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  1. busyforever

    Post op hunger

    Thanks everyone - I'm on soft foods and feeling better (more energetic as well). Walter, you're right - 2oz ground turkey has me feeling pretty nice these days.
  2. busyforever

    Post op hunger

    I’m 12 days post op (vsg) and I’ve been fortunate not to have many side effects. The problem is that I’m not feeling any restriction and I’m hungry all the time. I’m afraid my sleeve won’t work. Can anyone offer insight?
  3. I ate bbq chicken, corn bread and wedding cake 1 week onto my pre-op diet 😞
  4. I've realized how much I rely on YouTube and Insta to help me through this wait for the actual procedure. I've had a lot of questions that have been more or less unanswered by staff and my doctor's office. Not that they aren't helpful or pleasant - it just seems that there are some questions they really can't answer (to cover their own necks). I've been wondering if I'd be comfortable sharing this whoooooole process online. It's very scary to me though. My before pictures alone are blackmail-worthy. So what do you guys think? Are you comfortable putting it all out there? Do you have Instagram/YouTube accounts solely for your sleeve experience?
  5. busyforever

    October 2018 Sleevers

    October 10! Just found out insurance approved it - I’m over the moon. Pre-op diet begins Sunday!
  6. busyforever

    Just got a surgery date!

    @JessieGrace319 @Matt Z hey, thanks! I agree, it’s weird but yes! They had me do all the testing, then scheduled surgery at my follow up. I also had to schedule all of my pre op & post op appointments for the next 9 months. It will all be submitted to insurance one month before the surgery date ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. October 3! I thought I would be so excited by now I’m worried to death that insurance will deny me.
  8. busyforever

    Relationships and WLS

    Cut him out.
  9. busyforever

    How much have you lost?

    Me too, @annanay1
  10. busyforever

    Don't pray for me

    I hope I’m not offending anyone by saying “good luck.” To many, the idea of luck is unprovable and impossible.
  11. busyforever

    Pre-Operation Holding Pattern

    I’m pretty much in the same spot. I know it’s a process but I just want to move on!
  12. busyforever


    Congratulations 🎊