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    wowerinreally reacted to mousecat88 in Starving still... regret seriously increasing   
    Just wanted to update. This morning I woke up and just filled up a giant Slurpee cup from the tap with hot Water. It's been an hour and I've had 39 ounces!! I had my first meal and it was filling for once!

    You seriously never appreciate the power of what water can do when you're drinking 100 oz a day... until you suddenly drop to... 10 a day. Feeling much better already.

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    wowerinreally got a reaction from AndreaK. in Sit down jobs. Oh no!!! HELP   
    I park far away from work. I walk on my lunch break for at least 30 minutes. My Fitbit reminds me to get steps in every hour, and I never make an excuse. I also volunteer to do just about anything that gets me away from my office.
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    wowerinreally reacted to ebroms17 in One year post-op - before and after #transformationtuesday   
    Hi everyone!
    It's officially been a year since my SIPS (aka Modified DS) with Dr. Roslin at Lenox Hill and I couldn't be happier!
    I am down 125 lbs and 25 BMI points. I had my one year check-in and everything looks good, and they told me I don't have to lose any more weight (although I think I'd be comfortable losing 5-10 more and toning.)
    Now I'm planning for a Tummy Tuck and brachioplasty in a few months once my weight is stablized.
    This surgery is so worth it; I can't believe the difference, not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. To everyone thinking about doing this or who has and may be struggling: keep at it. You won't regret it.

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    wowerinreally got a reaction from Frustr8 in Let's hear some normal poop stories   
    I’m a couple months out. I haven’t had diarrhea since the surgery, and have BMs every day to every other day. Once I was able to add more fiber in my diet, it was great. I carry poo-pouri with me, and I’m sure my family and coworkers appreciate it. I did suffer from awful diarrhea when I was on my two week pre-op liquid diet. Thank goodness that part is over. I will say that now my gas smells absolutely awful. I get a warning rumble and have always had time to walk away. But that has definitely been a big change. I’m counting on that improving as my diet is allowed to be changed.
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    wowerinreally reacted to FluffyChix in Pity Party - WAAAAAAAH!   
    I'm so sorry to hear this. ((hugs)) And at last! Some explanations and a bit of sleep and maybe the stress will start to reside too! Again, huge hugs and bless your heart.
    Please ask your PCP for the referral to the GI doc asap and don't dic with your surgeon. If for no other reason, than this is something that your internist (PCP) handles coordination of since it involves your total health. Of course, keep the surgeon in the loop, but it's ridic he won't give you an official dx. You need that and deserve it. And he forked up and SHOULD have done the GI series prior to surg. He's probably terrified this will come back to haunt him. You can relay to the GI doc that he doesn't want you to have another EGD right away. But there IS other meds: (things like a GI cocktail, anti-spasmodics and WAY better antacids than OTC drugs in addition to omeprazol. Things that will help soothe the inflammation in the esophagus. And there may even be a specialized diet (on top of the puree or soft diet) that will help that will mean you avoid certain foods that are high acid, or whatevs.
    There are special exercise that might help and it is entirely possible that core strengthening might provide a little added help. I second the request for a speech therapy eval.
    Hope you feel more relief and get better answers soon!
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    wowerinreally got a reaction from Orchids&Dragons in Pity Party - WAAAAAAAH!   
    In addition to everyone’s great suggestion of seeing GI asap, maybe your PCP or surgeon could refer you to outpatient Speech Therapy for esophageal dysmotility or dysphagia which sounds like what you have. Speech Therapists have exercises and tools that can teach your esophagus how to properly function. I’ve seen it done for over 10 years.
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    wowerinreally reacted to KimTriesRNY in Surgery type changed   
    Many sleevers on here that have revised to bypass due to ulcers or GERD.
    Best wishes for you on moving forward with your surgery. We are here to support you!
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    wowerinreally got a reaction from Frustr8 in Surgery type changed   
    A bypass will most likely completely eliminate your ulcers. A sleeve would not. Your doc is right. I had gastric bypass 6 weeks ago and am elated with my decision.
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    wowerinreally reacted to Orchids&Dragons in Pity Party - WAAAAAAAH!   
    I would appreciate it. If you can give me any "ammunition" I would be happy to broach the subject with the doctor again. Thanks.
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    wowerinreally got a reaction from Orchids&Dragons in Pity Party - WAAAAAAAH!   
    No please don’t apologize. If you don’t mind I will share your info and see if I can help?
