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    Anesthesia is wicked and can cause that in some people. I have been emotional not just from anesthesia but because I want to eat but can’t. Like real food! I’ve cried a a few times and have said I regret this but each day it gets easier. Make sure you are sipping all day and getting your protein in. That’s most important. Staying hydrated. Good luck!
  2. mrsjcardinale

    Waking up after sugery

    Hi! I had VSG on 4/16. I woke up in recovery for a second and was hot and in pain but immediately fell back asleep. I didn’t wake up again until I was in my private room. I was groggy and it took some time but I suggest to let yourself sleep and recover. By the next day I was much better. Just sore and thirsty. Be prepared for the changes and tell yourself you will get through this. Surgery is the easy part. Good luck!
  3. mrsjcardinale

    Grocery store blues....

    Glad it is only temporary and we will get through this!
  4. mrsjcardinale

    What is your post op diet like?

    I had VSG on 4/16 and am on full liquids until 5/1. I’m hungry and I want food so bad. I start puréed on 5/1 and am so looking forward to it. Hoping this hunger goes away and once I am more satisfied I won’t feel hungry. But for now it’s sugar free jello, pudding, broth, popsicles and protein drinks.
  5. mrsjcardinale

    Grocery store blues....

    I feel this way now and I’m 6 days post-op. I’m teary eyed reading it because I feel this way now. I hope to and will get there soon.
  6. mrsjcardinale

    4 days

    GeorgieDean My Dr said for constipation take Milk of Magnesia. Luckily I stayed away from pain meds because that is the culprit. I don’t start my vitamin regimen until 2 weeks post op. Not sure I am looking forward to that! Just make sure you are getting in your fluids. That’s the most important. Good luck!
  7. mrsjcardinale

    4 days

    Hi Molly, I had my surgery on 4/16 as well. Like you I am hungry. I’ve heard so many saying they had to force liquids down and I agree that it could be “head” hunger but like others have suggested, keep drinking the protein drinks, and bone broth. We will get through this!

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