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    I’m at the exact same place! I have lost 40 and had surgery on 23rd
  2. I haven’t lost a pound in the last week and two days! I’m on week 5 eating soft foods and can eat high protein meat! I have lost 35-37 pounds and 21 inches over the last 6 weeks... that’s 2 weeks pre opt and 4 weeks post. Suggestions? Comments? So frustrated and discouraged
  3. amartinez8853

    Stall a complete week and this week

    Thanks everyone! Finally broke after almost 2 weeks... down 3 pounds
  4. amartinez8853

    Unjury unflavored?

    @burbur I agree it was terrible! And not cheap
  5. I was sleeved on 4/23 and I have had great success. Not been sick or nauseous but I am exhausted! Like more than I was fat!!! Also, I’m going to Austin for my daughters graduation and I can’t eat until the 14th so I’m upset. I went to my 2 week check up and she said absolutely not that I can’t go to soft food early. Has anyone eaten early? Also how did you get all your protein in? She said I won’t get better or less weak without the protein but Lordy the shakes are driving me nuts lol thanks for suggestions
  6. Hi everyone! Thanks for the suggestions. I am on soft food phase this week and doing much better..: still not meeting the protein intake but I think I will look into the genpro so I can add that to my water. I appreciate all the suggestions and comments here. I will be a month out on the 23rd and have lost 35 pounds. It seems slow to me but I am still proud of my progress
  7. amartinez8853

    Horse voice

    I am on 3 weeks post op and have done great but have noticed that I am so horse when I talk... it’s so strange and I’m sure not related. But it freaks me out because I don’t want it to be acid reflux related! I haven’t had symptoms since surgery so I’m unsure. Thanks for feedback
  8. Thanks for the suggestion! She is graduating with her associates from Austin Community College, not a longhorn yet!
  9. amartinez8853

    Going back to work?

    I had surgery on 4/23 and went back to work today working 1/2 a day today and the rest of this week. I have done fine and my job is at a desk as well.
  10. amartinez8853

    Eating post op

    How long before you could eat post op? I’m not hungry but I’m struggling with getting all protein in and missing few foods! I know it’s mainly mental right now. Thoughts?
  11. amartinez8853

    Eating post op

    I should add my sleeve surgery was 4/23
  12. amartinez8853

    4 days post op!!!

    I hope you’re better today! Thinking of you