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    Hello!! I am 25yrs old, and will be having the VSG procedure..
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Hello everyone:), my name is Jaz, I am 25yrs old and have been struggling with obesity my entire life,but my major weight gain came from having my two children. I was one of those people that had “high-risk” pregnancies....preeclampsia with my first baby, and congestive heart failure with my second baby...needless to say both conditions involve weight gain and fluid retention:48_weary:...It’s an absolute blessing to still be alive today. God has truly covered me, and it has taken me 7yrs to realize that I really need to step out on faith and make a change for the better concerning my health....so after various diet attempts, weight loss and regain here I am!! Just about 3 months into my WLS journey. My insurance company(WellCare of Georgia) requires a 6 month (CONSECUTIVE 6 month)physician supervised diet(yaaaaaaay<_<)along with a few other things...January will be month 3 of that for me...my PCP started me on the infamous PHENTERMINE November 2nd...I had lost 11pounds by my second visit on December 1st....HOWEVER I recently decided to stop taking it because the last few days left in my 1st month prescription of it I started to vomit EVERYDAY,and since I have stopped taking it I be regained 5 pounds...soooo I am a newbie here, and a newbie to the WLS community in general. I am still doing my research because I definitely don’t want to walk into this new lifestyle blindly. However, I have decided on my surgery type(Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy). Initially I did want the RNY, I researched the procedure to death lol, didn’t even consider the other procedures or pay them any mind lol. I was DEAD SET on RNY.lol....but after meeting with my surgeon, talking stats, having blood work, and all of that good stuff we decided that VSG was the best choice for me...I’m here for support and knowledge..to give and receive...so message me, forum me, whatever y’all call it.lol.