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  1. ZeroCool

    Protein shakes...

    I personally like premier but I warm it up in the microwave (not hot, or it might clump the mix), then i mix in the protein shake mix afterwards. It ends up tasting like a hot chocolate and it's the only way I can actually tolerate protein shakes anymore, lol.
  2. ZeroCool

    Where are all the single cat ladies?

    I have two myself - love them even if they can be little shits sometimes lol
  3. I hate to sound like a broken record but I agree with the people above me. I had a rough start, I was in the hospital twice just after surgery within the first 2 weeks. I gained IV fluid weight, so that depressed me, and was in a hell of alot more pain than I wish i was in. I had regretful thoughts, like you, but I promise you it does get better. The pain, for me, went completely away within 2 1/2 weeks or so. And as much as I wanted to punch the world for constantly telling me "walk walk walk, get your liquids and proteins, walk walk walk" (lol), its so true. Gas pain is THE WORST! Walking will help that and your bowels and soon enough you'll be pooping and farting like a pro without pain. It's a major surgery we've all gone through and that you've gone through...recovery can suck...but I promise the benefits far outweigh the struggles. Think of the health benefits alone ! By my 8 weeks post op I was un-diagnosed with my type-2 Diabetes that I was diagnosed with April of 2017. My a1c was at 13.6 and it's now sitting at a 5.1. I don't need blood pressure meds anymore and I haven't had heartburn in god knows how long. You got this! and we're here for support
  4. HI guys. I'm 3 months post op and I know hormones go wacko after surgery and all...but is anyone else experiencing post op holiday loneliness (or have you in the past?). I find my boyfriend half the time doesn't understand what I'm going through, though he tries, but sometimes it's overwhelming. Due to things not surgery related, I don't have family members. I wrote them off because they are terrible human beings. I have my 13 year old son and myself and a very select (VERY SELECT) handful of friends. I like the holidays but also hate them because it's a reminder of what I wish I had, but don't. Maybe I'm just hormonal...maybe I just need new friends. I don't know. I just felt like I wanted to share this with you guys because at least I know you will all understand.
  5. ZeroCool

    4 months post gastric sleeve

    Hi there. I'm only 3 months out, but also struggling with food. My stomach has decided it doesn't really like meat except salmon, tilapia and tuna..so a big majority of my meals are something to do with tuna creations or salmon. I throw in some veggies (I really like zucchini squash baked) and at first, for awhile, protein shakes post op tasted like ass but now they're okay (only if i Drink them warm though, like a hot chocolate - if it's cold it tastes terrible). Almonds as snacks has gone pretty good, so has a few cubes of cheese from Kraft...but my variation of food I can eat is very small, lately.
  6. Today is my official 3 month post op RNY. I had surgery on August 17, 2018. I wanted to share my progress with everyone today so here goes nothing.... Heaviest weight: 317lbs (April 2017) Surgery weight: 287lbs Current weight: 234.6lbs
  7. ZeroCool

    3 mo Progress Pic!

    Thanks - i quickly found a way to get rid of the pics i posted and edit the content of my original posts
  8. ZeroCool

    3 mo Progress Pic!

  9. ZeroCool

    3 mo Progress Pic!

    Great progress!!
  10. I'm so glad it's not just me! lol. I had my RNY 8/17/18 (so just about 2 1/2 months ago) and no matter what form I cook it in, what I add to it condiment wise, or however I try to spice it, chicken tastes like ass. I LOVED chicken pre op. Now it makes me wanna gag. I went through a phase up until this last month where i couldn't STAND the taste of protein shakes...like any kind, i tried many brands and flavors. Now I can tolerate premier, but ONLY if it's warm (like a hot chocolate). if it's cold i wanna gag. I'm so picky lol. I also loved literally anything seafood pre op. Now, fish is still good (thank god!) but any other seafood (Crap, shrimp, lobster) tastes like crap. It breaks my heart lol I haven't tried many things as I tend to kinda stick within my realm of things I know work. But luckily some tastes stayed good, like tuna is good, I LOVE zucchini and squash cooked. Turkey meat is hit or miss with me...sometimes it's ok but mostly makes me wanna gag. I can't eat beef, I can't drink normal milk (developed a lactose to it, but cheese is still ok). SUCH a weird change lol
  11. ZeroCool

    Weight loss

    One of the hardest things (and there are many) that I'm finding is to NOT compare your losses with anyone else. It will outright depress you. Everyone's different. Me? I'm going through my first MAJOR stall and it's killing me lol. I lost 34lbs by my 6 week post op, so I was thrilled... but I'm about 2 months and a week or so post op now and I've only lost a total of 8lbs this past month compared to the first month (down a total of 42 now). But for the last 3 almost 4 weeks id been fluctuating bad. I try to weigh myself every Friday. For a couple weeks of this stall I actually gained a couple lbs (so I was back towards 249-250), but today I weighed myself again and I'm back at 245. So it's this dumb up and down a lb here and there stall. I've upped my protein, upped my water intake...still stall. I'm praying it'll pass (I hear everywhere it will) but it's horrrrrrrrible. Just try to stay away from the negatives and focus on non scale victories. For example, I've been going to the gym for the past 3 weeks and that also can account for a stall (maybe im not increasing water enough, maybe it's muscle mass, who knows)..but also for the first time yesterday I bought a shirt in an XL. Dude, I used to wear 3x t shirts all the time...before surgery (and some post op) i was confortably wearing 2x's. Some still fit, other's look frumpy cause they were too big but a 1x/xl type shirt was still too snug so i was inbetween sizes. Now, I can't wear comfortably ALL xl/1x shirts...but I did buy 2 that fit nicely and look awesome. HUGE NSV! Focus on those...they'll help you mentally get through these rough periods.
  12. ZeroCool

    Instagram Friends!

    Mine is zerocool_337, feel free to add me. Mine's not wls specific but im always down for seeing others' inspiration and making friends.
  13. ZeroCool

    August surgery ppl

    Lol such a great movie.
  14. ZeroCool

    August surgery ppl

    Hey there guys - Yep, FINALLY things are on the mend. Haven't been back since my 2nd time. Still struggling to get 64oz of fluids in (I can do maybe 48-50 fairly regularly but thats about it). But I'm not showing signs of dehydration either so I guess that's ok. I am getting MOST of my protein in too. Finally starting in some soft foods and figuring out what my stomach will allow me to eat. I love poached eggs (can't eat a whole one yet though, close..but not the whole thing). Some meats are ok, but I'm having a hard time with chicken (but turkey lunchmeat seems ok so far). I've had to find lactose free lowfat cottage cheese cause I get an upset stomach now ( I think lactose is a thing now for me, except with cheeses ), and I've found a good protein water from Isupure that I dilute with water and tastes good and helps me get protein in. Only down 30lbs since surgery, but I feel like I'm shaping differently in places so Im trying not to look at the numbers so much. Plus, 30 lbs in a month is awesome by anyone's terms - so even if others lose more, we all lose at a different rate so it's all good I haven't weighted this weight since I was maybe 25 lol. and it's only getting better from there. Side note though - I'm getting alot more aches and pains in my back, hip and left knee that weren't as bad before surgery. I hear that's normal though..your body/etc is shifting from losing weight I guess. So we'll see.
  15. ZeroCool

    Before and After Pics

    I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this, and I'm feeling terribly vulnerable...but I'm officially 4 weeks post op and down 25lbs. Until just now when I made this collaboration, I wasn't sure where the pounds came from. I can sortof see it in some areas...what do you guys think?