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  1. AndreaK.

    I Was Amazed When I Heard This

    I love this!!! And look at you!!!! You are doing freaking amazing!!!!
  2. AndreaK.

    Tips Needed Please

    This is so me right now! My sister and wife both say I'm 3 bites and done. I know its because I am doing too big of bites, not chewing enough and then eating too fast. Its so hard for me to change this bc everyone I'm around eats super fast and here I am like well hell. So 3 bites and done! I am going to follow this to see recommendations as well!
  3. AndreaK.


    No. No regrets. There are times I'm like OHMYGAWD I just want to go out to eat w/ my wife and be normal ya know buttttt. Then I look at my progress and I'm like no. I'll take this 3 bite and done thing over feeling sluggish all day and zero energy. It'll be hard at first and I think everyone goes the buyers remorse so to say lol. However the end results are well worth the hard times.
  4. I had my surgery Oct 25,2018. I have had a TON of stalls. It can be so discouraging at time however I just keep focusing on the end game ya know. I've asked the same question you asked, have I done this for nothing???? But then I'll loose 7llbs and I'm like o wow....ok. So. Just keep pushing love you got this. Everyone's body is different and responds to all of this differently! Also....25lbs in a month?!? Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I can completely relate to this! Unfortunately I've given into my hunger and I feel like ...a...piece...of.....poop. I ate chips (not a lot but I ate em) and I ate this toaster thingy (full of carbs and sugar) and then this morning my sister comes to me w/ a lemon filled donut which is my absolute favorite.!!! And guess what? Yea. I ate it. Now Idk about anyone else but I struggle to get protein down but the bad stuff. Carbs? Candy? DONUTS!!!!???? Yea. For some reason I can eat them and I don't get that stuck in my throat feeling as I do when I eat healthy. Which I find....rude LOL. Why ???? lol. Anywho. Back to you... Yes! I can understand. And It is a struggle bus over here as well!!!!! But. Its a new day. And I know I can do it. You can too
  6. AndreaK.


    I needed this. I'm 6 weeks post op. I'm loosing very slowly. I could give a bazillion reasons why I think I am but hey lets be honest, God made us different, So. Lol. But Anywho. I am my own worst enemy most days. Accountability yes! How do I PM you, I could use someone in my corner!!!!
  7. AndreaK.

    Hello Gay Sleevers

    Good luck!!!!!!!! You got this!
  8. AndreaK.

    Stalling Early ON

    I so so SO needed this today!!!!
  9. AndreaK.

    Hello Gay Sleevers

    Sleeved lesbian here as well!!! 10/25/18
  10. AndreaK.

    Cramping tummy at night 5 days post op

    just take it slow. bc I rushed and it HURTS and get "stuck" so to say . It give me anxiety bc I don't wanna throw up haha. But I'm not a quitter lol I go back and try again a day or two later. For Thanksgiving I was able to eat like 4 good bites and then boop done. Its crazy. Bc I was an eater !!! LOL like 2 plates and some more type a girl lol. Reach out of you have any other questions !!!!
  11. AndreaK.

    Cramping tummy at night 5 days post op

    Ummmm....I am doing ok. I would say good but I don't feel like I've been doing good bc I've only lost 35llbs. I can eat solid foods already like 2-3 bites and I'm done. I pretty much hit fluid goals some days ...I don't. I have super good days and my stomach is calm and easy going lol and then I have some ugly days and I'm like WHY did eat thisssssss??? LOL Its all an experience and you'll get to know your body in ways you thought you already knew it but no...you didn't. hahaha.
  12. AndreaK.

    Cramping tummy at night 5 days post op

    Literally sounds like my experience to the T lol lol I'm sure you'll feel better. Mine was cramping oh so hard my wife was ready to take me to the hospital lol lol. But all is well
  13. AndreaK.

    Cramping tummy at night 5 days post op

    May be too personal but have you gone to the bathroom recently? I had INTENSE cramping a few days after surgery and it was because of that reason. So. Maybe that?
  14. You look amazing. Yesterday I am one month out and I've lost 36llbs. I feel like I'm loosing slower but I also feel accomplished. Seeing your pics and hearing your words of wisdom really makes me feel like I'm on the right path. Good luck w/ your journey!!!!
  15. So I've been told. Everyone was like OMG your back to work already?!?!?! But IDK I just felt better and full of energy ready to go!! lol