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  1. Dr. Vuong is filming a reality show about weight regain after WLS or something like that. He’s on Instagram promoting it. I watched some of his early videos when researching WLS. His cursing really made me stop watching his videos and the fact that half of the things he recommends my doctors did not recommend. I do realize all doctors have different plans, but chose not to watch his videos based on that.
  2. I’m a very shy person and keep to myself. I simply stay private about my personal experiences in life. I only told my immediate family and my parents. I now regret it though. I had a hard time making the decision to keep it private because I knew I would have a rapid weight loss and it would strike up conversations about my weight loss. It would then definitely keep the rumor mill busy and boy, it has. I regret not coming forth and just telling people I had WLS when they asked me and not worry about criticism. The reason being is that during my first 6 months, I avoided lunches with coworkers and other friends as I wouldn’t be able to eat a regular sized meal and the questions would pop up. Now that I can eat up to 8 oz of food, it’s still difficult to hide or beat around the bush. Some folks will notice that I eat very little and some have asked me straight up “have you had WLS? You eat like my friend, relative, brother or sister that had WLS surgery.” I deny having had WLS and I hate it because I’m lying to my friends and coworkers. I’ll sometimes say that I splurged on the donuts/cake in the break room or that the vegan lifestyle I’m trying to live by is upsetting my stomach. I just think that I created a very uncomfortable situation for me and I think people suspect that I had WLS. I’ve had close coworkers tell me that people talk about my new eating habits and that most likely I was one of Dr. Nowzaradan’s patients. There’s also other nasty criticism that has come along with it. In hindsight, in my case, I should of just answered with the truth when asked and not worry about the nasty criticism and stupid rumors. They’re doing it anyways. This would of let me know who are the true supportive individuals. I hope your experience with this topic goes as you wanted it to be. Good luck with your journey. It’s going to be a positive transformation, trust me.
  3. I have a desk job and took 6 days off. I had trouble driving to and from work for a couple of weeks. I would feel dizzy and had severe motion sickness while driving. I wish I would have taken a couple of weeks off and not toughened it out.
  4. It’s Saturday morning and I woke up with a bad cold. What have you folks taken for a cold after having the VSG surgery?
  5. Thanks for the tips with lozenges and Benadryl. I hope you get to feeling better.
  6. 2shea, Thank you for the link and suggestion. I also searched around and most people were taking Tylenol Cold and Sinus after their VSG. I was still hesitant to take it though, because my surgeon had told me to stay away from some specific OTC medication. I went back through my discharge papers and read that Tylenol was safe to take for pain or a cold. The only thing my surgeon notes is to stay away from NSAIDs. Went to the pharmacy around lunch time and took a dose and it made me feel a little better. On my second dose hopefully it helps me kick this cold away.
  7. gahvi

    Your Feet & Shoe Size ?

    I’m just 6 months post op and I went from a size 11 Wide to a 10 regular. It’s good that I’m not restricted to the Wide sizes as there’s a bigger variety of shoes I can now choose from.
  8. @mylighthouse That is an amazing transformation! Keep it up.
  9. gahvi

    Where does everyone live? (General area)

    West Houston, TX
  10. It’s been weird for me as well. I’ve been noticing that people have started to see me and treat me in a very different way. Those that have known me for a while compliment me on my weight loss. Many of them actually want to hold a conversation with me and invite me to do things when they never asked me. Coworkers have been giving me invites to lunch, dinner and happy hour at the local bar- which I decline. I’ve also noticed that I get more attention from the ladies at work and at the grocery store. It makes me wonder how people viewed me when I had the 72 lbs of extra weight. What did they think of me. Was I not just another human being in their eyes? I sometimes dwell on it for a days. It makes me feel ashamed of myself and sorry for my kids and wife. And then think, I still have more weight to lose. How different will it be when I lose another 40-50lbs?
  11. gahvi

    TMI - Pooping at work

    I usually will try to wait until I get home, even when out in public. This is due to me being a super germophobe, and yes, sometimes it smells very bad that I can’t stand it myself. If I must really go when I’m at work, I will use a restroom that is far away from my work area. This is due to hearing coworkers talk about others stinking up the restroom. The way they find out is that they go checking for shoes under the stalls to identify the culprit that’s stinking it up. We have 4 floors with two sets of restrooms on each floor, so I bail out away from my floor. I do what I have to do and as soon a as I’m done I try to make a quick run to the sink before someone comes in. When I’m at the sink, I will already have my disgusted look on my face (as if I walked in in this stink bomb). I will start to walk out in a hurry and by the time I get to the door I let out a big “wheeew, man that’s bad”. I’ve also heard foot steps walking towards the restroom and I know I won’t get to the sink on time, so I make a run for the urinal to play it off. Once the guy walks in I head off to the sink. All this was prior to me having the sleeve. After my surgery it sort of went away. Every now and then it will be foul smelling, but I’ve noticed that it’s when I eat red meats or processed meats. Otherwise it’s odorless if I eat veggies, protein bars and protein shakes. 
  12. gahvi

    TMI - Pooping at work

    Same here! 🙋‍♂️ I try to wait until I get home.
  13. gahvi

    Any February Sleevers?

    I just followed what my NUT laid out for me. Watched my calories and made sure I had my protein in as suggested. I jog every day at a minimum of 30 minutes and up to one hour. When I get 30 minutes of jogging I will lift weights for about 30-40 minutes.
  14. I like the flavor and texture of Quest bars, but I still can’t pass them down very well. I was sleeved four months ago and even though I chew them down very well, they get stuck as when I had the lap band. I’ve been eating the Premier Protein bars w/ 30g of protein. I only have these when I’m on the run. I get full with half a bar and will save the other half for lunch or dinner. BTW these are 290-300 calories.
  15. gahvi

    Any February Sleevers?

    That’s awesome Orchids&Dragons! Keep it up. I’ve lost 72lbs so far. I sometimes get very discouraged as the scale doesn’t move as much as it did in the first couple of months. I need 80 more pounds to reach my goal. I hope I get there. 😬
  16. I also had a revision on the 13th of February. So far everything is going as planned. I’ve lost 51 pounds in 8 weeks. Not sure how to compare the VSG with those that didn’t have lap band revision. I’m thinking each case will vary per person. I’d say stick with doctors instructions and you will have success.
  17. Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing your success. The best to you!
  18. FindingCarrie you look fantastic! Thanks for the advice. I will keep it in mind should I hit the dreaded stall. It’s been 8 weeks since my surgery and so far I’ve lost 51 lbs without any stalls. It feels great.
  19. gahvi

    Any February Sleevers?

    I got sleeved on the 13th of February and it’s been tough to get the required amount of water and protein. Does it get better where we can swallow normal or do we have to continue sipping liquids for ever?

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