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    PCP discouragement

    Very interesting read. I have an appointment with my PCP the 14th. She herself has had Bariatric surgery so am not expecting a NO from her on that but not sure how she will feel about Mexico. I like the idea of lab work and EKG before going. I am 63 , diabetic, former smoker and I want to ensure I am healthy enough to have the surgery before I get there and find for whatever reason I cannot.
  2. Hello, I have checked with my insurance several times. The company itself might cover surgery. My SPECIFIC policy absolutely excludes ANY type of weight loss plans, surgery, diet programs, etc. Which is ridiculous since I'm diabetic, obese, bad knees, and I could go on.
  3. Would like to know which hospitals gets glowing reviews from everyone and which ones maybe not so great. Have read that some are located in tiny strip malls and not the best to go for surgeries. Some others are regular hospitals with all the services offered if needed.......ER rooms, cardiac specialists, full services of everything all large hospitals offer. Some are clinics that specialize in only wt loss surgery. How do you choose?
  4. I've always understood it's not very safe to fly so close after major surgery. Risk of pulmonary embolism and blood clots. It sounds like your on your way home after about 4 or 5 days after surgery. How safe is that considered?
  5. Thanks for the replies. Would anyone share how payment is handled and how much extra cash should be taken? I realize some of my questions can be answered by speaking with a representative from the surgeons office, weight loss agent, patient coordinator? Just who ARE all these different people anyway! Scrolling around I found a post regarding weight loss agents and how you think your speaking to a professional adult but instead it may be a teen ager hired to take phone calls and give information out? Another question (should I start a new thread since my questions skip around so much!) How did your primary Dr here in the US react to your decision to fly to Mexico for this surgery? Not the decision to have bariatric surgery but the decision to have it in Mexico? Were you reassured you would have continued care and their support and care should any complications arise? Thanks again everyone for your answers!
  6. Thank you Nova, sounds like they covered all the pre surgery tests and exams just as if you were in the US. That sets my mind at ease a bit
  7. I am in MI and have not found anywhere near here for that price. One Bariatric Center near me gave an estimate of $50,000 to $80,000. Crazy.......sure will not be going there. Most places I've spoken with are around $20,000 to $30,000 depending at what specific surgery you have of course.
  8. Hello All! Anxious to hear all I can about having surgery in Mexico. I have been researching weight loss surgery for months and having it done in Mexico specifically for weeks.I can't seem to find how and when surgeons get your pre op health info. I have had a few minor surgeries here in US and even simple ones such as D & C and gall bladder removed the pre op work was pretty extensive. Does your surgeon in Mexico ask for any medical records or labs from your regular Dr here? Do they wait until you have paid a deposit, you fly there and the day before surgery do bloodwork, EKG, are you scoped? I am 62 and type 2 diabetic. I also have concerns that my sugar may drop too low on a liquid pre op diet, are you actually monitored closely by real nurses after surgery or by assisstants? LOTS OF QUESTIONS for sure! I'm leaning towards Dr Illian, it seems he is highly thought of and his patients are quite satisfied. Thanks in advance for any help and advice. Mentally I am ready to move forward with surgery and I will be self pay so Mexico is financially possible. I just want to go into this fully prepared.