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  1. scoutsmom

    Not Hungry

    Y E S. I know and feel your pain.
  2. I am almost 3 weeks out and literally nothing about this is easy for me. The liquid diet has been awful and even though I was advanced to soft foods it is easier, but not easy. It's still a matter of will power. Going back to lean protein and vegetables will be hard for the first couple of days and then it will get better and you need to start moving. Just walking will help you so much and even if the scale isn't moving, it will help you lose inches and get back into those smaller clothes! You CAN do this and I hope you know that.
  3. scoutsmom

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you for your thoughtful replies and advice! BDME, I love that you skipped pureed meats because bleh...my thoughts exactly I am so confused about why different doctors have such drastically different pre- and post-op plans. Sosewsue61, I am DEFINITELY hungry. Not starving, but I'm hungry. I certainly hoped to be one of the lucky ones who was not hungry, but that didn't happen. It still could as my stomach heals and the hunger hormones are regulated. It's difficult to realize that the way I feel now--physically and emotionally--will not last forever and everything will evolve. Hopefully on Wednesday I will be free to eat cottage cheese and tuna. Again, the huge differences between surgeon is confusing. Helen123, that is so interesting and I certainly didn't know that. Thanks for telling me!
  4. My surgery was 9 days before yours and my recovery was pretty rough as well. I didn't vomit because I had nothing to vomit, but I dry heaved more times than I ever thought I could. Nausea was a huge struggle and then it just seemed to go away on it's own. I can absolutely say that I have felt better with each passing day. Take time to rest
  5. So...I had my surgery on 25 October and I've lost FIVE POUNDS in ELEVEN DAYS. My surgery weight was 233. I lost 9 pounds on the pre-op diet and they said my liver looked fabulous. I could honestly lose more weight at almost any diet and have more energy. My surgeon has a 3-week post-op liquid diet but at 2 weeks I can add soup and pudding. I am beginning to think I am not getting enough calories. I am walking at least 2 miles a day and drinking at least 48 ounces of water plus 2 protein shakes and broth. I'm not so much frustrated, but disappointed. I feel like this is a huge sacrifice and I'm not seeing any results. In the past 11 days I have had under 400 calories a day and almost nothing to show for it. On Thursday I called the nutritionist and I told her I was hungry and she gave some very unhelpful tips like "you can have broth and decaffeinated tea" (thanks, I can read so I already know that) and said I could have 3-4 shakes a day but I can barely stomach the 2 I do drink. I have tried different brands, but I'm so over them. Please tell me your stories about how you also didn't lose weight...and then you did!

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