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  1. Maryvsg87


    I am 5'5.5" and My ultimate goal is 135-140 lbs.... it has been a struggle to get there but I have seen myself before at 165 to know that at 135-140 I will be happy and satisfied especially with my BMI being normal.
  2. Maryvsg87

    November sleevers here

    Awwww Thank you this made my morning I can feel you cheering for me. I am I'm going to do the 5 day pouch test and start weighing myself again. I am going to download a food tracker what do you recommend? Thank you so much I really appreciate it! God bless!
  3. Maryvsg87

    November sleevers here

    I know I'm going to buy the batteries today. I think that's the problem I am upset I am slipping and is my fault. Like there are day I do good and there are day I don't and sometimes is the emotional part of me. But I will push through this....
  4. Maryvsg87

    November sleevers here

    Hey guys I have been MIA. I had surgery 11/20 and although I have lost 67 lbs so far I can't help it feel ughhhh. Last time I weighed myself was 1 month ago and I have been on a stall for 2 months..... My weight scale needs batteries but I think I have left it like that purposely to not see the weight. I haven't been doing the best this last month to be honest is like I gave up but in the last week I started eating better but still I don't know.... I see people lose weight differently but can't help it see there are more faster loss then slower and it makes me think sometimes should I have done this and then I remember before surgery my weight was not coming off at all. I guess I'm writing this because I need to let it out of my chest. I feel bad not going to lie and sometimes I feel like I failed VSG but IDK. 7 months out................
  5. Maryvsg87

    Pureed /blended stage

    Where are you going? I had Metroplus and I didn't have to wait the 6 months. I also agree with getting to mentally prepare for the big day.
  6. Maryvsg87

    Pureed /blended stage

    I'm so happy you loved it!!!
  7. Maryvsg87

    November sleevers here

    I see it like this at the end of the day as long as you feel good you are doing great. Yesterday I went to my doctors and I'm down from Surgery day 43 lbs and Highest weight which was a week before surgery before I did my liquid diet 58.8 lbs. Everyone is different built different , height is different and weight is different. Before surgery I was just gaining and gaining or maintain an excessive weight and wasn't dropping anything. I know that at the end I will be at goal weight because if anyone can do it I know I can. That being said you are all doing amazing! Reading the success from losing x amount to x amount is what is important. Scarier is not losing anything. Keep your heads high and know that you are hitting every obstacle or challenges coming your way. I hope you don't get discourage and I'm here to support anyone that needs it! In my eyes just the simple fact that you guys took that risk and pulled through surgery makes you winners! You guys are goal getters!!!(if that's even a word....lol)
  8. Maryvsg87

    Pureed /blended stage

    Actually no it didn't. It sat well in my stomach and more protein.
  9. Maryvsg87

    November sleevers here

    Congratulation You look amazing!! Yasssss Work it!!!I requested you! Keep it up!!
  10. Maryvsg87

    Pureed /blended stage

    I posted it on the channel. I feel like visual is better them me typing it... lol You are going to love it! Let me know once you make it.... :-)
  11. Maryvsg87

    Pureed /blended stage

    Yayyyyy congratulations [emoji322] applesauce was my go to and ricotta bake
  12. Maryvsg87

    November sleevers here

    I had VSG on 11/20/17 and since the pre-op diet that was 1 week before the 13th I am down 54.6 Lbs. People might think that's low other maybe not but in reality I am happy with whatever because before surgery it was hard to lose it and if I did I would gain it back and I know I am not gaining these back. For those who think they are not doing enough or good you are doing amazing! I've seen pictures and read success stories already. Keep pushing you got this! I know I haven't been in here in a while but I am happy for us all who took this big step! Guys I am also excited because I am telling my story on YouTube. I wasn't sure if I should share it here but is 2018 and so far it has been good to me and I hope you guys love it. I'll leave the link below. Love you guys!
  13. I didn't think that I would be telling the whole world that I was once in a place unrecognizable to me. I decided to make a change that I would benefit not thinking that this decision would inspire others to make a change in their lives. I decided to document my journey the only best way I knew how and that was through YouTube because when I was going through the research myself I could sit down and read whatever I looked up but I would understand more whatever I saw. I love that aspect of Social Media that you get to meet different people and interact and make friends. Making friends that actually share the same struggles or even similar ones makes a differences. People that don't know can easily get tired of you but only because they are not wearing the same shoes. I am happy with my decision and I love my tool my own personal trainer. I invite you to come watch my journey and be part of my family! Hope you guys enjoy!
  14. Maryvsg87

    November sleevers here

    Hey guys I’ve been MIA since surgery had a lot going on with having pain the whole month after surgery to going back to work to not doing so well with protein intake and water intake that led me to the hospital 2 weeks ago for dehydration , gastritis and UTI (I know TMI) but guys I am happy regardless of the circumstances that i made this decisions. Learning day by day how to use my tool. Even though I have gone through some stuff I’m happy I made this decision.
  15. Maryvsg87

    New York

    I'm feeling good. Adjusting to my new stomach is a challenge but I'm pushing through it. How is everyone doing? I know how you feel cheeselife.... BTW after surgery cheese has been my thing... lol

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