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    wowerinreally got a reaction from Orchids&Dragons in Pity Party - WAAAAAAAH!   
    In addition to everyone’s great suggestion of seeing GI asap, maybe your PCP or surgeon could refer you to outpatient Speech Therapy for esophageal dysmotility or dysphagia which sounds like what you have. Speech Therapists have exercises and tools that can teach your esophagus how to properly function. I’ve seen it done for over 10 years.
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    wowerinreally reacted to Sleeved36 in Feeling Awkward & Embarrassed About Visible Weight Loss   
    It is weird at first and I am sure that it will continue to be weird when school starts in the fall and you look REALLY different. Everyone will have a lot to say again.
    It it bad to hope that someone in your circle has a scandalous divorce?
    Hopefully they will all move on soon so that your surgery can turn into old news. 😉
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    wowerinreally reacted to NYJenn in Victim of Office Politics   
    As long as your supervisor approves the time off request, you have no obligation to work around someone else vacations, etc.
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    wowerinreally reacted to Matt Z in Stall   
    @Molly Quinn Ok...
    Are you tracking your food intake?
    Are you under your calorie count for each day?
    Are you tracking carbs, sugars, fats, etc?
    Are you tracking your Water intake?
    Are you getting more than 64 oz of water? upwards of 128 oz?
    Are you exercising?
    How often? How long? What type?
    If you can answer "no" to any of the above... change that.
    Are you checking your body fat % as well?
    I stall often, weight wise anyway, but my body fat % keeps dropping. I attribute this to being in the Gym daily working on muscle growth.
    Good luck, if you feel you are not on track, start tracking!
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    wowerinreally reacted to BlueCrush in 6 months post-op; down 167lbs   
    I didn't want to post in the before & after sticky, as I'm not quite yet "after." Still have about 15-20lbs to goal. today's a milestone for me, in that it is 6 months exactly since my surgery. So here's how things are going.
    It's hard to believe that just about a year ago I was 400+lbs. My daughter was born in Feb. 2017, and seeing all the pictures of she and I (a very big "I" ) right after birth made me do a lot of soul-searching about the kind of life I wanted to live and raise her with. I didn't want to be the obese dad that she was embarrassed to be seen in public with as she got older. I didn't want to be the dad that couldn't do certain things with her because I was too overweight. I decided to take action.
    On May 30th, 2017, I had my first appointment in the required six-month pre-op process, and tipped the scales at 406 lb. I was mortified. While I floated around 350 to 370 for the past decade, this was the first time in my life I had ever been over 400 pounds. Over the next 6 months pre-op diet my insurance required, I would dedicate myself completely to the surgeon's diet and exercise program. I lost 88 lbs during that 6 month pre-op program. Insurance requiring it was probably the best thing that could have happened to me, as it allowed me to implement lifestyle changes well in advance of the physical and mental changes the surgery would bring.
    I had the gastric sleeve on December 11th, 2017. It went surprisingly easy. Not really any pain at all, I didn't have any acid reflux, and as I progressed through the food stages, I could really tolerate anything I tried up to the restriction point. I've continued to track all my food via myfitpal, but I do not restrict or limit carbs. I make it a point to focus on Protein first, and then I usually have a small side each of carbs and veggies. At the 6-month Mark, I usually eat about 1400 to 1600 calories per day. I usually end up with about 100 grams of protein, and about 150 to 200 grams of carbs per day.
    So the results as of today, 6 months out, are:
    - 166.8lbs lost total (88 preop and 78.8 postop).
    - 406 beginning / 318 surgery / 239.2 current
    - From size 48 pants to 36
    - From size 4XLT shirts to Large
    - From size 58L suit jacket to 44L
    - From high cholesterol, blood pressure, and elevated liver enzymes to all normal ranges
    - From sleep apnea to no sleep apnea!
    I still have about 15lbs to get to my goal of 225 (I'm 6'3"). Over the past couple of months, I've been really focusing on heavy weight lifting as to not look like a deflated balloon. That has definitely slowed the weight loss, but I expected that to happen as I got near goal. Slow and steady wins the race this point.
    Here are some before and current pictures:

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    wowerinreally reacted to KimTriesRNY in 4th day post op   
    Make sure you are still using the incentive spirometer if the hospital gave you one!
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    wowerinreally reacted to nschillinger in GALS who started their journey over 300 lb+<br /> +   
    I was 415 on the date of my surgery. I’m a year out and I’ve lost 130lbs!
