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  1. You look great and you look happy. I just noticed we live in the same area after seeing you in the KC Royals Shirt.
  2. You look amazing! Great job! So happy for you.
  3. I feel like my doctor continually being on the pushy side about how much to lose has to do with him wanting his overall patient weight loss statistics looking impressive. On one visit he told me he wanted me to lose 40 pounds by the next visit in 3 months. I had another surgery during that time which restricted exercise. I did not lose 40 but I did continue to lose even during that surgery recovery time so he was pleased when I explained all that to him. Even though he is pushy, I do believe he will graciously back off when I decide I am happiest with my weight, wherever that ends up being. That said, I just got off the scales and am ready to knuckle down again, maybe go back to liquid protein supplements for a few days and get way more serious about MAKING myself get better exercise. I have another surgery coming up in July so I want to make some significant progress before then. I do really like your doctor’s very realistic approach about being able to reach a balance and maintain the weight we want. It’s way too easy to start piling the pounds back on. Carbs are too tempting.
  4. YES! My doctor thinks the same range is right for me. I’m a couple inches shorter but I still don’t see it as realistic for me. I think we will know the right/best/most comfortable weight when we get there so I don’t stress over the number the doctor wants. I think if you reach 145 and you feel good there, you tell your doctor you are happy with that. I am stuck now at 212, having regained three pounds through my own bad choices. I think I am going back on liquids for a few days to see if I can lose those three and maybe a few more. I am bad about not wanting to get in enough exercise too. So many body aches and pains to use as an excuse. And as has also been mentioned here recently, I have medications that interfere with weight loss. However, I am beyond thrilled that I have lost 90 pounds overall and can’t wear my old clothes!
  5. I have not tried this yet but I am thinking about going back on the liquids only diet temporarily. When I did it pre-surgery, I was dropping a pound a day. I may not lose quite that much but I think it might be worth a try to get down below 200 in my case.
  6. Wow! You look great! Good job! I get the feeling people may be a little reluctant to comment on my weight loss for some reason. They may be hesitant to call attention to it in case I’m sensitive about it. No way to know really but I notice the same thing you do. The people I’m closest to say something but others I know but am not especially close to don’t.
  7. Weight loss has slowed but surgeon says it’s to be expected. I am more than halfway to what I have said was my goal all along - 150 -which would be a loss of 149 pounds. I am at 88 lost now, so well on the way. When I reach 199, that will be 100 pounds lost and getting below 200 all at the same time so I’m focused on that now and will post pictures when I get there. I agree very much about every day being a chance to do better. We all slip and stall and stress but we just keep trying and working at it.
  8. Jill4329

    Boobs! [emoji523]

    I have gone from a 46D to a 40C and still have a fair amount to lose. I don’t care if I wind up flat! One less thing ...
  9. Yes, it will pass. You are not alone. I want potato chips, pizza, chocolate, etc., but I just try to think of how physically awful I felt the few times I ate a bit too much since the surgery or the times I ate a bit too much of the wrong thing. I occasionally have a taste of something I really want but I try to have just a couple bites and stop. Looking forward to getting below 200 pounds in the near future.
  10. 120 pounds lost is so good! I’ve lost 81. Started out 299. Surgery weight 257 on 8/21/17. Now 218.
  11. Yes! And you described it very well. I remember being this cold when I was young and in school, and I always picked seats nearest the heat source in classrooms. But I had gone so far in the opposite direction that it was a real problem in the summer to try to keep cool enough. Now people are shocked that I am actually cold a lot of the time. I have been told that it has to do with cutting down so drastically on carbs.
  12. Thank you for posting that. I’m really glad you did. I may take that along to my next doctor visit because according to that chart I am ahead of where I should be so it’s doubly encouraging.
  13. I am right where you are as far as weight loss since the surgery. I lost 42 before the surgery on a 3-month low carb diet followed by a 2-week liquid diet, all required by my doctor. I have lost 37 since the surgery, and I am very pleased that I just crossed over from morbidly obese to just plain obese. If I have a stall in weight loss, I think a day or two of the high protein liquid diet would probably help me get past it. HW -299, SW -257, CW -220 And in response to some other comments on here, I have to add that I don’t perceive the majority of what I see on here as bragging. As Walter Brennan used to say on tv: “No brag. Just fact.” We are simply sharing facts about how we are doing.

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