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  1. Hey, U look great congrats! We share a surgiversary date @clsumrall
  2. U look amazing! 1 day at a time, thats what im doing!
  3. Chrisb428

    Before and After Pics

    11 months and down more than 135 lbs.
  4. My one year is coming up on 8/28. My highest weight was 311, weight on day of surgery was 303 and current weight is 175.
  5. Chrisb428

    Before and After Pics

    Congrats, you look great!
  6. Chrisb428

    Am I done?

    I struggle with getting my water and protein in at times. I also have allowed a few carbs back in my diet. Good ones for the most part, but I do have my moments...lol I will never get to a "normal" bmi but i will be in just the overweight rather than obese if i can hit 174. Im currently at 182.
  7. Chrisb428

    Am I done?

    I do at times slack on protein and or water. I have lost a total of 129 lbs from my heavy weight and i think 110 since surgery. I am gonna keep trying.
  8. Chrisb428

    Am I done?

    Ok, so Im not the only one at least! Lol
  9. Chrisb428

    Zucchini Ricotta Cheese bake

    Sounds really good!
  10. Chrisb428

    Am I done?

    I havent been doing as well on hydration, maybe i need to do that too! Thank you!
  11. Chrisb428

    Before and After Pics

    Down 123 from my high weight, 104 from my surgery weight. Almost 9 mos out.
  12. When did everyones weight loss seem to stop or level out after gastric bypass? Im almost at my 9 month mark and have been bouncing between a 4 lb range for about 4-5 wks now. Just curious.
  13. Chrisb428

    B12 yuck

    Thats what was initially recommended for me as well. My doctor said it isnt absorbed well enough in a pill form. Either sublingual or injection are the only effective methods according to her.

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