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  1. krissy95

    1 year post op

    Therapy never worked for me in the past so I just don’t see it working for me now
  2. I’m down 120ish pounds! Very happy but not losing anymore just maintaining everyone is telling me to be happy take it easy don’t obsess etc but idk why I’m not losing anymore and I’m so sad and feel like I’m doing something wrong but idk what I’m doing wrong I’m starting to cry typing this ugh this is so fuckin hard And sometimes my weight goes up 5-10 pounds but then back down and when it gets back into the 200s I have a meltdown I wanna stay in the 100s I know 205 isn’t a lot especially compared to where I came from but I can’t stop obsessing about it I really don’t know what to do someone please help me feel better I’m so fucking hard on myself
  3. krissy95

    Losing weight but not seeing it

    I honestly just think my perception will be fucked up forever and it's so unfair and annoying and I feel like I have nobody who understands anything of what I'm going through!!
  4. Ugh just annoyed as all fuck I'm down 30 pounds but I don't see it!!!!! ITS SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!! why can't my brain stop playing with me????? UGGGHHHHHHH
  5. krissy95

    "Your taking the easy way out"

    Oh and about the PCOS she would say that was an excuse!!! Which is bullshit she literally told me once "I know a girl who has it and she's a twig" I was like umm okay? good for her PCOS is different for everybody you imbecile ugh ugh uggghhhhh I'm glad I dropped her I've had nothing but positivity and support it's been great
  6. So I decided to drop a friend who literally told me I was "taking the easy way out" if I got this surgery and all the months leading up to it would say I was "pathetic" and "lazy" just threw a slew of disgusting insults my way which made me feel shitty Little back story: I'm 22 and struggled with my weight my whole life (due to PCOS and other medical things) from 13-19 years old I suffered anorexia and got down to 80 something pounds (I was literally on my death bed)so right when I graduated high school for an entire year after I was inpatient in the hospital and recovering from the anorexia when I got out I guess I just couldn't stop gaining weight? (PCOS, hereditary etc)It started triggering me a lot and I would try everything to lose weight! I'm a vegetarian I work with dogs running around all day with them constantly moving very active job so you can imagine my frustration so I decided to go this route and I'm 3 weeks out and 25 pounds down and I'm doing very well this is kinda going all over the place lol sorry to whoever reads this Anywhoooo my "friend" would just put me down constantly and they knew me during my anorexic days they knew me during the recovery days they saw how much I struggled with weight gain and loss and still had the audacity to say if I went through with this procedure I was taking the "easy way out" and they'd "never be able to look at me the same" so a couple days before my surgery I dropped them and I gotta say I don't miss them at all if anything this surgery is HARDER than doing it on your own it's a fucking surgery for fucks sake #1 and #2 there is no going back you gotta learn new ways to eat you gotta take vitamins and minerals you gotta make sure you get a certain amount of protein everyday this is by no means "easy" and it still fuckin annoys me that people have the audacity to say some dumb shit like that Sorry this went like all over the place I'm just annoyed at the moment and I had to vent about it
  7. krissy95

    Eating disorders?

    I suffered anorexia a longggggg time if anyone has suffered with it or bulimia (or both or anything else) please share! I feel so alone and trapped sometimes with my thoughts it drives me crazy and I feel like NO ONE understands me at all ugh I just need a good support system I'm so drained
  8. krissy95

    New Yorkers!

    Looking for new friends in NY who have had this done and can relate!
  9. krissy95

    New York City

    Not in the city but 30-45 mins away (with good traffic lol)
  10. krissy95

    July Gastric Bypass?

    Had mine done the 2nd!!