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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Hop_Scotch

    So little weight loss

    Nothing just about 6kilos. That's great. You need to reset your expectations, otherwise you are going to be mightily disappointed.
  2. Hop_Scotch

    Pouch reset

    Wouldn't let me add to the edited post.
  3. Hop_Scotch

    Pouch reset

    This is posted often on a fb group I am on, it may (or may not) be useful to you, it generally posted for those who have gained some weight somewhere down the track. Oops the image broke, I will try again
  4. Hop_Scotch

    Pouch reset

    Typically a process where the post op phases are undertaken in a much shorter time frame eg over a week, 10 days or a fortnight. I assume it is to help with not just weight loss but help reset someone's mindframe.
  5. Hop_Scotch

    Any March 2021 Sleeve Patients?

    Think of it as a positive. Caffeine can be hard on an inflamed and healing stomach. Best to get the withdrawals over during pre-op rather than immediate post-op while dealing with possible gas, pain, acid reflux and whatever else post op. Once healed and all going well it can be introduced.
  6. One of the reasons is that liquids help push foods through the much smaller stomach quicker, therefore possibly not allowing the 'fullness/restriction' to kick in. A weight loss surgeon demonstrated this on youtube, I can't remember which surgeon though, I can't imagine a small sip here and there would have too much impact, but full on drinking fluids when eating would. My body produces very little saliva due to autoimmune issues, I suffer with dry mouth, occasionally I need to take a sip to help swallow dry meats. But its only the smallest of sips. Mostly though I manage fine without drinking while eating and typically wait at least 20 to 30 minues before drinking anything.
  7. Hop_Scotch

    Revision Pain

    I haven't had a revision or rny but I assume if the pain has continued in the last six hours you have contacted your surgeon's or doctor's office to make sure everything is okay/
  8. Hop_Scotch


    Only cereal I eat at the moment is high protein oats (soy protein has been added) with some added chia seeds, soaked overnight in skim milk, I do that a couple times a week. I did try a 'bran' plus' but that caused acid reflux. Other than that my breakfast is either eggs, protein smoothies and occasionally a protein bar or high protein yoghurt (yopro).
  9. I haven't heard this, maybe contact your surgeon or if the clinic has a nurse that you can ask? I imagine they will be taking your temperature etc so hopefully that would cover off on any issues.
  10. I wish (more) surgeons would highlight the impacts of iv fluids, inflammation etc on the body after surgery, it certainly would save a lot of worrying and confusion,
  11. That's a fairly lowish weight and to lose 10% in two months is doable but you will have to be tight with your eating and exercise. In the first week or two you will lose a lot water/bloat weight so that will give you a kick start. If by the last two weeks you need a weight loss boost you could cut out one of the protein bars and the other if needed by the last week. Is this your preferred surgeon or do you have other options?
  12. 10% in two months is a lot, do you mind if I has how much you weigh and how tall you are? After two months (and expected weight loss) do you immediately qualify for surgery or do you have insurance requirements to meet as well?
  13. Hop_Scotch

    Cream of Soups

    Pre-op plans vary from surgeon to surgeeon/dietician to dietican - you'd be best to clarify with your dietician. If they are not available, look at your guidelines: mostly higher protein low carb? Does your soup / puddings conform to this? if not, you only had it once or twice, you should be fine.
  14. No need to apologise, What does your surgeon think of the issue? Have they done an endoscopy to make sure there aren't any issues, such as excessive scarrage or blockages?
  15. I have an issue that causes dry mouth, I took some spray with me in case my mouth was drier than usual, but in the end I managed quite well with just ice chips, fluids (as I progessed) and lipbalm