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  1. RNY-Fall-2017

    1 year Post Op (BUT ISSUES...)

    **Update!!! 1) Leg cramps are gone! Feeling great again. Loaded up on black beans & nuts this wknd & they totally went away within 24 hours!?! Wow that was fast! 2)My bariatrics office called me, they got my labs back and they looked good the Dr said! Just a little short on magnesium! So, yes that was the leg cramps. I’m otherwise doing well there. Wheew! Thank you all!!🙏🏼🙏🏼😍 Jen
  2. RNY-Fall-2017

    1 year Post Op (BUT ISSUES...)

    My goodness folks, thank you all for your kind words. I will try to heed the advice as well, I know it’s very serious! I will continue reading everything you all post. Also, I did get blood work done this morning, (fasting labs) which the lab tech said should be back soon. So we’ll see what’s next here in a day or two. Afterwards I picked up some almonds, mixed nuts, bananas and Gatorade which I read are some good staples for us post op-ers. I’ll be making myself eat & drink better from here on out as well. ’Til next time,then thanks again.❤️jen
  3. Began this great journey at 238 lbs & 5’9”. 1 year post op & I’m now 160 lbs. That’s a weight loss of 78 lbs. Just wow. I feel terrific in every way, no more blood pressure issues or meds, or sleep apnea, its been so much fun being in this body & just watching the weight drop off and having my health return! (Except....)Except 3 things.... 1) First, a totally new thing starting this week. Severe lower leg cramping a night, followed by aching muscles in legs for days so bad that I can’t even touch my lower legs. Thought I couldn’t take the leg pain/ache anymore & might even have to walk into a hospital or a urgent care. I’ve read enough to know that it likely is vitamin deficiency, and my 1 year post op blood work is TODAY, and then the follow up is coming up very soon, so I’m going to ge to the bottom of this. Have a feeling the results won’t be good. 2) As far as other issues? Well I began having a beer or two about a month ago. Is it ok to have a beer daily? Why am I thinking (or remembering...?) not to ever drink...? Really..? Never..??? 3) What else...? Oh yeah, very tired of taking supplements. Easy to let it go for days & weeks a this point, so what are other long term RNY people doing as their daily or weekly routine for supplements? Currently I’m taking 4 chewable supplements a day, called “Optisource” from Walgreens. They taste good to me but I’m just curious what others are using because I may switch if there is a 2/day out there. Thanks for the suggestions in advance! I want to say healthy so I appreciate your KIND advice!🙋🏼❤️Hugs, Jen
  4. RNY-Fall-2017

    October '17 RNY buddies

    YOU look AWESOME!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!😃👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Wow! You look great!!! Yes it’s is so life altering! I couldn’t agree more!! Let me see if I can find a pic too before surg...& after. Ok yep- the first is a month before surgery. Second was taken at 3 month post op at 45 lbs lighter!! Yay for us!!😃👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  5. RNY-Fall-2017

    Not losing weight after bypass! Help!

