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  1. Yep very high glucose levels diabetes; high cholesterol, high BP, BMI over 40 anyway!
  2. Very weird, I've heard about needing a minimum BMI sure but not having to stay the same.. yes if you go too low you won't qualify but if you gain weight that would show you need help and need surgery...
  3. Mikeyy

    No family support

    That death is like one in a million
  4. Mikeyy

    No family support

    I can't wrap my head around the fact that people in this day and age are still so clueless about surgery! We are so lucky to have the technology for these kind of surgeries! If you rewind even 100 years people were dying because of no penicillin or antibiotics, we should be so lucky to be alive in this generation and enjoy the advancement in medicine that are being made everyday! If you've decided on surgery you've most likely tried everything else and if you qualify why wouldn't you get surgery if it's guaranteed to help and to make changes needed.. People can go and get fake bolt on breasts all the time without anyone caring but WLS still seems to be a taboo subject which is ludicrous.. it's safe and been done for many years , I don't get the mentality of narrow minded people!! Please don't feel bad at all your mum seems very old fashioned, your weight and your health and your sanity have nothing to do with religion!
  5. Many more offices do RNY which isn't too different to DS, curious what made you feel you need DS? how much weight loss are you needing... There's heaps of information on here for you!
  6. It was just mentioned before GERD plays up much more with SLEEVE it's one of the most common issues with sleeve and why some ppl go sleeve only to do RNY later... And you may struggle even to find a doctor who will deal with a 31 BMI ?
  7. Yeah my dr says he won't be allowed to release me until I recover from the influence of drugs as duty of care...
  8. Mikeyy

    Bypass or Sleeve?

    Overall the bypass rny is the best for many reasons you can find on here but it is up top the individual. Good Luck
  9. Just wish to say you seem to have everything down pat. Great attitude! Is it possible to get a little more detail? What was your pre-op weight, how long did it take to lose all your weight and how much did you lose? Was it consistent losses every month or all over the place? I'm going for RNY but you seem to have everything in order so you are an inspiration!
  10. Mikeyy

    Lap band surgery approved

    Well I hope it is and wish you well
  11. Mikeyy

    Lap band surgery approved

    Wondering why you chose lapband since it's been found to have many issues and now there are 2 other surgeries that are much better for you and safer?
  12. Mikeyy

    Pounds lost

    @jennigurl23 it depends on a few things, your BMI how much weight you need to lose? But most will tell you the RNY is more effective, more restrictive, it changes your metabolism and your internal gastric system... Most studies will show RNY better overall loss and better management of type 2diabetes... But you will need to be on more vitamins than sleeve.. but it also helps with reflux or gerd...
  13. I'm in Adelaide and I go to many shops to find the lowest carbs and sugar protein powders I can and if you look you can find anywhere from 0.6g to 6.5g sugar per serve!
  14. From ALDI; onset nutrition. 30g per serve. Protein 23.2g Fat 1.1g Carbs 3.1 Sugars 0.6 1kg powder $30 Whey proteins and whey peptides natural vanilla or chocolate flavour. Chocolate or Vanilla
  15. I see all those issues as positive.. having to eat smaller and slower and puree for longer that's what I'm looking for I'll be staying on liquids and puree long as I can when time comes! I love protein shakes..