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  1. Congrats!
    Mrs. Rob got a reaction from DanaC84 in Anyone here lost over 100lbs in 6-9 months?   
    I had my surgery on May 22 2018 and lost 113 pounds with in 9 months.
  2. Congrats!
    Mrs. Rob got a reaction from DanaC84 in Anyone here lost over 100lbs in 6-9 months?   
    I had my surgery on May 22 2018 and lost 113 pounds with in 9 months.
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    Mrs. Rob reacted to GreenTealael in ❤MARCH 2019 CHALLENGE❤   
    In March we are focusing on mindfulness with a yoga pose component to try if you are interested.
    These challenges work best with a clean diet so adding no junk food rules for those interested.
    Pre op and post ops are welcome to join, we can discuss tons of topics related to the challenge as well. Don't forget to drop tons of selfies and life photos (you dont have to be in them) to stay in engaged.
    Challenge is self directed so post:
    Your goal for this challenge
    beginning weight
    status of surgery (pre/post/losing/maintenance)
    Officially opens MARCH 1

  4. Congrats!
    Mrs. Rob reacted to VikingR6 in Anyone here lost over 100lbs in 6-9 months?   
    2.5 years post op, I’m down 350?lbs. keep finding new ways to get your Protein intake. Pre made shakes and powders get nasty and boring after so long. I used to take salted caramel Protein Powder and mix it into warm Peanut Butter and let it cool. Adds another good Chunk of Protein to Peanut Butter. Finding little ways like that to get the extra protein.

  5. Congrats!
    Mrs. Rob reacted to Starry*Night in So excited! My life is changing (with pics)   
    I didn't know where to share my excitement, so I had to share it with you guys! After a slow recovery, my journey is going so well. I'm 7 weeks post op.
    Never in my life did I think exercise would become a hobby I love
    I have an indoor cycle I use and I've fallen in love with the darn thing! It's like moving meditation - I can zone out from my day, close my eyes if I want to, and breathe and clear my mind while I methodically pedal. I'm actually seeing myself get more fit with it, which for some reason I didn't expect, probably cause I've never stuck to exercising long enough in the past to see myself improve. I now sign up for virtual races to keep me motivated to cycle more than my regular 45 mins a day - and I love it! Who EVER thought that would happen?
    Errands aren't so exhausting
    I just got back from grocery shopping, and my mind is blown. I'm used to going to the store and expecting to be wiped out of energy from shopping, have back pain and pain throughout my body, needing to lean on a cart to support my weight. No more! At 45 pounds lost combined with the cycling, I now know what it feels like to be a normal person shopping. Just wait till I lose more!
    Here are some pics:
    Last year, ~260's (my starting weight this year was 280) (maroon top) vs now at 236

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    Mrs. Rob got a reaction from MarinaGirl in How often do people weigh themselves after surgery ?   
    I weigh myself every other day in the morning before Breakfast. This helps me to stay on track.
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    Mrs. Rob got a reaction from jasmineinmymind in People with no more than 100 pounds to lose   
    I lost over 100 pounds within 8 months and I'm now 4 pounds away from reaching my all time goal. I just stayed active at the gym and watched my carbs. The weight came off pretty fast, but now I have to try to keep it off
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    Mrs. Rob got a reaction from Leia in What is your rate of weight loss???   
    I weighed 245 prior to my Surgery and I’m 178.4 now. I’m a little over 3 months post op. I lose about 2 to 3 pounds a week.
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    Mrs. Rob reacted to nevermore71 in Slowly going down   
    Be patient. Your body is going to lose at it's own rate. Slower is often better. Going too low calorie or exercising to much can trigger a stall. Just stay on track and you'll get there.
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    Mrs. Rob reacted to Diana_in_Philly in What to tell coworkers?   
    Repeat after me:
    I have to have a medical procedure and the doctor says I must be out of work for x time.
    To your supervisor - I will bring in the medical note as soon as I have it, but wanted to let you know for scheduling purposes.
    To your coworkers - I'm having a medical procedure and I will be out for x time. Thank you so much for your concern and asking about it, but I don't want to discuss my medical issues with anyone other than my doctor.
    Assuming you are in the US and you work for an employer of more than 50 people, they cannot force you to say anything else. If co-worker's push, say - did you have sex last night? When they are shocked explain that you feel the same way about your medical issues - they are private and no one else's business. I only had to do that once. It worked.
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    Mrs. Rob reacted to All4Russ in May Sleevers progress   
    I was sleeved May 23rd and am down 43 lbs and feel good but for some reason I feel like it should be more.. I get discouraged and still feel so heavy, but I know that 43 pounds in 3 months is amazing and reading all your post makes me see how amazing your all doing as well.. thanks everyone for sharing and inspiring.
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    Mrs. Rob got a reaction from Kaylee.char in May Sleevers progress   
    I was sleeved on May 22. As of today I'm down 50 pounds. I went through a stall for about a week. I just bumped up my Protein and my walking, and that help the stall to break.
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    Mrs. Rob got a reaction from Kaylee.char in May Sleevers progress   
    I was sleeved on May 22. As of today I'm down 50 pounds. I went through a stall for about a week. I just bumped up my Protein and my walking, and that help the stall to break.
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    Mrs. Rob reacted to rebchief in In absolute shock   
    The anesthesiologist is a friend of mine and know exactly what y’all are saying. He stopped it for my best interest and I am grateful for him doing that.
    Praying all goes well at cardiologist Monday.
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    Mrs. Rob reacted to ScoutCR in In absolute shock   
    So sorry to hear about your experience. I am also surprised that it was not mandatory for you to see a cardiologist. I had every test known to man before my surgery but that was an insurance requirement. You are lucky that they did stop as I had several people and family tell me about people who died during bypass surgery. They were just concerned for me, but it does make you think about what could happen. Good luck and I hope the surgeon gives you a break on the next operation.
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    Mrs. Rob reacted to cajun_queen in Before and After Pics   
    16 months out from VSG. 277 before liquid diet, 170 now. Still working at it

