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  1. Thank you!! Just wanted others to not feel shame.
  2. Definitely not permanent. Just have to stay true to the sleeve and consistent
  3. Hey everyone!! I had the sleeve done in June of 2018. I lost almost 60 lbs. My start weight at point of surgery was approx. 200 and I got down to 143 within 4 months after surgery. I then got pregnant and successfully delivered my baby boy on August 1, 2019. On day of delivery I weighed 174. Since delivery I’m down to 147 and it hasn’t been a month yet. The sleeve worked during pregnancy and even now. I monitored my weight and continued to eat good while pregnant. But mostly I’m never hungry. I said all this to say that it is possible to be pregnant within the first year of getting the sleeve surgery and maintain your weight. Just monitor everything and remember to be as healthy as you can! Below are pictures of before pregnancy at 143, me at 9 months and me today at 147!!! FYI: I had a csection so I’m sure I still have inflammation.
  4. Just trying to see if we can take aleve?
  5. Lol thank you! And honestly I eat what feels good but I rarely eat. And I am starting my official workouts next week!!
  6. gully90

    Before and After Pics

    Thank you!! I’m now about to officially get in the gym so hopefully that makes it work even better lol
  7. gully90

    Before and After Pics

    @redhead_che you look amazing 😍😍😍
  8. gully90

    Before and After Pics

    I was sleeved 6/6/18 so this is my 6 week progress pic 🤗 excuse how blah I look lol I’m 31 lbs down total!! HW: 199 & CW: 168!!!! 23 lbs away from my goal of 145 lbs. Who knows I may shoot for 130 🤞🏾😍
  9. gully90

    Workout Suggestions

    Anytime!! We all need answers 🤗
  10. gully90

    Workout Suggestions

    Thank you for that! I’m am not diabetic so this is great advice 🤗
  11. Let’s see some miniature progress pics from all my fellow June Sleevers! 😊 I’m 6 weeks out and 31 lbs down!! HW: 199...SW: 192...CW 168!!!!
  12. I have about 5 weeks until my anniversary cruise. I have just been cleared to lift and do abs. I want to truly tone and continue losing. I’ve lost 31 lbs in 6 weeks but hoping to lose 23 more lbs to be at my goal. I am definitely happy with my results so far even though I stalled for the first time for 6 days 🙄 but I’m hoping the working out will increase the weight loss. So I am open to all cardio, leg, arms and abs workouts!! So send some suggestions my way please!!!
  13. I will let you know for sure!!

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