    Hi! Congratulations, so happy for you! YOUR DOING AMAZING!!!! Sista, lemme tell ya! Your at the ever so common 3 week stall which is lasting a few weeks for you. I stalled at 3 weeks too after I only lost 13 lbs! Yep I only lost 13 lbs (in the 3 weeks after my gastric bypass, which was on 10/17/17). It just took my body time to trust the process as yours is doing to you. It’s ok. Just please relax. Relax. Relax. You’ll lose again! Really! My HW-142, SW-127, CW-189.6 lbs. So as you can see, I’ve had a few stalls & still managed to lose 53lbs in 4 months. It’s part of the process to stall & level out. Some people lose quickly & some just a bit slower, but we all lose good amounts of weight. I am pretty tall & was just over the 35 BMI, so I was told that Ide lose slower than someone with a higher BMI. Those are all individual things we have to remember and take into consideration when looking at our overall weight loss picture. And it’s why we should not ever compare our loss to someone else’s weight loss. I know it’s easier said than done, right?! I know. But it’s true. With that being said, what I did, was I typed into google search “gastric bypass at high weight of 142” and a few ther people popped up with the same or similar stats. I then followed them to see how they were losing. That is the closest thing to a real comparison I’ve found for me, and I say all that because again, comparing yourself to someone else with different stats will be unproductive to you. It may hinder your progres and it will only depress you. Others may be losing faster or slower than you AS THEY SHOULD BE if they be a different BMI than you. As a matter of fact, even people with exactly the same BMI as you starting out will lose weight at varying paces, due biological factors in each person that differ slightly: such as their own liver function (LFT’s or Liver Function Tests are drawn prior to surg to tell the health of liver cells. As we lose, it puts much strain on the liver cells, and if strained with too much the weight loss at once, the weight loss process may become stalled or our body may respond in other ways to signal issues are occurring in thats dept.). Other individual biological factors that we need take into consideration are things likes our own metabolism vs someone else’s (if we have slower metabolisms we may not excercise as much as another which may slow our weight loss slightly compared to another person), also our own water intake regime is a key to our weight loss too (that’s why you will be good to watch your Creatatinine level in your kidneys-this level elevates with insufficient water intake and the kidney can become strained with quick weight loss if not assisted with the water & hydration it needs to allow fat to pass as we lose), also other health ailments we have or the medications we or another person is on may also slow down to quicken weight loss results. There’s so much to consider. Many factors play into the weight loss of our bodies. We need to allow ourselves reasonable and sufficient time to lose. You’ve lost a tremendous amount of weight! From 232 to 210 in about 4 wks is just truly amazing!!!! Seriously, step back and look at those results and ask yourself ‘when was the last time I lost 22 pounds in a month’?. LIKELY NEVER! So relax and try to enjoy the process. Seriously, we will all lose after this surgery, even those with crappy eating habits, crappy exercise habits and crappy water & protein habits. That’s actually a fact. Seriously-because 1) the very fact that our tummy’s are drastically reduced in size and 2) because we literally just cannot absorb most of what we eat puts demand on our bodies to keep losing. Now, through the process we will all stall at times to level out and to adjust, but that’s a good thing!! We want it to stop to readjust now & then! And then eventually our bodies will find a new “set point”. But that’s not typically until after the 12 or 18 month mark. So try to be happy as you sit back to watch your new “tool” do its job & the pounds will melt away! You should be stepping on a scale only once to twice a week according to research after these surgeries. Did you know that? I DIDN’T. My surgeon told me, then my nutritionist told me too. Then I started seeing it & read it everywhere. Yep. We don’t want to teach our new selves that a scale is the know all, by which to guage whether we are losing timely or not. A scale cannot tell us if it’s “water weight”, or “period time”, or “hi, thank you for stepping on me again today, I hate to inform you but your body will be taking the next 3 weeks to level out & readjust”. Your body is doing great, reward it with protein, water walking. HUGS!! Congrats again on doing so well!🌷Jen💕🌷
  6. RNY-Fall-2017

    October '17 RNY buddies

    We had surgery on the same day! I’m down 52 lbs exactly in all (142#HW, 227#SW, 190#CW.) I’m happy with my weight loss but excited to see how much more I can lose. It’s cool that I found you & am excited for you too!! Hugs! Jen
  7. RNY-Fall-2017

    October '17 RNY buddies

    I had rny surg on 10/17/17 & am down 50 lbs in all as of now. Not sure how that compares with others at 4 months out, but I’m happier than I ever imagined! Your right though, it gets quiet after a couple months out because we’re all settling in & readjusting to our new lives we’ll. I know for myself I only get on this app now about every 2-3 weeks & then it’s only if I have something I’m wondering about. I’m always curious about my fellow October rny peeps but it would be easier to text per phone at least for me. (Cuz I just don’t check in as much as I use to). Anyway, I love seeing everyone’s results!!😃👏🏼👏🏼
  8. RNY-Fall-2017

    Can you feel your remnant stomach?

