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    gahvi reacted to Tomo in No Restriction - VSG to RNY   
    Totally normal. I didn't feel restriction until I hit solid foods. I feel restriction like crazy now. I can be full from one piece of string cheese, or a small pickle... Etc. for hours. I think liquids and purees to some extent are like slider foods.

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    gahvi reacted to GreenTealael in No Restriction - VSG to RNY   
    Very typical and not talked about enough. However you can still feel fullness just of a different kind. Occasionally I can still feel the VSG restriction with very solid things. But now it’s mostly a lower abdomen heaviness and disinterest in the food that warns me when I’m done. Be patient and you’ll notice your signals eventually ❤️
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    gahvi reacted to Freiabr in Before and After Pics   
    Size 20 on the left and sz 6 on the right!
    Best decision ever!

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    gahvi got a reaction from logicwand in Your Feet & Shoe Size ?   
    I’m just 6 months post op and I went from a size 11 Wide to a 10 regular. It’s good that I’m not restricted to the Wide sizes as there’s a bigger variety of shoes I can now choose from.
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    gahvi reacted to starrspunn in I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)   
    Had gastric bypass in March 2015 258lbs to 118lbs
    Size 24 to size 1 or 3 jeans

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    gahvi got a reaction from Hop_Scotch in Dr Vuong seminars, who has been, what are they about?   
    Dr. Vuong is filming a reality show about weight regain after WLS or something like that.

    He’s on Instagram promoting it. I watched some of his early videos when researching WLS. His cursing really made me stop watching his videos and the fact that half of the things he recommends my doctors did not recommend. I do realize all doctors have different plans, but chose not to watch his videos based on that.
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    gahvi reacted to NuHorizons in Just revised from Sleeve to MGB   
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    gahvi reacted to NuHorizons in Just revised from Sleeve to MGB   
    Hello everyone
    I've been MIA for awhile because I was to lazy to locate my login information. Lol! All is well though. I'm almost 2 years out and I still love my mini bypass. I currently weigh129lbs and I'm still losing weight. Here's a before/after pic. The 1st one was taken 2 days after surgery in Tijuana. My after pic was taken November 2018. I'm glad to be back. Pleae let me know if you have any questions regarding MGB

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    gahvi reacted to alwtg in I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)   
    About three and a half years post sleeve 😁

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    gahvi reacted to GreenTealael in Before and After Pics   

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    gahvi reacted to FluffyChix in Dr Vuong seminars, who has been, what are they about?   
    I also get the feeling he's a failed surgeon. Don't know if it was fallout from his League City TX practice? Or if it was more. But on his healthgrades he got pisspoor ratings. So I wouldn't go to him and let him cut on me!
    I used to love his "head" work vids on YouTube, but dunno about now. Haven't seen too much to keep me coming back for more. Think he fell into the dark hole of "Tony Robbins" motivational speaker show ponies wannabees. I also don't see that he's practicing in Arizona anymore at the Lovelace Clinic?
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    gahvi reacted to Ed_NW in Dr Vuong seminars, who has been, what are they about?   
    I used to follow him on YouTube but he started moving away from bariatric related videos and started pushing what seems to be pyramid scams. He was a funny guy but he's changed directions lately with his product sales.
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    gahvi reacted to cnunez77 in Before and After Pics   
    6 months post op 65lbs down 20 more to go feeling great

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    gahvi reacted to tessies in Before and After Pics   
    Me 7 weeks out 46lbs down. Since those pics I lost 10 lbs

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    gahvi reacted to bwatts13 in Before and After Pics   
    168 lbs down high weight 451

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    gahvi reacted to chilet071 in Before and After Pics   
    Been 4 years now since my surgery and I am loving every single day of my life now!

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    gahvi reacted to atphiladephia in Before and After Pics   
    I don’t take many pics of myself but over lost 118 pounds in a year. The first pic is a week or so after surgery and the second is a few weeks ago. It’s changed my life.

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    gahvi reacted to amandamellor18 in Before and After Pics   
    I’ve taken maybe 3 pictures of me and my son over his lifetime-he’s 13 : (
    I’m looking forward to having more than 3 for the next 13 years

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    gahvi reacted to megamedic691 in Before and After Pics   
    First is one year face to face. Second is my heaviest vs my lowest weight.

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    gahvi reacted to GreenTealael in Before and After Pics   

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    gahvi reacted to kimbers18 in Before and After Pics   
    9.5 month checkin...size 28 to size 10. Down 152 lbs. Loving life!

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    gahvi reacted to jesseycakes in Surgery and Divorce - Advice!?   
    Freeze a Protein Shake and pretend it's ice cream!!! You don't need that jerk, you are going to move on and find someone who loves the whole package. 😍 My ex told me I was getting too fat (right after having a baby!) and he left me. Best damn thing that could have ever happened!
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    gahvi reacted to it'sonlythefirststep in Surgery and Divorce - Advice!?   
    I am so sorry. But let me tell you. Surgery is a tool and you get out of it what you put into it. I am down 120lbs since March 22, 2018. Changed my eating habits, portion sizes, no alcohol and nothing fried. I walk a lot but not exercise in the gym but want to start that to tone up. Prove him wrong! Do it for you and no one else. Be the best you for you! Take care... let him see what he is missing out on
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    gahvi reacted to GreenTealael in 800 Calories Per Day   
    I don't work out often, but I make an effort to walk.
    I don't have a ton of restrictions on certain things. They're my sliders. I do eat salads in an effort to balance my choices. I indulge when I want but otherwise I have a pretty boring clean diet.
    I eat around 800- 1000 intermittent fasting days, 1400 when counting non intermittent fasting days, who knows when I don't count.
    Have you checked in with your NUT for a new plan lately?
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    gahvi reacted to insta_adventurer in How did your family and friends react?   
    Yikes! I guess this was partly why I was so blunt and open about the whole thing. I’d rather people have the correct information than speculate.

    That said, it really is no ones business what we do with our bodies, let alone their place to comment on them. We do not owe them explanations or justifications for our appearance/decisions.

    This is one thing that grinds my gears a bit. Just because I’m open about having surgery, does not mean it’s open season on commenting about my body. 🤬

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