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  1. apositivelife4me

    May 2018 sleevers

    I was sleeved May 9, 2018 and have only lost 55 pounds.
  2. apositivelife4me

    Help im gaining weight at10 months post op

    I should have been at my goal weight by now had it not been for drinking wine and beer and eating cheese and other fattening foods.
  3. apositivelife4me

    Help im gaining weight at10 months post op

    I see my Nutritionist on May 1.
  4. apositivelife4me

    Help im gaining weight at10 months post op

    Thank you for your response. I am sort of restarting my body by eating the way I did when I first got home from my surgery. Major portion control. Somehow I had fallen off the wagon and have been drinking wine beer and candy. Food is one of my addictions. It is so hard to not buy Easter candy.
  5. I had lost 55 pounds but have found that i have gained 10 pounds. I have been eating more lately and when i go to the grocery store i find that i buy foods that i would buy before my surgery.
  6. apositivelife4me

    I have lost 45 pounds!

    I have lost 45 pounds and I am so happy about this. I am so glad that I had the sleeve done. It has been almost 5 months since my surgery.
  7. apositivelife4me

    Can we eat Quinoa??

    I was just wondering if we can eat Quinoa because I read that it can adversely affect the stomach and intestines. Does anyone have any knowledge of this and can you share with me what you know about eating Quinoa after sleeve surgery. Thank you.
  8. apositivelife4me

    Stage Four Recipes. Help needed!

    Try the Apple A Day cookbook. It has vegetarian recipes by Dr's wives. Also you may be interested in Loma Linda Foods. They make vegetarian fake meats. I love the Linkettes. They are vegetarian hot dogs. They come in a can. I bought 12 cans on Amazon recently. They are made with soy protein.
  9. apositivelife4me

    Breakfast cereal

    I have lost 35 pounds and I am darn proud of that.
  10. apositivelife4me

    Breakfast cereal

    I never said the surgery never worked.
  11. apositivelife4me

    Breakfast cereal

    By the way I spelled bowls wrong.
  12. apositivelife4me

    Breakfast cereal

    I think you have made your points. I happen to agree with you. I can only say that what I do eat is in very small amounts.
  13. apositivelife4me

    Breakfast cereal

    Each little Raisin Bran bowel is 1.25 oz each.
  14. apositivelife4me

    Breakfast cereal

    Thank you.
  15. apositivelife4me

    Breakfast cereal

    I am not an extremist when it comes to weight loss. I am learning that it takes time. I do understand the issue of sugar and in each "bowel" of this Raisin Bran there is 10 grams of sugar. That doesnt bother me or phase me. I can deal with that. The Gatorade helps to satiate my body; I mix it with my water. And I only had a slice of pizza one third of which I could not finish and have not had pizza since. Go easy on me I am not a bad person or a liar as you (SillyKitty) insinuated.

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