    Nope, can’t feel mine. Never heard of such a thing either. My surg was 10/2017 & lost 50 lbs so far & most of it was prob in my abdominal area, so by now I would have felt it if we’re possible. I think this person is simply just incorrect thinking they can feel it.
  9. RNY-Fall-2017

    Being Prepared For Those Post-Op weeks:

    Oh no, still in pain? 😳😬 must be that hernia repair you had along side the surgery. Most of us don’t have any pain much less at day 8. Ide say maybe call your surgeon, but if it’s lessening everyday then your body is just taking time to heal but its still healing. I’m sorry. That may be discouraging. As for diet, you’ll be to pureeds before ya know it💕 Do you know what pureeds your going to eat and what to buy for your Puréed stage? A suggestion, (I’m sure you heard of it..) but it’s called Shellys Ricotta Bake. Its sooo yummy for pureeds & many of us got by with that recipe. I ate it everyday! 😂😂 when your not sleepy maybe try & look up some recipes & that should help. I know for me during recovery when I wasn’t done sleeping I was planning for my next stage to keep focused on something. Im sorry I’m not much help. I hope you continue to have better sleep at night with sleeping on your side though. What a relief to sleep on your side again!l👌🏼 Take care, sleep sleep sleep💕 hugs, Jennifer
  10. RNY-Fall-2017

    Being Prepared For Those Post-Op weeks:

  11. RNY-Fall-2017

    Where Am I at 2 Months 5 Days out

    Great work!! 44 lbs I should fantastic!! I’m almost right there with ya, had surg 10/17 & feeling greaaat! Lost 40 lbs as of today!! Yaaay! I’m almost 2 months post op & so glad to be done with those first few weeks-Yuck!! Its certainly the best health decision I’ve made thus far & so excited about the future!! Keep up that excellent work!!😃💕 Hugs!! Jennifer❤️
  12. RNY-Fall-2017

    Being Prepared For Those Post-Op weeks:

    YOUR WELCOME Kim!🙏🏼💕 We’re sisters now! Got to the other side! Woo hoo!!😃👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I’m sooo happy you did it! I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling bad. The first 2 weeks we’re the very hardest & the next two are easier👌🏼 Really! It’s most difficult I think when your mostly doing sludgy liquids ALL THE TIME those first couple post op weeks🤤. I found sleeping every second I could made the time go by quicker and esp made me feel much better. Are you able to get help at home in order to sleep well? That makes a tough situation whole lot easier for sure.😴😴 I hope you feel better soon sis! We’re all rooting for ya Kim!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😃 Hugs💕❤️jen
  13. RNY-Fall-2017

    Being Prepared For Those Post-Op weeks:

    I am with you bro! I was so nervous too! Ahh!!😱 but it goes by like a blink of an eye & you’ll never soooo HAPPPYYYYY!!! Like me!! Happy happy happy you did it!!!😃👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 It’s esp fun when you start to get compliments & even if you can’t tell a difference others sure will! Keep looking forward to your future & make a few goals to keep you going!! It’s a fun process to see the weight start melting off!! Many Hugs!💕 Jennifer❤️
  14. RNY-Fall-2017

    Being Prepared For Those Post-Op weeks:

    Thank you!! If it helps someone even in a small way I’m so happy to share!!💕❤️ I remember reading sooo many posts in forums before my surgery date & its beeen so hopeful to me! Now I continue reading posts about others’ post op concerns & it’s amazingly helpful! Love this forum where we can ask & share at such vulnerable times & get needed support!!🙏🏼 Hugs!! Jen
  15. RNY-Fall-2017

    Being Prepared For Those Post-Op weeks:

    Oh your welcome! I hope it helped in even some small way💕 I see your surgery is DEC 13th! Only about a week away then, WOO HOO girl! I’ll be following your progress as you feel up to posting. Congrats on coming so far in your journey!👏🏼👏🏼 Many Warm Hugs!! ❤️ Jennifer

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