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  1. Surgery 09/14/17. I’ve not changed a thing, I even tightened the reigns on things I had gotten loose with, I’ve been stalled about 2.5-3 months. Does this mean I’m basically done?
  2. Awwww! Well 185 today But I think I’m gonna make you my new best friend tho haha
  3. When I had my first consult i had met my deductible and then they call amd verify everything and insurance told them yes it was met and everything is covered 100%, I have several documents stating that. But here it is 4 months later, and I see where BCBS paid hardly ANY claims, they said it was out of network, like the anesthesiologist snd several others. I made sure to be in network with all people I knew about but was i supposed to wake up mid surgery and ask everyone if theyre on BCBS?!?!? Im talking $30,000 in claims. Any one experience this? did you appeal? Howd it go? They denied my vitamin D test even!!! It was $300, and ive even been diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency in the past andhad to take meds for it?!!? Im very upset!!
  4. I never thought I would be here and so fast, this is the best decision I have ever made, 4 months post.
  5. Ok. I️ agree to weigh less often. I️ told my daughter to hide the scale. Thanks for the info. I️ didn’t know about glycogen.
  6. Ok... I'm gonna try, I'm gonna ask my daughter to hide the scale from me too.. I'm really upset.. I was already stalled for a week, then it went the wrong direction.. This is harder than I thought.. Sometimes I feel like I am capable of eating more food than I could 2 weeks ago! I'm just scared, I see so many people fail, its scary.
  7. I️ can’t edit. Dunno why it’s doing “?”’s. That should be the letter “I️”.
  8. I’m doing everything right. I’ve not changed the way I️ve eaten (surgery 9/14) I️ mean the last month I’ve eaten and drank the same. Worked out 5x a week. I’ve been SLOWLY losing but this week I’ve gained 2.5 pounds?! I️ thought I️ was just stalked but no! It’s going backwards!!!! I️ want to cry. If I️ knew what to do different I️ would but I’m not messing up anywhere...[emoji17]
  9. Aginn10


    I’m stalled. I’ve been losing steady since before surgery which was 9/14. I’ve been stuck at 201!! I’m DYING TO SEE IT GO BELOW 200! And it won’t! Despite working out daily I’ve been here for 2 weeks. If I️ was t working out I️ would just say “well I’ll get to the gym!” But it’s not happening! I️ don’t eat much, guess none of us do, it’s annoying!
  10. Thanks. I️ like skim milk I’ll have to see if I️ can find that here in Texas!!
  11. No!! But I’m taking ideas. Where do I find this? Online?
  12. @Waler when you say excess stomach acid, is there any way to know if that is possibly part of the problem?
  13. I struggle daily getting my protein in, I can't drink the smoothies/shakes, they make me sick, literally, so I have ordered some Protein Water inGrape off amazon that looks promising, but I do my best every day, but my hair is getting scary thin, what did you do when this happened to you? I also have had a 2 week long period, which I read is also most likely related to protein, messing up hormones etc. Im bound to be getting 40g a day but I know I need 60. Its so much harder than it sounds, I thought "OMG how easy! I can just eat this and this and be there!" that was BEFORE!!! Im just concerned, it's not like I'm not trying to eat it... Please help if youve been where I am!!
  14. Yes my hair is thinning. I DO love those tuna kits and they are so easy! Thanks for reminding me!!
  15. I’m always hungry like STARVING, but don’t want anything. Nothing sounds good. I know I’m doing bad on protein, it’s so hard to get it in. I read that could cause that “never satisfied” feeling, anyone else experienced that?

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