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guys i have hit the worlds longest stall (that’s what it feels like.) I have stayed at the same weight for weeks and it’s frustrating. I got my surgery on April 16th, and I have lost 30 pounds but I seem to be sticking. What should i change? any suggestions?

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@Molly Quinn Ok...
Are you tracking your food intake?
Are you under your calorie count for each day?
Are you tracking carbs, sugars, fats, etc?
Are you tracking your Water intake?
Are you getting more than 64 oz of water? upwards of 128 oz?

Are you exercising?
How often? How long? What type?

If you can answer "no" to any of the above... change that.

Are you checking your body fat % as well?

I stall often, weight wise anyway, but my body fat % keeps dropping. I attribute this to being in the Gym daily working on muscle growth.

Good luck, if you feel you are not on track, start tracking!

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