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  1. Thank you everyone!! I took a test that came back negative and also spoke to my doctor who said that I could have my period without bleeding if that makes sense I could have period symptoms which would make me feel like I’m pregnant without bleeding. She recommended to just keep test on hand to calm my nerves when I feel like this. Most of the time it is just all the hormones changing trying to regulate.
  2. I had the gastric sleeve surgery 15 months ago I’ve lost 116 lbs and I’m 20 lbs from my goal weight! Yaasss!!! I have not had a period for almost 10 years since of my weight and I’ve been on birth control. Starting a few months ago I had some spotting and I went for a check up where I was told that my body and hormones are just regulating that was normal. I was also told that my birth control should work the same and that once I decide to remove my arm implant it will take a while for my body to ovulate regularly so it may take awhile to get pregnant. (Totally cool with all that!) 2 months later I feel like I’m having weird symptoms I’m extremely tired I haven’t had any spotting or period and I’m extremely hungry even tho I eat my 3 meals I take my vitamins I try my hardest to drink my water. My boyfriend thought maybe I should take a pregnancy test since my body is still so crazy. But to me none of these seem like pregnancy symptoms. Are symptoms strange for anyone after WLS?
  3. Sorry everyone this is real personal but I want to know if I’m the only one cause I’m really struggling and my doctor is booked out a few weeks. So I am about A month and 10 days after surgery I’ve lost about 35 lbs. but last Friday I had an issue I ate my lunch it was simply just some chicken nothing special but I’m sitting at work and it hits me I HAVE to go to the bathroom I’m rushing over there and out of no where I feel something running down my leg I went to the bathroom without even knowing. I thought maybe I was getting sick took it very easy this weekend on what I ate I had no problems at all. But here I am today ate my lunch I’ve been extremely paranoid so I had just a light broth nothing exciting and the same thing almost happened but my extrem paranoia has me running to the bathroom any time I feel any little thing in my stomach. Has anyone else had anything like this or any tips or tricks?
  4. Im still on my first week after surgery but I have always had a problem with eating the same thing over and over again. I was wondering if any of you have any recipes or anything to help mix things up my diet right now is basically protein shake water more water vegetable broth and protein shake. I have multiple flavors of shakes and but I wanted to know if I could any any other types of soups or something I'm tired of what I have been having and I have a tendency to not eat anything since I am tired of what I have and I know that is so bad!! Any tips would help!!!
  5. Im 5 days after surgery and I feel like I need some reassurance that what I'm feeling is normal. I am down 9 pounds as of this morning which I am so happy about but I feel like I am not getting enough protein and that I'm not doing what I am supposed to be. I have stared to have trouble with my protein shakes I have been doing the Premier shakes in a verities of flavor and until yesterday it was all good. But yesterday I got half way through my first one and got so sick diarrhea and nausea it made me feel horrible the first time ever. I tried another flavor this morning and the same thing. I'm just a little sore and I can be up and moving its not bad Im not on any pain pills. But I'm terrified to not get enough protein so tomorrow I am going to pick up the clear premier drinks. I just want to know that I am losing enough weight and healing at a normal rate. This is a little funny note to add but last night I dreamed about eating a cucumber and in my dream it was the most amazing thing I know I just miss food but i just think its funny I want something healthy and not something super yummy and tempting like a pizza or something.