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  1. 1 year anniversary from the start of my journey. My very first apt with my surgeon. At my highest weight. And then now, post op 5 1/2 months. Life feels amazing and everything has changed. couldn't feel better! Down 100 lbs!!!! Seems crazy.....


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    2. GradyCat


      Way to go!

    3. SleevednowAK


      Great job! May I ask, if there is one, what was the tipper when you choose to go with a bypass versus a sleeve?

    4. AshMarie794


      I wanted that extra tool of the dumping to be honest. I have been able to stay strictly sugar free since surgery and wouldn't want it any other way. I don't even try to push it to see what I can handle and what I cant. Not worth it to me to even try.

      To me the sleeve doesn't stop you from eating what you would normally eat before surgery. So I could go right back to my bad habits once I was healed. NO THANKS! With the bypass you really cant do that with out FEELING IT!

      Plus for me after surgery I DO NOT CRAVE THOSE BAD THINGS! I do have moments where I think I ate to much and I def feel my pouch yelling at me and I throw it up. Have had horrible gas pains with eating certain foods. But my lifestyle is working and I cant even imagine eating that "crap" I was before. It doesn't even smell good to me now.

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