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Do pregnancy symptoms change?

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I had the gastric sleeve surgery 15 months ago I’ve lost 116 lbs and I’m 20 lbs from my goal weight! Yaasss!!! I have not had a period for almost 10 years since of my weight and I’ve been on birth control. Starting a few months ago I had some spotting and I went for a check up where I was told that my body and hormones are just regulating that was normal. I was also told that my birth control should work the same and that once I decide to remove my arm implant it will take a while for my body to ovulate regularly so it may take awhile to get pregnant. (Totally cool with all that!) 2 months later I feel like I’m having weird symptoms I’m extremely tired I haven’t had any spotting or period and I’m extremely hungry even tho I eat my 3 meals I take my Vitamins I try my hardest to drink my Water. My boyfriend thought maybe I should take a pregnancy test since my body is still so crazy. But to me none of these seem like pregnancy symptoms. Are symptoms strange for anyone after WLS?

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You've done fabulous, congratulations! I agree ^^ - grab a test just to be on the safe side. You said they told you it will take your body a while to ovulate regularly, that doesn't mean you won't ovulate at all - you may ovulate one month and not the next and so forth!

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I'd definitely do a pregnancy test just to be sure - a dollar at Dollar Tree for peace of mind. Also maybe do an ovulation test, as it could be that? I'd make that a priority, as being pregnant with the Nexplanon implant still in your arm could cause complications.

How long have you had the Nexplanon in? If it's longer than 3 years it might be time to change it out.

But there are hormones from your body, hormones due to the surgery, hormones from your birth control... my uneducated guess would be hormones, LOL.

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Thank you everyone!! I took a test that came back negative and also spoke to my doctor who said that I could have my period without bleeding if that makes sense I could have period symptoms which would make me feel like I’m pregnant without bleeding. She recommended to just keep test on hand to calm my nerves when I feel like this. Most of the time it is just all the hormones changing trying to regulate.

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