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    Melk reacted to Matt Z in 4-Weeks Post-Op   
    I took 2 months off for my surgery. I couldn't imagine going back to work, even part time that close to surgery. I get tired if I forget to eat something. And working before you can get even close to your Water goal is just asking for issues in my opinion. This weekend I slacked hard on the water intake and almost ended up going to the hospital. I thought I was hungry, yeah, turned out I was dehydrated. Don't stress about the speed, or any stalls. They will happen and could happen very often. As long as you are meeting your Protein and water intake goals, and aren't going over your daily calorie limit... you'll be fine! Check my post "Time Changes Everything", I've got a great photo covering 8 years, 2 different weight loss surgeries. The image is pretty awesome if I do say so myself.
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    Melk reacted to Kcchick in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    Saygrace: I am 8 days and still no BM. I’m taking Miralax.
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    Melk reacted to Letsgetgoing2018 in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    Hi there. The first week is rough. I am just two weeks post op and still having trouble. Get depressed and now having trouble swallowing my Vitamins. It gets better. Some days are better than others. The people on these boards are very supportive and helpful. You aren’t alone. Anything specific you are struggling with?
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    Melk reacted to heyprofessor in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    I was discharged today and am feeling great. Sipping Water and Powerade zero like I’m getting paid for it!
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    Melk reacted to JulesUp in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    My surgery date was 7/12/18. Today is 11 days post op and I have lost 21 pounds from the hospital weigh in, but I gained 12 pounds in Water weight after coming back from the hospital and dropped that 12 pounds + 21 pounds. Impressive!!! My total loss so far is 32 pounds since starting my pre opt liquid diet and 43 pounds since my journey began. The first few days were rough with nausea, fatigue, and dry heaves. The worst is the feeling of vomiting but nothing is in your stomach. I spent three nights in the hospital due to irregular heart beat after surgery. I was ready to leave after second day. I was tired of getting the tray of the same popsicle, low sodium broth (nasty!), orange Jello, and crystal light mix for water. I am starting to feel normal besides the fact that I see my family eat normal food, but i can’t. The toughest is having to prep meals for my children and not being able to eat anything, but liquids still. I have two Premier Protein shakes, water, broth, sf popsicles, and nutritionist added Chinese egg drop Soup to the list of what i can have. I have several episodes where I feel like a brick is stuck in my chest where I think I drank too quickly or had gas stuck inside. I really hate the feeling and hope this is not a forever thing. Only one time, I had vomiting with such an episode, but it was just the liquid I had drank. I also had staples instead of tape due to allergy but only downside is the staples are not being removed until my three week appointment. I am on liquids for three weeks and can’t wait to start soft foods. I am trying to walk everyday and can’t wait to go back to the gym soon. The doctor also advised not to walk in the sun due to dehydration. I had to get a bag of iv fluids at my one week appointment. This is the hardest thing that I have had to do (certainly not easy!), but I know in the end, it will be very rewarding to gain a new healthy me.
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    Melk reacted to Gingertastic in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    I had surgery on 7/2 and still have almost no hunger pains or queues. I set a timer to remind me to take a drink every 5 minutes and now the 30 before and after “meal” time but really I just follow a schedule. I was told by my doctor that it happens and to make sure and get my fluids in.
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    Melk reacted to mercmerc in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    Congratulations!! 50 pounds down in 4 1/2 weeks is amazing!! i have surgery the 25!! Aaaa
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    Melk reacted to ConnieCoops in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    Three weeks post op. Weight loss more steady than dramatic. Now is the time to push through and increase exercise activity
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    Melk reacted to Pearldrop in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    Had my surgeon check in today and it went great I’ve lost 28% of my excess weight. He said I’m on target with my weight loss and can move to the next level of exercise. I’m now cleared to do light weights and up my cardio to jogging/cycling.
    Sadly the reflux has returned so he has given me a prescription for that, if it continues post 3 years I may need another ‘stich’ To resolve it.
    he did say food choices and slower eating habits may resolve it. I think this is the cause as I do struggle with eating slower and chewing properly. Hopefully when I see him again in 12 weeks I’ll be eating and chewing slower and better.
    i still am able to drink a lot of Water which is awesome.
    I can only consume small food portions before I get full, so I focus on healthy Protein and vegetables. My desert is always sugar free high protein or fresh fruits. fruit does have sugar, but I limit myself to 6 berries so am within my 800 calories

