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  1. Just made my own cauliflower soup!! it might be a little high in salt and little too much fat (only like a 1/2T of butter) but OMG i finally like something i tried to make for this diet.

    1. GreenTealael


      CONGRATS 🎉

    2. Orchids&Dragons


      I loved cauliflower soup, especially in the beginning when your options are so limited. Congrats!

  2. I feel more tired now that im intaking protein again... and im kinda going on and off hot and cold whereas Ive been 100% cold. I wish my body would decide what it wants.

  3. HannahRB


    I had one diagnosed a few months before my surgery. and they suck. But they have to fix it when doing surgery since your stomach is being herniated. Just bear it hopefully after surgery you will feel 100x better good luck and much love
  4. HannahRB

    Feeling Frail and Hungry

    are you mixing protein powder with your clear liquids??
  5. So Ive been kindve stubborn and gently bending over more often than i should and finally this morning it feels like my abdomen muscles have had enough. Im a little worried i pulled something and was wondering if anyone had advice to get through my daily tasks without a bunch of help im pretty much home alone. Also reaching up high is a problem for me because im extremely short..
  6. The amount of time it takes me to take my normal pills is slowly killing me, Ive taken anti-depressants and allergy meds for 8 years and have been able to swallow like 6 pills at a time but now with my limited amount of liquid at a time i take lke 30min to take all of my medications *sigh* Little changes can be rather annoying.

    1. Orchids&Dragons


      Soon you'll be able to drink normally again and this won't be an issue. I can take several pills at once.

  7. HannahRB

    Feeling Frail and Hungry

    See i just cant take anymore cold stuff, I've just avoided popsicles lol. Ive eaten room temp jello to avoid the cold. I think im going to try strained cream of mushroom (which is a recommendation in my nutrition book)
  8. So my specific doctor/nutritionist has told me to be on clear liquid diet (no protein powders) for a whole 7 days after my surgery. Im on day 5 and slowly the hunger is eating at me. My diet is pretty much a f*ck ton of sugar free crystal light, jello, and the occasional strained chicken and noodle soup. (and water) tonight its finally getting to me. Ive experienced mild dumping after the strained chicken and noodle soup, but honestly im willing to risk the dumping for at least a sip of my favorite Atkins protein drink. Any tips? (btw i cannot stomach broth it makes me wanna vomit)
  9. Thats odd, i was ordered to stop taking my Birth Control 2 weeks before surgery when i started my liquid diet. But as we all know every surgeon/doctor/nutritionist is different
  10. HannahRB

    I'm so COLD!

    I am formerly the Human Heater and im 5 days post op laying on the couch with shirt jacket and 3 blankets.. AND i live in goddamn Texas. I used to envy my friends who were always cold cause i was always sweating and now i cant get warm to save my life!
  11. HannahRB

    December 2018 Sleevers!

    Im following my nutritionists orders, i start protein liquids on Sunday. Im not over exerting myself cause i know i dont have the fuel in my body. Im walking enough to get gas out and digest and thats about it.
  12. HannahRB

    December 2018 Sleevers!

    I'm almost 5 days out, feeling fantastic on my no sugar juice and broth only. I still somehow have energy even with pretty much no protein intake. Wishing this bloating and inflammation would go down. But overall NO REGRETS
  13. I had something similar-ish happen. I just got my surgery done on Saturday the 15th. I have been on birth control for 5 years. and was only two weeks out from my last period and right after the surgery i started my period, so there definitely is a correlation somewhere in there.
  14. 4 Days post-op, Finally home. I miss Tijuana and all the wonderful people, I cried buckets last night cause it felt like my whole happiness dream bubble got deflated. Incisions are looking great staying hydrated. Going to attempt to make homemade shellfish stock today for sipping :) (I cannot stand chicken and beef broth) Husband is trying to be supportive but tends to help in the wrong ways. Im hoping for a more positive attitude soon enough.

    1. GreenTealael


      CONGRATS 💜 get well soon

    2. HannahRB


      Thank you sweet love :)

  15. HannahRB

    Lowkey Freaking Out

    Everything is already paid in full.-. Sent from my SM-G892A using BariatricPal mobile app