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    Mrs. Rob reacted to Melissa AJ in Before and After Pics   
    Before and after... 300lbs to 175lbs. Surgery was 7/22/15.

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    Mrs. Rob reacted to macadamia in Before and After Pics   
    Nice job! Keep it up!
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    Mrs. Rob reacted to BuzzVSG in Oh how the tables have turned......   
    Ever since I can remember, I have been the "fat guy". That is what I was known for. I never took my shirt off at a pool or a beach, ever! That is something I want to change though. So, my best friend who I graduated high school together has always been much slimmer, popular, girls flocked to him; I sure you get the drift. Although we have been friends for over two decades I feel he never took me seriously because of my weight. At parties, clubs, bars, social situations I was always the one who was ignored and not payed attention too. Well, he moved out of state and we see each other about twice a year. He has a very stressful job and as a result has been emotionally eating and gained a significant amount of weight. He is one of the few that know that I had my surgery and he is very supportive. We saw each other for the first time in over a year last week and guess what...drum roll.....I weigh less than him. He even made a comment on how I was flirting with the waitress at the restaurant we met at. It felt like I was in his shoes for once. It felt truly that the tables have turned.
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    Mrs. Rob reacted to FluffyChix in KETO   
    Yes, only I don't actually call mine keto--although it is--old school Keto. I let my fat fall naturally according to what I'm eating. And I'm eating lean Proteins and barely any dairy, and low fat dairy at that. I also watch how much fat I add to foods, and eat only small amounts of nuts/seeds/avocado. So I only really get about 30g of fat per day. But since it's low carb, the % of macros are way shifted.
    Incidentally, at first, after surgery and some while in pre-op liquids, we are all ketogenic by virtue of VLCD (very low calorie diets). You go ketogenic either through an absence of calories or absence of carbs in the diet.
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    Mrs. Rob reacted to FluffyChix in Doctors office error   
    Yes, if necessary, go back in this week to re-weigh. Why? Cuz they use THIS weight as your start weight. And just pretend you lose a crap ton of weight the next 6 months leading to surgery...the insurance "could" theoretically deny you for that. That's not as big a worry when you are at your weight. But if you were in the 240-250 range, yeah, you could lose yourself right out of surgery if you don't have an insurance recognized co-morbidity.
    So call the office and INSIST on being re-weighed for the records and then make them prove they changed your original chart starting weight.

