this morning and they’re gone. Plus an extra 0.2 went away with it. I truly want to defend 145-150 (for now) and it makes me feel sooooo much better knowing I’m just under mid-point. So guess who gets to eat,drink, and be merry tomorrow? This girl! Because I worked my butt off this week ditching the “celebrations”
  8. Sheribear68


    Omg girl, you’re ROCKING that outfit!!! I’m with you in the no spanx club. I’ve found that a good pair of tights really does all I need it to do for me. Please keep posting more pics as you feel like. I love seeing everyone’s looks.
  9. Sheribear68

    Food Before and After Photos

    Okay so we really do love long posts. I’m the queen of them TBH. it really sucks to get stuck in an emergency situation and not know exactly what’s in something, but I feel like you made a fine choice. Besides, it’s not like you planned to go off course and you’ve been planning and staying the course so it’s all good. One day back when I was still in the first 4 months post-op, I had a similar situation. Left my cottage cheese out in my car and it was a few hours before I realized and it was prolly at least 90 degrees outside. So I ordered lunch off of my Panera app (we don’t get breaks at my job and I’m prohibited by law to leave the premises) and got a turkey avocado sandwich. Even though I ate only the insides, I got a piece of bread in a bite and it tasted God-awful and made me feel horrible that I had left my planned lunch in the car. After that, I brought emergency food to work like packets of bari-oatmeal and the bariatric hot cocoa that I keep in my cubby. Oh well, we live and learn.
  10. Sheribear68

    The Maintenance Thread

    Update: Third day back from hedonistic holiday/vacay episode and I’m down 2.6 of the 3.4 that I gained. And........ no BM since the day I got back, so the last 0.8 pounds should come in the next 2-3 days. For the first time ever in my life I was able to regather myself after letting loose for a couple of weeks and it’s so empowering. No more spending the next few days/weeks telling myself “I’ll start Monday on a healthy eating plan. Started it with a 23 hr fast and within 2 days I’m back to pre-holiday/vacay eating. I also got right back into Pilates and treadmill. In the meantime, I’m not allowing myself any holiday beverages or food until the last of the regain is off. Fingers crossed that by Sunday morning I get there, because we’ve got tickets to a Christmas Carol and drink/dinner plans with friends. I’m bound and determined though that this is one bright line in the sand I WILL NOT CROSS. either all of the regain comes off, or I eat a big-ass salad with iced tea for our night out. 😭😭😭
  11. Sheribear68

    Food Before and After Photos

    Okay, so I’ve learned something from the last few pages here. 1. Hospital food always has and always will suck out loud. 2. Wait til honeymoon period is well and truly over to have plastics so when my sleeve becomes more stretchy I can use the surgery as a reset. 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Sheribear68

    Food Before and After Photos

    Ahhh. Yes that’s what it was. Thanks for helping my brain recollect the word.
  13. Sheribear68


    Okay so I need you to come shopping with me for my husband! 🤣🤣🤣
  14. Sheribear68


    This is an amazing look on you!
  15. I’ve only had rice a couple of times and both times it flat out didn’t even taste good anymore. Same for potatoes with the exception of these amazing loaded tots I had last week. I was only able to eat about 6-7 of them, but they were pretty dang awesome. Impaired them with part of a breakfast Sammie (sans bread) so that probably slowed down the slider-ish aspect of them