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  1. Time for a status update:  

    Yesterday marked my one year anniversary on Bariatricpal.com.  What a year it has been and I am so grateful for all the people here that have helped me along the way.  I'm also so grateful for @Alex Brecher for creating and maintaining this site for all of us.  I hope that my ongoing purchases of calcium and multivitamin supplements are enough to express my gratitude.  I'm a huge fan of the BariatricPal Multivitamin One 45.

    I kept a journal starting in July of last year starting the 2nd day after I was serious about considering bariatric surgery.  Reading all the entries is very therapeutic to me. 

    Looking back, I probably wouldn't have changed a thing about how I started and went through this process.  Almost everything has gone well in this journey for me.  Sure I've had my low points, but I seemed to have come out the other side very much in-tact. 

    There's still a long road ahead once my real hunger returns, but I'm going to keep on the straight and narrow path of eating well and exercising every day until that happens and then some.

    In celebration of my 1 year on this site, I thought I'd share one of my early personal journal entries:




    8/7/18 - I signed up to the BariatricPal.com website yesterday to find support from people in the same situation and to see what they are all going through in the process.

    Looks like I'll be doing this for months after all before even thinking about surgery.

    Sounds like I have to change my habits sooner than later, was not expecting that.

    Yesterday I stopped for the large pouch of Baby Bels at Target and this morning I got my two scrapple sandwiches again.  I could not be more disgusted about it.  So over this…

    WTF????  I just ate more M&Ms and knowingly did so. 

    This has to stop now!!!!  That's it, we're having vegan for dinner tonight.


    1. Alex Brecher

      Alex Brecher

      A huge super congrats!!

    2. GreenTealael