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  1. sleeveme7781

    Before and After Pics

    This is mine. I am also looking to feature before and after pictures on my blog. f anyone would like to contribute and be featured, please email me the pictures and your stats (starting weight, current weight, height, age, ect) to coliveira77@hotmail.com. The blog post can be found here if you would like to see what I have up so far! HW: 235 CW: 135 % feet, 3 inches and 38 years old (I had surgery when was 37).
  2. Hello guys! I am writing a blog, and I would like to feature some before and after pictures from people of all different stats (starting weight, height, age, etc) and would like to know if anyone would like to be featured. I included some of my own before and after and have one person volunteer as tribute already, but would like to have more. I know that was one of the biggest things that I searched for when I was looking in to this surgery. The post can be found here... Please email before and after photos to coliveira77@hotmail.com and I will make sure to include yours! I welcome any comments on how I can improve my blog as well! Also, any topics you think I should definitely make sure that I include!
  3. sleeveme7781

    October 2018 Sleevers

    II am 2.5 months post OP and I have lost 44 lbs! I am half-way to my goal and I can't believe how much this is changing my life. I actually feel cute and think about shopping... I feel like my food addiction might just be replaced by a retail one. lol. I have never felt so hopeful about a new year! Cheers "losers"! Loosing has never felt so good! #losersbench #shouldhavedonethissooner
  4. I hate taking vitamins, and I must admit, sometimes I do, but often I don't. I hate them. I justify it because I had the sleeve and it is not a surgery that creates mal-absorption (sp?). Am I crazy? I am only 2 months (tomorrow) post op, and wondering how bad my checkups will be. Is there anyone out there who also did not take their vitamins after getting sleeved, and have no issues with vitamin levels? Anyone who DID have issues?
  5. sleeveme7781

    October 2018 Sleevers

    Have you ever considered just purchasing the capsules and opening them up over applesauce or something and taking them that way? I just bought bariatric pal vitamins and bought the capsules instead of the chewable by mistake. I don't want to loose that money, so that's what I plan on doing.
  6. sleeveme7781

    Fat Shaming

    This would make me loose my job. I'm working on having a filter, but this would be unavoidable. Truly.
  7. sleeveme7781

    October 2018 Sleevers

    I am so sorry that you are having such a difficult time! I hope you feel better soon!
  8. sleeveme7781

    October 2018 Sleevers

    Me too!!! Today I took the canned progresso chicken noodle soup, drained it all and put several carrots and pieces of chicken in it and blended it in a food processor. The consistency was a creamy soup. It went down so good!!!!@
  9. sleeveme7781

    October 2018 Sleevers

    Thank God it is not just me! I am a teacher and I came back to work today. These poor, poor sixth graders. Thank God for educational videos, but I feel like such a crappy teacher. You had your surgery just before me. Let's be buddies.
  10. sleeveme7781

    October 2018 Sleevers

    I ahd my surgery on 10/4... does anyone else chew food and spit it out, just to get some taste and chewing going on??? GAWWWDDDD this is so hard! I want to punch anyone who says this is the easy way out right in their judgmental noses!! My poor kids are feeling the wrath of my hanger... I have never salivated over the thought of scrambled eggs before. The pureed food stage sounds like a dream come true at this point. Anyone else in the same boat as me?
  11. Here's my list: 1. Finally take that family portrait 2. Not be depressed every time I see my reflection 3. Not (purposely) being the one always BEHIND the camera 4. Being able to wear lingerie for my guy and KNOW that he is turned on 5. Be able to have sex standing up (because he can lift me up) 6. Shopping for pencil skirts and new professional clothes with high heals. 7. Wearing jeans again (it has been 15 years... I refuse to buy anything that isn't yoga pants for fear of what size I truly am these days). 8. Running, working out, and Actually being able to do yoga and bend the way I am supposed to. 9. Being able to cross my legs. 10. Turning heads again, and seeing the faces of people who haven't seen me in a while.
  12. I just want to tell you that you are beautiful! (and your kids are lucky to have you there. I am a teacher, and the only embarrassment as far as kids are concerned, are the parents who don't care enough to show up). I am praying for you sister!
  13. Wow!! That is so fast! I hope I can do the same!!! Did you not have to do a supervised diet?
  14. I love everything about this post! I second every single thing on this list!! (except maybe the horse-riding...I've done that before, and it will interfere with #10.... Couldn't even walk straight for 2 days afterwards.) I'll just list #10 twice.
  15. sleeveme7781

    My personal VSG journey take 2

    Yes. I am a girl. (I am trying to even that score and balance your male to female compliment quote )

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