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    wowerinreally reacted to KimTriesRNY in GALS who started their journey over 300 lb+<br /> +   
    It is definitely challenging having close to 200 or more pounds to lose.
    Most of my adult life I hovered in the 270 range and gained and lost the same 20-30 pounds over and over again like many of us seemed to. I was able to lose small amounts of weight but never able to keep it off long term.
    The last few years before my surgery I felt stuck in a stressful job and discovered I was hypothyroid and this added over 100 pounds to my body. I was utterly and completely miserable. My highest known weight was 389 pounds and my consult weight was 384 pounds. My surgical weight was 369 pounds.
    Sometimes I do think about how things would be if I hadn’t let myself get so far down that road. Maybe I’d be close to goal if I would have had surgery at 270 vs 370 but this is defeatist thinking that is not helpful. I am really trying to focus on moving forward and not dwelling on the past.
    I am halfway to goal and if it takes me two years to get there then so be it. Getting to goal would mean a loss of 194 pounds for me, and that’s an enormous accomplishment.

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    wowerinreally reacted to Creekimp13 in Partner issues after wls   
    A lot of people find that the changes they go through with bariatric surgery also inspire other overdue changes in their personal lives. Sometimes this means re-evaluating realationships.
    Divorce is so common after bariatric surgery, it's been dubbed "divorce surgery". But as common as divorce is after weight loss surgery, new realationships are even more common:)
    My psychologist said at our presurg interview that weight loss surgery will make a good marriage better, and a weak marriage worse. If there are problems....the changes you go through will put them under a microscope. Whether you can work through them, or need to re-evaluate/leave the relationship....if you came into this surgery with vulnerable spots in your relationship, they'll need to be addressed.
    Happy to report hubby and I are doing really well so far, but I know a couple people who split up over incompatible health priorities, jealousy issues, unfaced issues that came to a head....after surgery.
    Whatever happens, I wish you well and hope you have a lot of love and support....but also inner strength and the ability to stand on your own inside your new self.
    Good luck!
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    wowerinreally reacted to jrsone in I'm under 300!   
    I'm at 299.8 and still have a long way to go but I'm thrilled to be under 300.
    I started at 369 (at the beginning of my 6 month program in September) and was at 347 the day I had surgery.
    Just wanted to share my happiness.
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    wowerinreally got a reaction from jrsone in Post surgery depression?   
    You're not alone. Many of us have had overwhelming emotions in the weeks after surgery. I know I did. I was irritable, angry, tired, moody, tearful. Your body is going through something tremendous. You've made huge changes in your life this year in addition to WLS. I found that after surgery I couldn't turn to food to Celebrate, ease my boredom, ease anxiety, etc. and that did create some additional anxiety for me. I also felt a little overwhelmed. What I've done is walk. I literally walk off my anxiety. Do I enjoy walking? No, it's hard carrying around this weight and it's HOT. But, it truly has helped me. I saw a therapist a couple of years ago who truly did help me change my life. Medications are your choice of course, but talking to a professional is a good idea in my opinion. And remember, you're not alone! I've seen from posts on here, I even made one myself, that many many of us feel similar to how you're feeling.
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    wowerinreally reacted to Sosewsue61 in Huge Appetite...Small Stomach   
    1ounce in tiny tiny bites at a time, bite, chew, swallow, wait a couple minutes, another bite, and wait five minutes, try one more bite.
    Start with chicken or tuna salad, cottage cheese, maybe scrambled eggs. Refried Beans and a little melted cheese. Solid Protein should be moistened or cooked in soup/broth, etc. Beef can be tough to digest, so try chicken thighs, soft white fish.
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    wowerinreally reacted to FluffyChix in Let's Talk Dying By Your Own Hand!   
    Do you know if grey toners need to have you bleach your hair first for them to "take"? Or can you just use a grey "rinse" after shampooing and it will brighten and tone the grey?
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    wowerinreally reacted to FluffyChix in 11 months post-op - Stalled since 7 months   
    So I'm going to just address the naked king in his new clothes standing in the middle of the room.
    IMHO, you are both maintaining. You are NOT stalled for 4 months. You are eating the amount of calories along with your surgery that allows you to maintain. But beware. You are both approaching the end of the honeymoon period within the next year or 14 months ish. Then those same calories you're taking in right now, will quite likely cause you to start creeping up on the scale.
