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  1. So I went to a wedding last night and definitely consumed more calories than I ever had since before my 2-week pre-op diet.  I didn't have a scale nor labels to scan, so I estimated everything in MFP, and logged in about 2000 calories.  I didn't really eat much, so most of this was comprised of booze (red wines and gin & sodas) and 3 spoonfuls of creme brûlée.

    Well, either I over-exerted myself with all the dancing, or I was drunker than I planned, or I possibly experienced my second-ever dumping episode (I say possibly because I'm still not sure the first one I had was really dumping nor am I positive that last night was one either...).  I was sweating at the level of my pre-op days, and barfed for like 15 minutes.  Luckily, I felt sooo much better after the barfing that I got to enjoy the rest of the night, so all was not completely lost.

    I have another wedding to go to this month, and will do better.  Pinky swear. 


    1. Purpledva


      Hey Ms.sss,

      You are human and you enjoyed yourself. I am glad that you were able to identify the problem and you were ok. Yites!!!! Another wedding? You will do just fine...….Pink Swear.