  22. Haha
    Mrs. Rob reacted to Orchids&Dragons in Cheez its, my little snack   
    Fingers in my ears - "la la la la la"!
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    Mrs. Rob reacted to Missouri-Lee's Summit in Should I be offended?!   
    I do not care for my surgeon as a person, but as a surgeon I know he's well-qualified. Obviously, it would be great to have a surgeon that didn't talk and behave like an ass, but if you're willing to overlook his bedside shortcomings in exchange for a competent surgeon, then feel confident that you made a good decision.
    Do I find your surgeon's comments inappropriate and sexist? Absolutely. Would I have wished that I had the perfect comeback when he made his disparaging remarks about women who want to build healthy muscle? Absolutely. My guess is that you're mainly peeved because he got away with saying what he said, and you weren't able (out of sheer disbelief perhaps) to challenge his asshattery. Instead of being able to express yourself fully with him, your only outlet (and a less satisfying outlet) is to vent here.
    I doubt if I'm alone as a woman in feeling hesitant to speak up for myself. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I often "flew away". It took years of therapy before I could rid myself of that shame.
    In some ways, I was conditioned, as are many women, to be shrinking violets. There's also the issue of status involved in your case. We've been taught to respect certain professionals, doctors included. So, here you are confronted by a male doctor who completely caught you off-guard by basically equating unattractiveness with muscles. Heck, we're already fat and feeling bad about that, now to be told that to build muscle is unfeminine. Wow. Imagine paying an insurance co-pay to hear all this crap.
    It's important for you to be a strong self-advocate. You are taking a life-changing step with weight-loss surgery, so why stop there? For your own self-respect, I'd politely but firmly revisit this conversation by letting him know that you were offended by his views on women who lift weights and press him about whether there is a medical reason for you to not lift weights or if this was just his subjective view.
    If you read my profile statement, you'll discover that I had a negative hospital experience with my doctor. Yes, I vented like crazy here and elsewhere, but as soon as I saw my surgeon at my first follow-up appointment walking down the hall (I was actually supposed to see a nurse practitioner for this visit), I approached him with confidence, touched his arm, and said, "Dr. S---, I am not very happy with you. In fact, I'm very disappointed." He was so taken off-guard by my bluntness that he escorted me into the exam room and spent 45 minutes worth of damage control on me. You can imagine the bewilderment of the nurse when she walked in and he was with me. She probably thought she was the one in trouble. The point is, I took back some of the dignity that I felt had been taken from me previously.
    Yes, it was "just" a statement about muscles, but where do you draw the line? You wouldn't be here venting if it didn't bother the becheezits out of you.
    Believe me, you'll feel better about yourself for at least trying to stand up for yourself. It might not go over well, maybe you feel clumsy getting out your words, but it's better than saying nothing. Practice self-advocacy until it becomes second nature. The older I get, the easier it's becoming. When you don't speak up for yourself, you are essentially giving the other person the power and permission to put you down.
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    Mrs. Rob reacted to Kay07 in 2 Months Post Op   
    Just adding some progress pictures! First is me on March 12, 2018. The second is me this morning (July 14, 2018!) over 60lbs down!

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    Mrs. Rob reacted to Kay07 in 2 Months Post Op   
    I can hardly believe this as I write this, but I tomorrow I will be officially 2 months post op. It's like it doesn't even compute in my brain. The first week post op felt like a month. The next almost 2 months felt like a week. I am proud of myself for making it this far.
    Now I will admit, it wasn't easy. It went quick, but certainly wasn't easy. The one aspect that I truly underestimated was the fact that eating would be problematic. Not eating itself, my sleeve is pretty much made of Iron and could tolerate things I honestly had no business tolerating (solid food 3 weeks out? No problem! Steak? Easy Peasy! Broccoli? Delicious!) but be that as it may, my struggle has been with food. Not tolerating it... but actually remembering to consume it! It has honestly been my biggest struggle to date. I have to have reminders on my phone just to remember to eat my packed lunches. I have zero hunger. I am at times to lazy to eat. Never thought I'd say that...
    So despite that, how am I doing? Pretty damn good if I do say so myself! I am down 62lbs since I started on this WLS journey, and 35lbs since surgery. I will say my loss has slowed fairly significantly, since I dropped 20 or that 35 in the first two weeks, but that's okay! I've increased my activity so its to be expected.
    So what are my next steps? Fitness! I've joined Orange Theory Fitness, the first class broke me. I still wonder if I actually died that day and exist as a very convincing ghost. Who knows. But I'm going again tomorrow because I apparently love suffering. Wish me luck!
    How is everyone else doing? Still hitting your Protein goals? Still drinking shakes? (I make my own and they are muuuuch more satisfying then drinking the RTD ones straight. Still take them in my coffee though )

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