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  1. SpindleCity

    Blurry eyes after surgery

    If you had an anti nausea patch to help with anesthesia or other nausea causes, and if you handled it with bare hands while removing it (they usually last 2-3 days) and then touched your eyes before all trace of it was gone, it could cause those symptoms. It causes dilation and lack of focus and takes a day or so to fade. If that doesn't match your situation, I agree you should reach out to an eye doctor as soon as you can.
  2. Hello ... I wanted to report back. I am personally doing a lot better than last Thursday/Friday. Since it has been going on so long for you, @Sclark8756, I am not presuming it is better for you, but I really hope it might have eased a little. On my end, Friday was the first day I got in significant walking after surgery (about 7500 steps, according to my fitbit). I also did hot compresses on and off for a couple of hours before bed. On Saturday, I felt stunningly better, to nerve shooting pain gone. Then, after rolling onto my side for a nap, it returned, but not as strongly. Sunday was also relatively good, with it only sparking when I tried to bend or twist. But, yesterday, Monday, was my first day back at work and it was much worse by the end of the day. I think, for me, it is just going to be part of my healing, whether caused by nerves impacted by the stitches or just how things are healing where they did the most manipulation. I put off the appointment with the bariatric nurse, because I was genuinely feeling much better Monday morning, but I did see the dietician today (cleared for Stage 4 foods!), and will see the surgeon toward the end of the week. Good luck finding relief of your own, and keep us posted if there are developments.
  3. SpindleCity

    Nerve pain

    Similar pain, at different levels of extreme, is being discussed in another thread right now, at: It may be useful or have insights for you. I learned a bit there and am just about to update my experience.
  4. SpindleCity

    Surgeons who won't set a goal?

    Yes, that's what I was looking for. We are the same height and have similar starting weights. I tentatively am looking to 150 because it is the start of "normal" BMI, but I also know that BMI has its own flaws and limitations, and some things may be more or less realistic given my body and its history. The nurse who called to check on me post-op yesterday said that the dietician would be more willing to discuss that with me when I see her. But it sounds like the surgeon doesn't really approve. :/
  5. SpindleCity

    Any August 2017 Sleevers?

    I had my surgery in Massachusetts on Tuesday, 8/15, so am 4 days post op. I am doing great with my protocol's Stage III diet (shakes, yogurt, applesauce, broth, jello), but surprised to still be needing the strong pain medications. I have always had a very high pain tolerance compared to most folks, so I wasn't expecting to still be having surges of 7/8/9 on the pain scale at this point if I skip a dose. In neutral positions (lying flat, sitting reclined, standing) I am basically pain free, but any shifting or anything that uses my stomach muscles is excruciating at the two largest incision sites if I haven't taken the meds. Well, I guess that's why they were prescribed, right? And today is better than yesterday, etc. Looking forward to hanging out with all of you on this journey. Our local support group meets once a month, and every three months I will have a work conflict, so I am grateful to find this place and other voices to connect with.

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