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    Constantly hungry

    I ate grits and cream of wheat. Cream soups seemed to help me stay full longer too. Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    YouTube Channels???

    Thank you!!! Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    YouTube Channels???

    Looking for workout channels on YouTube. Any suggestions?? Who do you watch?? Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    YouTube Channels???

    Thanks! No frills is always a plus in my book lol. Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  5. Has anyone tried any big name meal plans post op? Nutrisystem...Weight Watchers...etc??
  6. Hi guys!! Just starting a new GA thread. The one I found is a couple years old. Where are my fellow Georgians??🧐
  7. Hi everyone! I am a “newbie” here, and I’m also new to the *Wonderful World of Weight-loss Surgery*. I started my process in November, my insurance requires a consecutive 6 month physician supervised diet,my appointment next week will make month 3 for me(halfway mark yay!!). This is my first time making a post, I mostly get on here to just read research, but I noticed that everyone is either post-op, or already on the liquid diet, so I’m looking for people to connect with that are currently still going through the process before approval like me...a little about myself: My name is Jaz I am 25yrs old. MY STATS: Height: 5”6 CW: 243(give or take) HW: 250 GW: 140 BMI:39
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    Middle GA(2018)

    Hi.! Congratulations!!!! How are you doing since surgery?? I’ll be having the sleeve on May 16th in Macon.
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    I’m not really sure about Amerigroup. When I first decided to have surgery I googled the requirements for my insurance. I needed a BMI of 35 or higher with at least one comorbidity, 6 months of physician supervised diet, labs, UGI, Psychological evaluation, Sleep Study, and a few other things. Google the requirements for Amerigroup, but I know there are a lot of people on here that have your same insurance.
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    What plan do you have with Medicaid?? I have WellCare and am almost done with my requirements.
  11. I’m looking for anyone that’s trying to get surgery through Medicaid, specifically WellCare. I have WellCare of GA and it’s time for my renewal. At this point I think I run the risk of losing my insurance before I even finish all of my pre-op requirements because of my income level, but my job doesn’t offer benefits until you’ve been employed with them for a year. Just trying to get some info and feedback from people with this type of insurance. Thanks!
  12. WLS4ME33

