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  1. I'm not complaining, but I know it is going to sound that I am.  But here goes:

    I used to be discouraged going shopping because I knew that more often than not, all the nicer clothes I really wanted to wear would not come in my size.

    So now I lost the weight, and wouldn't you effing know it, I'm in the same position as before again, but on the opposite end!

    Winners is one of my fave stores, because every once in a while you'll score.  I went to one across the street from the office at lunchtime today.  And every single item I tried on was too big.  We are talking Smalls and Extra-Smalls.  I had to buy a child size hoodie at Roots the other day and I thought it was pretty funny.  Not so funny anymore.

    1. Ohcinders


      that's fantastic, and terrible at the same time ;)

      My surgery is in 17 days, and I hope I do as well as you have

    2. Healthy_life2


      Its easier to find clothing if you fit into the mid-range sizes. Its funny that plus size clothing and small and XS are a bit more difficult to find. Vanity sizing makes me crazy. Size depends on the designer.