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    Astarisborn reacted to chattycat in Hard time   
    My surgeon told me to expect 8-10 lbs a month, so that sounds about right? But true everyone loses at different rate. Don’t focus only the number on the scale, sometimes it’s best not to weigh yourself daily and just stay the course! Good luck!
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    Astarisborn reacted to Kay07 in Hard time   
    Whenever you feel discouraged by believing your weightloss is not as much as you think it should be, try to put it in perspective. Prior to this, have you ever lost 70lbs in 6 months? That's over 10lbs a month. That is phenomenal. YES some people lose weight faster. But also many lose weight slower.
    I think many people have unrealistic expectations on how quickly they will lose the weight.
    Remember, this decision has you 70lbs closer to a normal weight range, 70lbs closer to being healthy, and 70lbs safer from obesity complications. There is no negative feelings or disappointment to be had in that.

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    Astarisborn reacted to Jazzy1125 in Hard time   
    70 pounds is amazing for 6 months. Remember this is a tool and the results are based on our effort we put into it, not the pouch itself.. But that amount in that short time is amazing.
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    Astarisborn reacted to MegHealthy in Hard time   
    I haven't had my surgery yet but I think you're averaging about 3lbs a week right? Sounds amazing to me! At this rate, even if you slow down some you'll be around 200 lbs at a year mark - how awesome will that be!! I think you're kicking butt, but I know there are a lot of experienced peeps on this board who can lend some knowledge to.
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    Astarisborn reacted to utsupatel in Hard time   
    I have the same issue and i don't know what to do about that

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    Astarisborn reacted to Vegasurvivor in Hard time   
    I'm in the same range as you are. Six months post op and I've lost 70 lbs. I'm happy with my loss. Everyone is different as to how fast they lose weight. I could NOT have lost this amount on my own. I feel great and am continuing on my journey to be more healthy. My surgeon said I'm doing great. I'm off all meds that I took before. Primary care Dr said I should have lost more. I'm not letting him get me down. I've followed my surgeons advise on eating and Ive done the best I can. Im in my 50s and I'm not going to compare myself to younger people that have lost way more than me at this point. The more a person weighs the more pounds you need to lose before its noticeable. Stay positive. Your doing great!

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    Astarisborn reacted to GreenTealael in Hard time   
    Photos will help you see the truth.
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    Astarisborn got a reaction from Frustr8 in Purée stage/gulping/long to eat   
    You’re already exercising? That’s amazing! I was gonna start walking at the park the 1st of June.
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    Astarisborn got a reaction from Frustr8 in Purée stage/gulping/long to eat   
    Hey everyone
    I’m in the purée stage of my gastric sleeve diet and I was wondering how long should it take me to eat 2oz of chicken salad?
    Since I’ve had my surgery, my stomach only felt swollen for a couple of days and now I’m able to eat yogurt way faster. Apparently it takes some people a couple of hours to finish such small amounts, but not me. Is that normal?
    I also can gulp liquids just fine and it doesn’t give me much discomfort (maybe a few burps)
    is it possible my surgeon left too much stomach, or is this normal?
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    Astarisborn reacted to xoxococojay in Before and After Pics   
    Sleeved 12/20/16

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    Astarisborn reacted to Matt Z in Purée stage/gulping/long to eat   
    You were supposed to be walking pretty much right out of the recovery room... walking is a MAJOR help with gas and healing (and preventing blood clots), start now if you really haven't started yet!
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    Astarisborn reacted to cammarays in Purée stage/gulping/long to eat   
    It started in the hospital. I got up to go to the bathroom and didn’t want to get back in the bed (I was bored) so I did a lap around the ward. I still didn’t want to get back in the bed. So I did another lap. 4 laps later I finally got tired and went back to my room. I did that until I was discharged, so I guess by the time I got home I had a tolerance for it.
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    Astarisborn reacted to cammarays in Purée stage/gulping/long to eat   
    I’m the same. My surgery was 5/25 and I’m a mini gulper already with no discomfort. Are you active? I’m in NYC and have been all over the city walking since I was discharged. That could have something to do with it. Lol, maybe we’re just cyborgs.
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    Astarisborn reacted to Matt Z in Purée stage/gulping/long to eat   
    I was told 1 oz of puree in 15 mins was what was typical. But everyone will be different. Best to make sure you take your time with things, don't eat and drink at the same time, etc. Other than that, as long as you are hitting your Protein and Water metrics as well as getting in all the exercise you can, you've got nothing to worry about.
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    Astarisborn reacted to Little Green in Purée stage/gulping/long to eat   
    Same here. You're not alone!
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    Astarisborn reacted to Sprinkles1 in Purée stage/gulping/long to eat   
    I'm the same way. I do try to take my time but if I forget and eat/drink too quickly I don't really have any discomfort. I'm taking it as a blessing.

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    Astarisborn reacted to Syntax_Attack in Any Surgery twins for May 21st ?   
    On my way to the hospital right now. Wish me luck all. See you ladies and gentlemen on the other side.
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    Astarisborn reacted to moondoggie1983 in Surgery in 9 days 5/23!   
    You’re going to do amazing! I promise! I had my sleeve done on 5/10 and I’m feeling pretty darn good. If you want to read a little of my story from surgery day to now, you can check out the “I got sleeved today” post on this same section.
    I’m excited for you!

    HW: 311
    SW: 255
    CW: 254
    First goal weight: 191 lbs
    Second goal weight: 159 lbs
    Goal weight: 142 lbs

    5’6” 34 yo female in NC
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    Astarisborn reacted to angyplus5 in Constipation   
    I would try milk of magnesia. Wishing you luck!

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    Astarisborn reacted to lorax in Constipation   
    You are reaching the point where you should have had a BM naturally I would suggest you ask the surgeon's office and ask about it Monday and drink as much Water as you can manage for now.
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    Astarisborn reacted to Chato in Constipation   
    I’m on my pre op liquid diet and I took some stool softener yesterday I don’t think it’s a big deal but I’m not 100 percent positive everyone is different.
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    Astarisborn reacted to sammi123 in YAY!!!   
    So being the impatient women that I am I could not wait another moment and called UHC to ask about my paperwork that had been submitted just two days ago lol
    She told me I was already approved!! I am so excited! Thank you Jesus!!
    Now I am just waiting on a call from my Dr's office:)
    Man things have really flown by!!
    Hope all is well with everyone!!
    Happy Losing!!
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    Astarisborn reacted to kateBoo in ‘‘Twas the Night Before Surgery!   
    Gastric Sleeve happening at 9:35am. I’ve been wanting this for ten years now. I’m nervous excited and can’t fall asleep! Just wanted to thank everyone for the great advice and I’ll keep you updated on how everything goes!
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    Astarisborn reacted to Billionairess in Last Appointment   
    Tomorrow I will begin my pre op diet, praying for strength but looking forward to it
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    Astarisborn reacted to Astarisborn in Gastric emptying study   
    Is that all it is? Did you have one?

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