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  1. alioolala

    Body fat scale

    I’ve bought two so far and both seem inaccurate unfortunately. I did find a place locally after doing some digging and found a place that does bodpod for $35.
  2. alioolala

    Body fat scale

    Anyone know where I can go to get this measured properly. I’ve tried my gym and my dr office and neither have that special scale.
  3. alioolala

    Food Before and After Photos

    This keeps happening to me as well. I wind up having to freeze it in the end which tastes pretty good but I just can’t get the consistency right 😒
  4. alioolala

    The last 20lbs

    Glad it’s not just me! I guess we will just stick it out and hope for more losses!
  5. alioolala

    The last 20lbs

    Maybe try intermittent fasting. It worked for me initially, but then my weight just plateaued for a month after so I’m not really as strict with it anymore. I did like how I felt when I was doing it though and I always go to the gym in a fasted state.
  6. alioolala

    The last 20lbs

    Hey Cheeseburgh! I’ve been working out pretty hard since I was cleared after surgery but recently started running in hopes I can get some more weighloss. I will definitely join you over in the support thread, thank you!
  7. alioolala

    The last 20lbs

    You will get there frustr8 just keep at it!
  8. Thanks fluffy I’m making it today!
  9. Can one of you ladies share this chia seed pudding recipe your speaking of?
  10. alioolala

    The last 20lbs

    So tell me about your last 20lbs or so. I’d like to lose another 15 but it is sloooooow even though I’m still in the first year. Tips and advice are greatly appreciated.
  11. Thank you fluffy! I hope to be as successful as you one day 😘
  12. Right now I still get full off of 2.5oz of chicken or beef (always grilled no fat or sauce added) so if I eat veggies it’s usually between meals. An example of a “snack” would be 4 raw broccoli bite size pieces dipped I 1 T of hummus OR 1/2 a large pickle. I’ve done so well since I had my sleeve and it’s so scary bc really this is my first “stall” I’ve had. It’s like my body doesn’t want to get into the 160s at all despite eating the same foods I’ve always eaten 😒
  13. So you think the bars and shakes are causing the stall? I def don’t want to waste this precious time either I will take all advice and try it to see if it break this stall! I’m desperate 😜first meal today was eggs and turkey bacon and lunch and dinner will be protein as well. I’ll check back in a week and keep ya posted. Thanks again for your advice! I know I could be drinking more water as well I’m also going to work harder at this.
  14. Thank you fluffy for responding so quick! I consider you an expert with this so I really appreciate it. I’m a newbie and I know probably annoying some of you! I do a bar or a shake not both in one day and I really just enjoy both that’s the main reason. I could definitely switch that first meal to some eggs and turkey bacon if you think that would help. I always hit above that 60 mark for protein but I’m not gonna lie I do like my protein supplements 🤷🏻‍♀️
  15. I’m doing IF pretty much everyday I didn’t know about feast days 😬 i have premier protein shake or protein bar everyday to break the fast, and then its protein only the other 2 meals, chicken or beef 2.5 oz never more. I will have a little fruit or veggies or nuts between a meal when I’m hungry. Calories range from 550-700 depending on the day. Water can always be better but that’s always been a struggle for me.