    It's impossible to help you. You're not giving us enough information. I could come to you and ask the same question. But because I track every bite of food, good and bad, I can present samples of my day, I can present an excel spreadsheet showing the relationship of macros in a month to average weight loss. I have a LOT of data to look at and tweak. You don't have any of that, even a food log.
    How can you possibly know what it takes to lose weight? You've no earthly idea. This is not magic bean surgery. It's WL surgery. It's SCIENCE!!!!! You HAVE to count sh*t. The End. And any RD who says you don't has a butt-load of peeps keeping her in job security who never forking make goal!!!!
    I read yesterday that this surgery is 40% surgery and 60% you. I don't know if that's the exact ratio, but the reality is, weekly cheat days are just that...weekly events that derail your progress. They can do nothing but create a GHDWL situation (Ground Hog Day Weight Loss=where you gain and lose the same 2lbs over and over and over again until you want to chew your own leg off to see a drop on the scale).
    Go back to basics. For me, and from a lot of vets, the ideal losing phase is a caloric intake average of about 600-900 cals per day. Maintenance is personal--anywhere from 1000+ depending on so many variables.
    Go back to no eating or drinking 30-30 Water >64oz per day Vitamins every damn day Exercise (walk) every damn day--don't go cray with working out right now Weigh and measure everything (60-80g Protein for the day; <30g of carbs daily; around 30g fat for the day; <10g naturally occurring sugars for the day) Log EVERY bite that goes down your piehole If you're drinking alcohol--stop that sh*t right now!!!! Eat 3 meals a day + 1 snack (no grazing, no crap foods, no slider foods) Eat your meals in a window of 15-30 minutes Protein (dense) first 3oz per meal Veggies next Healthy Fats next If any room leftover then low glycemic fruit/berries (but if you have more room, fill up on fibrous veggies) Accept that you are gonna feel like jack sh*t for about 2 weeks. You're eating carby crap and sugar. What do you really expect. Sadly it WILL be fuc*ing hard! You don't have the excitement of the looming surgery, you've got diet boredom, you've lost faith in your tool, and you're being self-indulgent and going back to bad habits. It's gonna hurt and you WILL have to force yourself to get over that hump. Get mad! Do it! Suffer. And do it. In 4 days it will get easier and each day after.
    If you do those things, I can ALMOST guarantee you will both start losing again. And remember, you can NEVER out-exercise a bad diet.
    Oh and get your butts to the counselor (someone who specializes in bariatrics).
    P.S. And I "get" that you want to have a normal relationship with food. I "get" that you want to eat intuitively like all the other skinny girls in the world. But what you don't realize is that many (maybe most) of those skinny girls are secretely limiting calories, fats, sugars, foods or worse, purging, or anna stuff to "effortlessly" look like they are naturally skinny girls.
    If we were capable of having normal relationships with food, we would have never made it to the obesity ball in the first place. If we didn't have seriously, and I mean SERIOUSLY broken metabolisms, we would never have become MO.
    Once you are MO, the "normal" rules of skinnydom no longer apply. You can not take the set of rules for naturally skinny people and apply them to the subset of MO and formerly MO people. You just can't. It's like trying to feed a lion a peanut, or trying to feed an elephant a dead gazelle. It's apples and oranges. DUE to our disease, we will ALWAYS have to be more vigilant, try harder, do more, and live differently if we EVER want to maintain our weight loss.)
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    wowerinreally reacted to Little Green in Post surgery depression?   
    Hey there, I'm sorry you're going through this. You've had a lot of life changes in a really short period of time (a year is nothin' when it comes to major stressors) and even positive changes can be disruptive especially if you have high expectations from them. Post-op depression is really common, especially as you begin to lose body fat and start swimming in all the excess hormones.
    But I also thought the quoted part of your post was really interesting. While overeating might have been a source of unhappiness, it was also a source of pleasure in your brain. Every time you ate fatty, sugary food, you stimulated the release of dopamine, a potent "reward" neurotransmitter. I don't think it's surprising at all that you'd be experiencing this type of withdrawal or discovery of new stressors now that you've cut off the steady request for dopamine in your brain.
    I would suggest seeing a therapist - I go weekly and it's really helpful. I've been going for over a year and it's almost like talking to a friend at this point. An impartial, professional trained friend, that is! If you have insurance through work they may have an employee assistance program that will let you have a few free sessions (mine had five) so that you can try out a couple therapists before choosing one.
    You're not alone, we're here to listen! Hope you're feeling better very soon.