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  1. annanay1

    Starbucks drinks

    Nitro Cold brew cascarra😋
  2. Hi! So after buying a ton of vitamins off if amazon(few hundred dollars worth☹️😳😳) I realized I just can’t deal with swallowing or melting them in my mouth🤢 I decided to purchase the patches on patchmd after all. I read great reviews on them. This is my first day trying them. I bought the Bariatric 2 set(4 patches) and put 2 on left higher arm, 1 on right higher arm and one on right side of stomach. The ones on my arms burn a bit or feel sensitive. Has anyone experienced this and is it ok?
  3. annanay1

    2.5 week stall😳

    Thank you. I hope it passes soon☹️🙏🏻
  4. Hi! I feel like I have hit a stall and I am only 2.5 weeks post op☹️i only lost 1 pound in the past 3-4 days😳. Is there such a thing as a stall so soon into the process?
  5. annanay1


    Thank you!
  6. annanay1


    I am hoping not to have too many to take😳
  7. Hi everyone! Can you please post what you feel are the best vitamins to help with hair loss as well as overall energy, etc. If you can post pics of your full vitamin routines that would be great🙏🏻 TIA
  8. annanay1


    I agree totally! Thank you sillykitty😊
  9. annanay1


    Is it ok to chew gum 1 week post op?
  10. annanay1

    Any Chicago sleeve parients here?

    I go to dr Vafa Shayani in Bolingbrook. STRONGLY RECOMMEND! He is AWESOME!
  11. Tried many cream soups as allowed. Even lobster bisque. Kefir. I hate broths:( will try french onion soup (only broth from it) tonight. Even tried a banana, peanut butter, and milk thin smoothie that my daughter made🤷🏻‍♀️ It all feels funny going down though
  12. Hi! Has anyone been bad and experimented with any foods before they were allowed? I am 6 days post op and going crazy from my full liquid diet:((( HELP
  13. Ok thank you! I was worried because I am inly down a few pounds
  14. I was 373.5 day of surgery and tomorrow will be 5 days post op. How many pounds should I be down?

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