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  1. Been a while but had VSG on the 14th. 1st post op appt today down 12 lbs and move on to full liquids. Could not take more than a 1oz at the moment. I feel for the ones still dealing with gas pains. I was there a few days ago and then it was just gone. I still burp some but not as bad . Still have incision pain. Best wishes to you all
  2. 5 days post op and I will be on clears for 2 weeks b4 full liquids. I am having gas issues. Gas and burping every time I drink still. And gas pains outside of stomach. Other than that I am doing ok. Yall plz tell me this gas situation gets better. I think I might sip to fast. Just because i can doesn't mean I should. Glad to hear ppl are doing well.
  3. Your doing so well. I been sleeping alot since Tuesday. I am still in the hospital and just taking ice chips but nausea is so much better to today and no more vomiting either. Dealing with a migraine. Still better than I was.
  4. Kat0000

    August surgery ppl

    Hello all. Update...I had VSG yesterday. And yesterday was rough. I am still Npo , nothing by mouth, so hoping to get some ice chips later today or evening. Nausea, heart burn has been the worse so far. I am still happy I did the surgery. I sleep, walk and gets meds. Good luck to everyone else. Falling a sleep writing this.
  5. Had my VSG done this morning. Been in my room since 10 Am. This morning was rough for me between the pain on my right side , had extreme nausea so found a med thats works and on dilawdid on a pain pump. Feelin way better than earlier but a long way to go. I cant have anything by mouth. I vomited earlier too but I am good nowl)
  6. Kat0000

    August surgery ppl

    Thank you so much, on the way now. Hope you are doing well and able to drink something today.
  7. Great Pic . Very cute how you all changed in different ways.
  8. Lucky you!!!!! See you on the losers bench. I have to check in at 615 am. Probably be a few hrs after that b4 actual surgery. Good luck friend...
  9. Kat0000

    August surgery ppl

    I just got word that I need to be at the hospital at 615am in the morning for my surgery. Woohooo I feel like its gonna happen. Now to get through today. Excited
  10. Kat0000

    August surgery ppl

    Oh dang.. you should be going in now since its 225.
  11. Kat0000

    August surgery ppl

    Haha. Still in Georgia near Savannah. Your time is soon now!!!
  12. Kat0000

    August surgery ppl

    Good luck to you all. I will meet you on the losers bench Tuesday. I will be thinking of you tomorrow!!!!!
  13. Oh sure it could or some water retention. Those are normal fluctuations of your weight. Hey, sweetie try to NOT weigh everyday and be a slave to your scale. Happy it worked for you. You can usually count on MOM for relief.
  14. What bade? I live in Augusta Ga and work at Eisenhower!! Winn at Ft Stewart
  15. Kat0000


    Miralax can take a few days to start working. Thats why we suggest other things that will work overnight before it gets worse.

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