    Feeling discouraged

    Hi, don’t be discouraged, even though that was extremely discouraging, going through this process with insurance is discouraging in itself if you ask me lol with all of the crap we have to go through...but to answer your question, my insurance requires that the 6 months be done with your primary care physician, so check with your insurance and my surgeon’s office required 1 meeting with their dietician, which costed $60, and could also be counted as 1 of your 6 appointments, but I couldn’t use it because I had already seen my PCP by that time for my appointment of the month and you can’t use 2 appointments in the same month. As far as psych goes, my insurance requires an intake appointment, which I had last month, but there’s this test that some people take depending on your psychiatrist, and mine is one of the ones who requires that her bariatric patients take the test,so we submitted to insurance that day to request that they pay for it, and if they don’t then I WILL be finding a way to pay for it myself because I refuse to let anything stop me from having surgery, the cost of it though is a believe close to $200. The best thing to do is contact your insurance to get the specifics, or find the handbook online, that’s what I did. Also, the surgeon’s office should tell you in vivid detail EVERYTHING that you will need. My office even gives us a check list to mark off as we complete everything.
  13. Hey! Welcome! I’m glad to see someone with similar stats too! None of the doctors I’ve seen have said anything about my BMI being borderline 40, though they did tell me to be mindful of weight loss before the pre-op diet because losing too much could disqualify me from surgery(I was on Phentermine from my PCP for a month before my appointment with my surgeon,had lost 11 lbs by the time I actually saw him)...have they said anything to you? Initially my BMI was 40, but I lost the 11 lbs, I stopped the Phentermine and immediately gained about 4 to 6 lbs of that 11 lost back...that’s why they told me to watch it, because I’d lose enough to disqualify myself, and whenever I came off the pill I’d gain it back, and then some.
  14. Hi Nicole, lovely name by the way[emoji4](Nicole is my middle name lol)welcome! I promise you this is the best place to be. There’s a lot of support, honesty, and trust on BP...one thing that we discuss at group meetings and that I’ve heard so many people that are post op say is that their experience wasn’t anything like anyone else’s.....we’re all different, our bodies are different, our tolerances are different, and our mindsets are different, so don’t let other people’s “negative” experiences deter you from making this life change. Come into this with a positive mindset, stay focused on your goal weight and all of the good that’s going to come out this for you...associate the word “forever” with positivity. You’re going to have your weight under control “forever”.....if you have a food addiction(like me and many of us here) you’ll be done with that addiction “forever”...it’s all about the mindset. I’m definitely here for you for questions, support, etc.!
  15. Hi.! And welcome! It has to be amazing to be going through this journey with one of the closest people too you. This is a great app, people here are so supportive, and it’s just great to know that we aren’t alone in this. We will definitely be going in around the same time! I’m really hoping for late April because my appointments fall on the 2nd of each month, but only time will tell. I have my psych appointment and my 4th of the 6 required appts. with my PCP next week...then I’ll be done until it’s time to get cardiac clearance in April..hopefully I’ll be able to have my things submitted for approval no later than April 6th...definitely want to be buddies[emoji4]
  16. Hello.! And welcome.! I’m so glad there are people here in my same time frame, I almost thought there weren’t any.lol. How is your process going so far??
  17. Welcome to the Spring 2018 Sleevers club[emoji4]..Don’t be scared, embrace the journey...though I’m having to do a 6 month plan this experience has been extremely invigorating. I’ve learned so many things about myself, and I’ve dropped so many habits that I never thought in a million years that I’d be able to let go of. I’m learning a lot about myself and it feels amazing. I’m praying the same for you! Stay in touch![emoji4][emoji4]
  18. Don’t get cold feet...this will likely be one of the greatest decisions that you have ever made, and everyone is here to support you![emoji847]
  19. Hi.! And welcome!!! Congrats on starting the journey. Yes it extremely exciting, but nerving wrecking at the same time.lol. I’m just about done with my process as well. I have both psych eval and appointment 4 of my required 6 next week...When they told me that I had to basically wait 6 months to have surgery i was kind sad about it, but time is flying by so fast...February is next week.! Lol. My appointments with my PCP fall between the 1st and 3rd every month, so depending on insurance I’m hoping for late April or early May surgery...I’m definitely taking advantage of this time though. Instead of vlogging my process I’m making a scrapbook of it. It’s more hands on, and it just feels better to me because it will take more work than just simply recording videos and taking pictures ever so often...how is the process going for you so far??
  20. For everyone that inquired about me saying that my cardiac clearance is only good for one month while everyone else has been told it’s good for a year, the thing that I didn’t mention that I’m sure they are probably taking into consideration when telling me it’s only good for a month is the fact that I previously had congestive heart failure...so it could be that clearance lasts longer for a person who has never had heart problems.
  21. Hi, just wanted to chime in. I’m also in my 20s, just turned 25 last month...I agree with someone else who posted here, you should look into the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, initially I was dead set on having bypass, and my surgeon told me that by all means I could have it, but he also urged me to look into the sleeve because I’m young, and bypass does have some possible complications that the sleeve doesn’t, and *in his words* I have a lot of living left to do, so, if by chance I had those complications I would have a long time to have to deal with them...and after I did my research I felt just like he did. So I decided to go with the sleeve...both the sleeve and bypass are great tools for weight loss. Take your time and consider all of your options before you decide which surgery, or even whether or not to have surgery at all. As far as BMI goes the lowest I’ve heard get approved through insurance was 35(with health issues associated with being overweight)..definitely look into that aspect of this as well. We’re all here to be of help and support to you. Good luck!!
  22. Welcome!! And good luck on your journey! We are all here to be support and for support, keep us posted[emoji4]!!
  23. That’s what my surgeon, my cardiologist, and the person that submits to insurance told me...they all advised that I wait until the month that we submit because it is only good for one month,I’m in GA, maybe it differs state to state, who knows, but that’s what I was told,so that’s how I scheduled my appointment.
  24. Absolutely do what you feel is the best option for you,in the beginning I felt bypass was the ONLY option for me as far as I was concerned..then I talked with my surgeon, and he told me that I could absolutely have bypass if that was what I wanted but that based off my age and BMI that he felt sleeve was a better option, he gave me time to research it, and after I researched it i felt it was the best option for me too,so that’s what I went with.