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  1. LessOfMo

    Any Oregon Sleevers here?

    I had my VSG done on April 2nd at Legacy Good Samaritan in Portland. Dr. Emma Patterson from Oregon Weight Loss Surgery (OWLS) was my surgeon, with her partner Dr. Avishai Meyer assisting. Surgery was a breeze, taking about 2hrs, and then I stayed one night. I've been doing great so far post-op, and was able to manage any pain with liquid Tylenol and ibuprofen, which you can get at Target or Walmart. Thankfully I haven't really had any trouble with nausea, and am currently 13lbs down from surgery day weight. Getting enough protein in is the hardest part, but GenePro unflavored protein powder has been my lifesaver on that one. There's 30g of protein per scoop, and 2 scoops easily mix into a 32oz Gatorade (I always get the lowest sugar option available), and adding a scoop to low-fat Greek yogurt is a great, protein filled way to start one's day.
  2. LessOfMo

    April sleevers!

    Congratulations! I just got my date today after 2 months of insurance stupidity. I'm the first surgery of the day on Monday, April 2nd! So friggin' stoked. :-)
  3. LessOfMo

    Any January 2018 Sleevers?

    I am, thanks! I'm just so ready to be "post-op" instead of "pre-op", y'know?
  4. LessOfMo

    Any January 2018 Sleevers?

    Guys, I'm freaking out a bit. My pre-op appointment is tomorrow and I've managed to lose another ten pounds from my last appointment (-124lbs since Spring of 2016, BEFORE ANY SURGERY!!!), but I am still terrified that Dr. Patterson is going to find a reason to deny me surgery. If y'all could say some prays/light candles whatever for me to be calm and collected, I'd appreciate it. I'm probably going to take some of my emergency Xanex tomorrow, LOL
  5. LessOfMo

    Any January 2018 Sleevers?

    I've been on a modified liquid diet for the last 6mos., which consists of 3-4 Premier Protein shakes, and one lean and green solid meal, no carbs beyond what's in the shakes/clean food. My total calorie intake is not supposed to exceed 950-1000/day. I am so sick of it. I think my body might be too, and that's why it's kind of stuck? I'm only down 2lbs from my last appointment on 12/21/17, and I had lost 26lbs from my November appointment to the December one. I'm really, REALLY worried that the surgeon is gonna change her mind if I don't have more weight loss by my appointment. :-(
  6. LessOfMo

    Any January 2018 Sleevers?

    Hi all, Morgen (Mo) here. I've got my pre-op appointment scheduled for midday on January 18th with Dr. Emma Patterson at Oregon Weight Loss Surgery in Portland, OR. I'm hoping the surgery itself will be scheduled for the following week, or at least by the end of January. I'm a bit uneasy though, as I haven't lost any weight since my last weigh-in on 12/21/17, which is frustrating. Anybody have any suggestions for re-igniting a stalled weight loss? I'd really like to be down another 5lbs or more by my visit.
  7. Hey all! Just signed up on BP today. I'm pre-op; had my first appointment a little over a year ago on 08/08/2016. Thus far I have jumped through all the hoops presented save for getting to the surgery-safe weight they want me at. As of this morning, I am 22lbs away from it, and down 110lbs from March of last year, my highest weight ever of 652lbs. My next weigh-in (and hopefully the day I will be greenlighted for surgery), is the 21st of this month. I'm busting my butt to try and get rid of these last 20ish pounds, but am very worried that I am going to just miss my mark. I'm currently on a modified liquid diet of 900-1000cal/day, consisting of 4 Premier Protein shakes and one lean and green meal of approx. 300cals, and do what exercises I can, but I am still limited in my mobility, thus my activities. Does anyone have any suggestions to amp up weight loss? I've heard of doing a milk diet in the week or two right before actual surgery to help shrink down the liver etc., but I'm open to anything. I'm so close, I just need an extra little push! Any advice is much appreciated. XOXO, Mo