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  1. It's funny; I was really worried the past few days about how easy it's been to reach 1,000 calories, and today I was barely able to reach 850 despite having eaten some good meals and worked out. I just need to be more conscious of what food choices I make. I'm learning more about what makes me feel satiated every day! Definitely tuna and chicken, for sure. Dangerous foods for me include roasted chickpeas, cheese, and nuts... They just don't fill me up much. 

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    2. Creekimp13


      I also do a lot of dry meat in the oven.

      Just marinate a lean meat in anything you like...I like hot pepper juice, soy, garlic..

      Then hang it on the racks with a drip pan underneath. Set the oven for 180 and let it go half the day....

      Like jerky....but lots better for you!

    3. FluffyChix


      Dang! Thanks girl!!! I'ma do them!!!! You just hide and watch!!!

    4. JanineVSG


      Hey! That dried meat in the oven sounds a lot like my favorite jerky ever... biltong! It's a South African jerky (my mom is from South Africa) that's made like that. You slice it kind of thick and it makes for an AWESOME snack. I'm definitely going to have to make some in a few months when I can tolerate red meat better!

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