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    Melk reacted to BrowneyedGal in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    I am in the same boat...surgery was June 27 and I have stalled this week as well as gained a pound. Frustrating and just trying not to get discouraged!
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    Melk reacted to J San in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    Great to hear!! Doing pretty well also. Closest to eating for me is sloshing SF Jello through my teeth to get it to liquid form. On all clear liquids... so Water, clear Protein Drinks, broth, SF IcePops and SF Jello. Strangely not hungry at all yet and havn't had a meal since Wed morning. Don't need the pain meds, everything is tolerable but did take it twice yesterday to take the edge off a little from my back and sciatica pain. Getting around is slow going as the stretching from one position to the next pulls a bit. But otherwise can't complain. Good luck!!!
    @Preyes Sorry to hear your having a hard time. Hopefully nothing serious. Take it slow and like everyone always says walk as often as you can to release that gas. Best of luck to you!!!
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    Melk reacted to J San in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    1st post here on the post op summer buddies thread. I posted late on the pre op thread. I had my surgery on the 12th last week so I'm going into my 4th day post. Everything went pretty well. Gas pains were the worst but as the days go by that is getting better as well. Doing a week of Clear Liquids which is not bad but can't seem to fit it all in so I just do my best. I started a thread in the general discussion area so I won't go into all the detail here. Just wanted to say hello and look forward to meeting many of you.
    Good Luck Everyone!!!!
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    Melk reacted to JulesUp in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    Finally home after three nights in the hospital due to abnormal hear beats the evening after surgery. Not taking pain medicine today. I feel great except for the soreness around the incisions. I also got staples instead of glue and steri-strips because I am allergic to the tape if it stays there a long time. No need to worry about taking shower and changing dressings with staples and no drains. The only negative is the 14 pound Water weight gain from the the IV pump. Hopefully, I will loose it in the next few days. Did anyone have a drastic water weight gain after surgery?
    Now drinking my Premier Protein shake even though it takes me about 2 hours to swallow all of it. It's hard to believe that I can't consume much without it hurting so much. The only thing I am not looking forward to this evening is the Lovanox syringes to prevent blood clots. I am a bit apprehensive to do the shots myself and hubby is not crazy about the idea either. Well...off to do more walking.
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    Melk reacted to JulesUp in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    Hi Bella, I also had a bit of vomit and nausea after surgery. It was an awful feeling. I won’t be leaving g the hospital until tomorrow morning, but will need to check on the post-op diet. I am not sure I am allowed yogurt or cream of wheat; only Protein Shakes, broth, Jello, sugar free popsicles, Water, and crystal light. I bought the Unjury Protein Powder in chicken broth and unflavored to add later to apple sauce or baby food. Sounds like you are doing great. I will be following you too so we can share notes.
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    Melk reacted to Bellasoo in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    Hey Jules, I had a bit of the same problem with my heartbeat. I also had surgery on the 12th. They let me come home tonight. I am sore but I’m moving around pretty well. I had some terrible nausea from my pain meds. I was vomiting right out of surgery. That was very uncomfortable. I am still suffering with some gas pains as well. I lost right around 30 pounds pre-op so I feel we are very similar. I would love to follow your progress!
    I am eating yogurts, bomb pops, cream of wheat Cereal, drinking watered down apple juice and Water. I have some bariatric pal Soups that I plan to start tomorrow. Eating is not as bad as I thought it would be. I fill up extremely fast. I’m hoping that once my swelling goes down that will get easier.
    I hope you make it home soon. 😊
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    Melk reacted to JulesUp in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    I had my surgery on July 12. Walking a lot and trying to drink fluids. I am still in the hospital due to irregular heartbeats the first night after surgery. The cardiologist wanted to keep me here and extra 48 hours for observation. It seems surreal that I actually did this. The first night was a killer with the gas pains in the chest. Otherwise, I am in no pain right now, but then again, this is a picnic compared to a c-section and I have had several; including gall bladder surgery in the past. Incision sites are just a bit sore. I have staples because I have an allergy to the tape and no drains. Pre-op I lost 24 pounds. Excited to becoming the new me and returning to the gym when allowed.
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    Melk reacted to CourtsinPDX in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    Just wrapping up day 3 post-op here! Managing pain with just Tylenol and Ibuprofen, and fluids are easier to get down everyday! Walked over a mile yesterday and today! So thankful to have a wonderful support system at home- and reading all of your experiences helps big time! Virtual high fives to you all!!
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    Melk reacted to NewGirl2018 in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    Really glad to have this board and all of you guys to do this journey with! I’m 4 day’s post op, haven’t had any pain since leaving the hospital and no soreness around incisions. I can’t really tell when I’m “full” on this clear liquid diet but I do have this intermittent feeling of something stuck in the back of my throat or this heaviness in my chest, like a belch I can’t get out. I get to start full liquids tomorrow and I have never been more happy to have Soup.
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    Melk reacted to ALFxRNY in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    Congrats! That’s an amazing progress report
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    Melk reacted to Diva302 in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    Postop day 17, spent 2 weeks in hospital due to complications...home sweet home down 12 pounds in 4 days!!
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    Melk reacted to Willbslimnik in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    Hey all! Thanks for tagging me on the new thread @Ylime! I've been lurking trying to keep up. A lot of new members! I had surgery 6/4. It has been a rough recovery for me. I haven't had any complications...I'm very thankful for that. Just a lot of pain and discomfort, which took me off guard since I've had 3 c-sections. They were a piece of cake. I guess I was hoping for the same for this surgery. Getting all my liquids and Protein is a struggle to. It is super weird to not have ANY hunger. My mind is officially blown! Thursday was my follow up and I was down 17.6 lbs. I haven't weighed since. I'm trying not to be neurotic about it, but it sure is exciting!😁🎉 Take care everyone
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    Melk reacted to Trixie82 in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    One day out from rny. It's still surreal that I finally got my surgery. I'm on clear liquids for another day then I can go to full liquids. I've been sipping Water and Premier Protein clear all day. Had an ounce of chicken broth for Breakfast and another one for dinner. Oh and like 3 tiny bites of Jello. Don't want to push it lol

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    Melk reacted to leea in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    17 days post op from Rny. All seems good except the feeling of pressure in the lower abdomen. I had my first post op appt and lost 9 lbs and the doctor was more than pleased. She said it's only two weeks out and there is still swelling etc but all is looking great.
    Having a little problem getting enough Protein. Started stage 3 diet and it felt a little heavy so stepping back to cream of wheat and protein pudding. Time will heal all and I just have to be patient.

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